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11. I can't imagine that concept ever being successful
Sun Mar 9, 2014, 09:53 AM
Mar 2014

in northern climes,especially with winters like this one.

The traditional mall is a dying breed. Agschmid Mar 2014 #1
What is a lifestyle center? BainsBane Mar 2014 #3
This... Agschmid Mar 2014 #6
I can't imagine that concept ever being successful sufrommich Mar 2014 #11
You know it's crazy but it is! Agschmid Mar 2014 #13
How do those stores do compared to inclosed malls sufrommich Mar 2014 #22
Financially they still do well. Agschmid Mar 2014 #26
It's my personal experience that when I go to those SheilaT Mar 2014 #50
That's what I do, as well Stargazer09 Mar 2014 #52
I do not browse stores. AlbertCat Mar 2014 #72
That's why I don't mind them. However, I am not their target customer... Phentex Mar 2014 #115
I like that... Agschmid Mar 2014 #127
I used to like malls, found them very convenient SheilaT Mar 2014 #140
Mall of America-only for Nordstrom Lifelong Protester Mar 2014 #181
Interesting. I went to Target and Best Buy SheilaT Mar 2014 #185
I think you and I are similar . . . and anomalous! hatrack Mar 2014 #188
Mashpee Commons... MADem Mar 2014 #87
Its a good example... Agschmid Mar 2014 #99
It is--thanks! nt MADem Mar 2014 #107
I need to check out Derby St. At some point. Agschmid Mar 2014 #108
The Wrentham outlet malls is like this. And it booms during all seasons. boston bean Mar 2014 #53
It already is... except they call them outdoor malls, not "lifestyle centers." ScreamingMeemie Mar 2014 #93
There's one in Estero, Fl. between Fort Myers and Naples that has condos available. A HERETIC I AM Mar 2014 #191
Santana Row in San Jose KamaAina Mar 2014 #193
Interesting. Marketplaces have evolved over thousands of years and will continue >>> KittyWampus Mar 2014 #25
The lifestyle centers will all be converted to big casinos. valerief Mar 2014 #112
My local So Cal Outlets Centre (no weather problem, place is huge 160+ stores) is always packed... Tikki Mar 2014 #122
I cannot stand those places... awoke_in_2003 Mar 2014 #138
This message was self-deleted by its author edhopper Mar 2014 #4
Ahhh lifestyle center... penultimate Mar 2014 #57
I think that's more of a developer "chichi" term. Here,it's an outdoor mall. ScreamingMeemie Mar 2014 #97
It is a marketing term...but it does indicate there may be more options than shopping. Agschmid Mar 2014 #106
That appears to be the standard. It is the same here and at the Mall at Partridge Creek. ScreamingMeemie Mar 2014 #114
The thing I'm thinking of is titled town square... penultimate Mar 2014 #131
Yup that is one! Agschmid Mar 2014 #139
"Traditional" Android3.14 Mar 2014 #88
It says occasionally people need to buy things... Agschmid Mar 2014 #91
I'm thinking I have better things to do on a Sunday Android3.14 Mar 2014 #120
Having all that space dedicated to nothing but shopping... gulliver Mar 2014 #146
I like Sbarro - it's not the suckiest chain-pizza out there... Cooley Hurd Mar 2014 #2
The founders of Sbarro are from Naples, Italy--they make an edible product! nt MADem Mar 2014 #90
As does their CEO. AAO Mar 2014 #126
The concept of The Mall is dying because Fat Americans don't want to walk... Cooley Hurd Mar 2014 #5
Wilding flash mobs might also have something to do with it. n/t Loudly Mar 2014 #7
That's it! Who wants to go anywhere where people suddenly start dancing? Cooley Hurd Mar 2014 #16
Are they doing the tango or the waltz? FrodosPet Mar 2014 #95
Hmmm... Agschmid Mar 2014 #8
Many malls have been converted back to strip-malls... Cooley Hurd Mar 2014 #12
Yes it's called a lifestyle center, but I doubt it has much to do with trans fats. Agschmid Mar 2014 #15
I guess overpriced stores selling nothing anyone wanted had nothing to do with it. hobbit709 Mar 2014 #9
That was a factor, but the malls in the 70's/80's thrived... Cooley Hurd Mar 2014 #14
Overpriced crap tends to thrive a lot better JoeyT Mar 2014 #58
The decline of the middle class causes the decline of malls and mid-priced restaurants nt LiberalEsto Mar 2014 #121
Bingo marions ghost Mar 2014 #184
Back then there were REAL stores.. freebrew Mar 2014 #73
Sears was apparently destroyed when they put a rabid objectivist in charge DireStrike Mar 2014 #80
Damn! Thanks for that... freebrew Mar 2014 #96
Half of the century-old homes you pass are Sears homes. Cooley Hurd Mar 2014 #101
I didn't know that. That's pretty cool. DireStrike Mar 2014 #104
