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93. DUer\activist Andy Stephenson was dying of cancer... and had no money to pay. DU and other outlets
Wed Mar 19, 2014, 11:28 AM
Mar 2014

raised a LOT of money (50k, maybe? it was long ago) to help pay for his cancer treatments.

Freepers caught wind, and declaring it a scam (even so far as calling Andy "Scamdy&quot , they contacted paypal or whatever place the money was raised on, crying fraud, and got the funds frozen for some time.

This in effect delayed the release of the money long enough it could very well be said the Freeper scum had a hand in his death.

FUCK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT! [View all] Drunken Irishman Mar 2014 OP
So, did you forget to add a 'sarcasm' thingie ? Tx4obama Mar 2014 #1
I'm sure the OP is part two Cali_Democrat Mar 2014 #11
Yes, I am too glad DI brought up Grayson, Sanders, and Kucinich.. they can Cha Mar 2014 #14
I bet thats it... yuiyoshida Mar 2014 #25
It boggles the mind rufus dog Mar 2014 #2
Can we at least substitute a couple of characters for the middle part of the word? I realize that okaawhatever Mar 2014 #3
+1 nt No Vested Interest Mar 2014 #8
+2 Hekate Mar 2014 #19
Please find the nearest small paper bag and breathe inside at regular intervals. pa28 Mar 2014 #4
Fuck you FredisDead Mar 2014 #5
Brad was always the smarter one. n/t Whisp Mar 2014 #17
Is "Fuck you Mr President" the new "Thanks Obama"? Cha Mar 2014 #6
+1000 JoePhilly Mar 2014 #73
I think so. Lady Freedom Returns Mar 2014 #161
But, it's a chance to Knee Jerk ignorant obscenities at Pres Obama so Cha Mar 2014 #163
All I know is that without ACA... Lady Freedom Returns Mar 2014 #166
I'm so glad it's helping you, LFR! Cha Mar 2014 #167
You mean FUCK YOU KOCHS and KOCH-SUCKERS ErikJ Mar 2014 #7
I was about to PM Skittles... awoke_in_2003 Mar 2014 #9
Like he wrote it. Puzzledtraveller Mar 2014 #10
Yeah, you are grossly underestimating the President. Cha Mar 2014 #13
What would you forgive the President if JEB Mar 2014 #12
I think it was more like poor homework done rather than slam dunk denial. Whisp Mar 2014 #15
Go back and read it. He had already done most of the work suggested. nt Mojorabbit Mar 2014 #122
Actually, as of this morning it seemed that Will had not filed a written appeal, nor obtained writte msanthrope Mar 2014 #147
I wouldn't blame the President... Drunken Irishman Mar 2014 #16
mr pitt lol DiverDave Mar 2014 #24
Well put treestar Mar 2014 #95
Posted earlier ... 1StrongBlackMan Mar 2014 #162
This!! Control-Z Mar 2014 #168
But ... 1StrongBlackMan Mar 2014 #169
Kick! Cha Mar 2014 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author cui bono Mar 2014 #133
The anger expressed is awkward polynomial Mar 2014 #20
When in danger or in doubt... Hekate Mar 2014 #21
It's only whiney rich people complaining. joshcryer Mar 2014 #22
You may have a point ProSense Mar 2014 #29
At least ACA haters will be conditioned to single payer costs. joshcryer Mar 2014 #32
josh, can you elaborate please ? steve2470 Mar 2014 #47
Single payer would be a prograssive tax. joshcryer Mar 2014 #50
isn't the prograssive tax the tax on the new legal weed in CO? dionysus Mar 2014 #88
I haven't seen such insensitivity since Free Republic stopped Andy from getting chemo loudsue Mar 2014 #23
I agree - I am tired of folks who TBF Mar 2014 #26
This OP is in response to William Pitt, who is unlikely to be impoverished. joshcryer Mar 2014 #35
*snarf* WilliamPitt Mar 2014 #38
NH's progressive medication subsidies should cover you. joshcryer Mar 2014 #41
Not snarking--but everyone seems to confuse Medicare and Medicaid, or at least to typo tblue37 Mar 2014 #72
Joshcryer, I AM in one of those souther states, but that doesn't mean I'm as cold as the repukes loudsue Mar 2014 #115
Huh? joshcryer Mar 2014 #141
I'm top 5% income... Adrahil Mar 2014 #69
Of course you do - TBF Mar 2014 #78
OK.... Adrahil Mar 2014 #80
Yes I know the script - TBF Mar 2014 #87
That doesn't change by playing right into their hands. Adrahil Mar 2014 #92
We have different thoughts TBF Mar 2014 #96
Then you are one 5% person who is going on ignore. loudsue Mar 2014 #110
Attacking the victim TBF Mar 2014 #75
The top fucking 5% are not 'victims.' joshcryer Mar 2014 #143