I don't know about "half" PSPS Mar 2014 #128
Too bad - Craftsman tools were outstanding for decades hatrack Mar 2014 #189
There are two different kinds of "outlet" stores joeglow3 Mar 2014 #86
Most outlet stores are not "last years styles" anymore... Agschmid Mar 2014 #103
That is what I said. joeglow3 Mar 2014 #105
That Did It! Kilgore Mar 2014 #160
I guess overpriced stores selling nothing anyone wanted had nothing to do with it. AlbertCat Mar 2014 #75
LOL, classy as usual. n-t Logical Mar 2014 #182
Read an article earlier this week... mikeargo Mar 2014 #10
46 square feet isn't realy that much... reACTIONary Mar 2014 #100
I live in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom and close by I have two shockingly good pizza places cali Mar 2014 #17
Do you prefer thin crust? Less cheese or more? KittyWampus Mar 2014 #21
yep, think crust. also local fresh ingredients cali Mar 2014 #27
think crust? AAO Mar 2014 #125
If you get to Burlington try BitMe! It is very good! Agschmid Mar 2014 #109
I kinda liked malls. but some of the reasons i used to go to kill an afternoon are gone KG Mar 2014 #18
I can't remember the last time I've seen a book sufrommich Mar 2014 #24
I can't remember the last time I saw a bookstore. Chan790 Mar 2014 #136
add to that no movie theater. Much of the fun has left the mall. It's now a splayed out shrine to Ed Suspicious Mar 2014 #59
That's weird jmowreader Mar 2014 #192
I read that when many of the malls in the 80's started out.. nessa Mar 2014 #19
retail outlets on Long Island are busy. Charter buses come from all over to them. They are huge>>> KittyWampus Mar 2014 #20
Malls are dying because the middle class is dying Yavin4 Mar 2014 #23
Now this is the real reason. Agschmid Mar 2014 #28
Nope, malls are dying because I can get pretty much whatever I want on Amazon, Nye Bevan Mar 2014 #31
It's funny.... Agschmid Mar 2014 #33
If you need small electronic components edhopper Mar 2014 #35
For me I enjoy the experience of being in a mall. Agschmid Mar 2014 #36
I always feel like I'm being watched when I go to a mall... penultimate Mar 2014 #64
Now you know you are! Agschmid Mar 2014 #65
Best Buy doesn't sell any of that stuff. alarimer Mar 2014 #77
You should consider shopping online for environmental reasons. Nye Bevan Mar 2014 #39
I drive anyway, so personally for me it is a moot point. Agschmid Mar 2014 #46
Amazon uses A LOT of packaging Hippo_Tron Mar 2014 #92
I'd love to see them really play on a level field, with tax rates, etc. Agschmid Mar 2014 #110
I never on-line shop bigwillq Mar 2014 #41
Shopping at the mall is a much different retail experience from online buying. Yavin4 Mar 2014 #40
I don't see how people can't afford to go to the mall penultimate Mar 2014 #62
Which is why the malls aren't dead, but declining Hippo_Tron Mar 2014 #94
I never shop abelenkpe Mar 2014 #117
Yes, the internet killed malls. And the changing culture of the 90s when the California malls anneboleyn Mar 2014 #176
That is both obvious edhopper Mar 2014 #32
Yup. ctsnowman Mar 2014 #67
Not true at all... Drunken Irishman Mar 2014 #144
Malls are dying because they suck Orrex Mar 2014 #29
Sbarro's food reeks of canned garlic. I have never actually tasted it.... Walk away Mar 2014 #30
Could be edhopper Mar 2014 #34
Maybe... Walk away Mar 2014 #83
Sbarro was the only mall food with a vegetarian choice - undeterred Mar 2014 #37
They also had a stuffed spinach pizza. MoonchildCA Mar 2014 #129
Some malls will live on, others no Freddie Mar 2014 #38
At what point do we fredamae Mar 2014 #42
I never took to malls from the time of their inception. Cleita Mar 2014 #43
I almost never go to a Mall or hardly any store anymore. As long as people are allowed Bandit Mar 2014 #44
I first tried Sbarro at the Times Square location. xfundy Mar 2014 #45
If you are in NYC edhopper Mar 2014 #47
Good god, this is how the Olive Garden threads started! Flee for your lives! JHB Mar 2014 #98
Apologies edhopper Mar 2014 #102
In NYC, I always eat Grimaldi's in Brooklyn or any of the locations. Bluenorthwest Mar 2014 #68
Try these TomClash Mar 2014 #84
Pizza will never die in NYC! merrily Mar 2014 #48
Yes edhopper Mar 2014 #49
I've had pizza in a chain once in my life. merrily Mar 2014 #51
P.S. I don't like upscale pizza, either. merrily Mar 2014 #56
I believe they closed in the Village. edhopper Mar 2014 #111
Great. merrily Mar 2014 #190
In NY some of those restaurants serve a pizza edhopper Mar 2014 #113