You must've missed the part TBF Mar 2014 #145
If Will was 840high Mar 2014 #91
You think all press works for the beltway establishment press? nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #106
Thank you, TBF. I'm sick of it too. loudsue Mar 2014 #113
You must not malign the President. It causes fear, anger, hate and the vapors. morningfog Mar 2014 #27
? Bobbie Jo Mar 2014 #86
It's an ignorant way of saying.. it's okay use malicious venom "fuck the used car salesman.. Cha Mar 2014 #159
That is clear. And it brings out those who probably supported his mentor, Joe Lieberman, too. loudsue Mar 2014 #117
"Is there not ANY decency in DU anymore?" ProSense Mar 2014 #30
There was no excuse to allow insurance companies to deny drugs seveneyes Mar 2014 #37
Your comment is fact-free. n/t ProSense Mar 2014 #39
Post removed Post removed Mar 2014 #53
No, and please, spare me. n/t ProSense Mar 2014 #56
The fact that that post was hidden by a jury is proof positive loudsue Mar 2014 #111
Have you noticed that you are super duper okay with personal attacks? Number23 Mar 2014 #164
What a cop out. It's his signature achievement! cui bono Mar 2014 #136
It's what a prepubescent does when they're having a temper tantrum.. reach for their favorite Cha Mar 2014 #151
Sickening isn't it? SammyWinstonJack Mar 2014 #33
It's disgusting. DU now functions as a propaganda outlet. woo me with science Mar 2014 #44
"DU now functions as a propaganda outlet." ProSense Mar 2014 #59
Oh the irony.... truebrit71 Mar 2014 #60
LOL! ProSense Mar 2014 #62
LOL! truebrit71 Mar 2014 #63
I understand it a lot more better than you. ProSense Mar 2014 #65
Okay, you just nailed that one. That was classic Number23 Mar 2014 #165
And we have been completely infiltrated. loudsue Mar 2014 #118
I have no love of FR, but explain how bloggers stopped someone's medical care? OmahaBlueDog Mar 2014 #55
DUer\activist Andy Stephenson was dying of cancer... and had no money to pay. DU and other outlets dionysus Mar 2014 #93
Wow, that's pretty damn horrendous. (nt) Inkfreak Mar 2014 #152
I've done some reading, and I'm of two minds OmahaBlueDog Mar 2014 #179
Why are certain posters allowed to break the rules? nt ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2014 #67
Excellent, long-standing point. n/t UTUSN Mar 2014 #102
Well, if you'll notice, there are a bunch of post numbers on this thread that have disappeared. loudsue Mar 2014 #171
No, the indecency was started in the original thread frazzled Mar 2014 #68
Well said. JNelson6563 Mar 2014 #109
Oh please, Julie. loudsue Mar 2014 #121
Beyond low. demmiblue Mar 2014 #148
Wow! You *know* me? I don't know you. Interesting. JNelson6563 Mar 2014 #186
Yah ... that's the one that lands you on ignore 1000words Mar 2014 #188
lolz You've been here 7 months. JNelson6563 Mar 2014 #191
I am in a similar situation to Will Pitt, so I know EXACTLY what he was talking about: loudsue Mar 2014 #120
He was better off before the ACA? frazzled Mar 2014 #128
...."and I don't care".... that says everything you needed to write. loudsue Mar 2014 #130
pitt got banned from DU for sending someone else a threatening PM.. Yeah, Cha Mar 2014 #153
Yep, I got a nasty-gram a few years back. JNelson6563 Mar 2014 #175
No doubt it's Obama's fault.. retroactively. Cha Mar 2014 #176
I can see why you would have no patience for his rage.. Cha Mar 2014 #185
Sensitivity requires us to agree? treestar Mar 2014 #94
Some people think Pres Obama is their personal Whipping Post.. Cha Mar 2014 #154
Maybe it is ... sheshe2 Mar 2014 #177
! City Lights Mar 2014 #98
Yes, the lack of empathy is breathtaking to behold. nt Mojorabbit Mar 2014 #127
+1 I was the first to alert. cui bono Mar 2014 #131
Dramatic much? nt Logical Mar 2014 #28
There is something of a disconnect... uriel1972 Mar 2014 #31
What a ProSense Mar 2014 #34
Ahem... uriel1972 Mar 2014 #42
Well, ProSense Mar 2014 #43
That belief is delusional, however, the ACA is not killing anyone. Not even the Koch brothers geek tragedy Mar 2014 #52
a clarification on MS drugs blindersoff Mar 2014 #107
Thank you for your most reasonable post. Control-Z Mar 2014 #170
Yeah, excuse malicious ignorance because that "certain someone" needs a handy Cha Mar 2014 #158
Aw. Somebody needs a hug. Iggo Mar 2014 #36