Then, I'll just have to go to Naples. merrily Mar 2014 #187
Memories of John's from my childhood HockeyMom Mar 2014 #61
I guess I missed the booth era. I saw only tables. merrily Mar 2014 #71
I think so HockeyMom Mar 2014 #79
Oh, good. merrily Mar 2014 #81
Interesting. I have only found one pizza joint outside the NYC area Zorra Mar 2014 #133
Here in Winthrop, Maine,... MarianJack Mar 2014 #54
Meh. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #55
Nothing beats NY Mom and Pop pizza HockeyMom Mar 2014 #60
Malls are dying because everything is overpriced crap in them. JoeyT Mar 2014 #63
On the main topic, I think what is going on is TV, the internet and video games. merrily Mar 2014 #66
What happened to "The Mall" followed what happened to "big box stores" as the town square searched.. MrMickeysMom Mar 2014 #69
"Thatís because most of its stores are in malls" AlbertCat Mar 2014 #70
I didn't know that malls were dying tavalon Mar 2014 #74
Free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime available here! Nye Bevan Mar 2014 #76
We have frequented our local Pizza shop for many years. rickford66 Mar 2014 #78
I could give you a whole list of reasons of why the malls are dying but I'm on my mackerel Mar 2014 #82
They are closing 155 stores.... MADem Mar 2014 #85
Never went to the mall as a kid but we have plenty of pizza here in Brooklyn. hrmjustin Mar 2014 #89
Yes edhopper Mar 2014 #118
I went to the mall yesterday - it was fairly crowded. wercal Mar 2014 #116
Very true. Agschmid Mar 2014 #132
The rent is too damn high! FarCenter Mar 2014 #119
The mall died over a decade ago Blue_Tires Mar 2014 #123
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #124
The Suburban Mall Concept killed many downtowns ... Auggie Mar 2014 #130
I will not shed a tear if Sbarros goes away Pretzel_Warrior Mar 2014 #134
My local mall is always packed. nt lunamagica Mar 2014 #135
This makes me want to go to the mall and eat at Sbarro. MadrasT Mar 2014 #137
When a big "anchor store" at one end of a mall goes out of business... hunter Mar 2014 #141
Thank God! The mall was one of the worst things to happen to America. Drunken Irishman Mar 2014 #142
Order online instead? HockeyMom Mar 2014 #148
There are other options than the mall... Drunken Irishman Mar 2014 #149
Like Outside Strip Malls? HockeyMom Mar 2014 #173
Malls are 'dying', for the same reason the economy is so moribund Trajan Mar 2014 #143
Malls dying? LOL! SOMEone hasn't been to So. Cal. lately. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2014 #145
Rancho Cucamonga... Agschmid Mar 2014 #147
The only town around with an all-vegan grocery store Codeine Mar 2014 #156
LOL there are numerous references to the place in cartoons from the 40's on. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2014 #162
And the Galleria at Tyler is jumping as well. Codeine Mar 2014 #155
But as Cat Stevens sang edhopper Mar 2014 #150
The Westfield Mall in San Francisco is doing fine. RandySF Mar 2014 #151
I'll probably get mocked for saying so Aerows Mar 2014 #152
Where do you live edhopper Mar 2014 #154
The South Aerows Mar 2014 #157
Can't comment on Little Caesar's edhopper Mar 2014 #158
I really do like it Aerows Mar 2014 #159
Unless you had it from one of the great edhopper Mar 2014 #161
To each their own Aerows Mar 2014 #163
I'm not saying you are wrong to prefer deep dish. edhopper Mar 2014 #166
Suggestions? n/t Aerows Mar 2014 #167
All the ones I know edhopper Mar 2014 #169
I suppose I should fess up Aerows Mar 2014 #170
The friends I have in the South edhopper Mar 2014 #171
If you can't find a good restaurant in New Orleans Aerows Mar 2014 #172
That is true edhopper Mar 2014 #174
I used to eat at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen on Bourbon (French Quarter) Aerows Mar 2014 #175
hope you can find a good one edhopper Mar 2014 #177
Nothing beats a muffelata Aerows Mar 2014 #179
When I was there last edhopper Mar 2014 #180
I like it too, guilty pleasure. Agschmid Mar 2014 #165
Lol. Agschmid Mar 2014 #164
Loved Little Caesars Freddie Mar 2014 #186
"the grove" in los angeles is hugely popular Liberal_in_LA Mar 2014 #153
I was at a mall recently and everywhere there was a seating area there was a sign Sen. Walter Sobchak Mar 2014 #168
The enclosed malls here are good madville Mar 2014 #178
My local mall is dying. GoCubsGo Mar 2014 #183
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