Obama is a one percenter. NCTraveler Mar 2014 #40
That is not very good logic. LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #45
Being compassionalte towards a duer during a tough time.... NCTraveler Mar 2014 #46
I can be both compassionate LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #49
It's unthinkable, isn't it. woo me with science Mar 2014 #48
You are mistaking the ethical principle with a legal one LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #51
That is, quite simply, garbage. woo me with science Mar 2014 #54
There is no ethical reason LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #58
You mean a republican program nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #108
I missed some of those posts the first time! Thank you for those! loudsue Mar 2014 #123
Who decides if anger is justified? You? Autumn Mar 2014 #57
Generally the person making the argument LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #61
In that case Will's anger is justified. Autumn Mar 2014 #70
And what has any of that to do with Obama? LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #76
Obama, a man who said the bill I sign MUST contain a public option, is where the Autumn Mar 2014 #81
I dont mind agreeing to disagree LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #99
Your first sentence and I need go no further, Autumn Mar 2014 #103
He also said the bill had to have a lot of other things that it DOES have. phleshdef Mar 2014 #137
Seriously, ProSense Mar 2014 #77
Seriously. Maybe he just left the "vile attack" to piss you off Autumn Mar 2014 #82
Maybe, but the excuse is still a weak one. n/t ProSense Mar 2014 #84
It's like if I am angry with my neighbour Whisp Mar 2014 #85
I know right? LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #100
Thank you, LostOne4Ever for being rational on this subject.. lots of Wealthy People are not Cha Mar 2014 #174
Yeah, don't give a shite when someone uses the President as their personal whipping post Cha Mar 2014 #156
I am not sure if he IS trying to do good. hfojvt Mar 2014 #64
How can you have universally available health insurance with no mandate? NT Adrahil Mar 2014 #66
I dunno hfojvt Mar 2014 #74
<sigh>.... Adrahil Mar 2014 #79
it is not "essentially" a mandate hfojvt Mar 2014 #101
Yes. It is. phleshdef Mar 2014 #139
taxes are a mandate to pay taxes - period hfojvt Mar 2014 #146
Ok, so you were wrong, so its time for big government boogey man rhetoric. phleshdef Mar 2014 #149
so now I am convinced hfojvt Mar 2014 #184
And candidate Obama was wrong and he admits to that. You have to have some kind of mandate... phleshdef Mar 2014 #138
"the financially able" is a key item there hfojvt Mar 2014 #144
A tax is still a mandate, by definition. You support a mandate whether you want to admit it or not. phleshdef Mar 2014 #150
Simple: You get access to health care by being born. Comrade Grumpy Mar 2014 #116
Paying taxes = a mandate. phleshdef Mar 2014 #140
The difference is I think OwnedByCats Mar 2014 #180
For sure. phleshdef Mar 2014 #181
No, you're right OwnedByCats Mar 2014 #183
yea, the ACA completely sucks because.... steve2470 Mar 2014 #71
What a horribly insensitive post. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #83
I used to make passive-aggressive call-outs too... LanternWaste Mar 2014 #89
I find it helps to use the sarcasm tag, even when it is obvious it is, like this post uppityperson Mar 2014 #90
R#57 & K n/t UTUSN Mar 2014 #97
Let the church say Amen and thank God it's sarcasm! mfcorey1 Mar 2014 #104
Your insensitive and lack of humanity nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #105
And France and Italy both have formularies. This isn't an ACA issue at all. It's a formulary msanthrope Mar 2014 #112
Fuck you, repukes and DINOs! KamaAina Mar 2014 #114
+1000000. Yup. Fuck purchased government. Fuck purchased politicians. woo me with science Mar 2014 #119
***Dealing with the roadblocks that happen with serious chronic illnesses is difficult ScreamingMeemie Mar 2014 #124
This message was self-deleted by its author Capt. Obvious Mar 2014 #125
Ugly, nasty, uncalled for, brutal and typcial Bluenorthwest Mar 2014 #126
Right because you NEVER post anything that fits that description... phleshdef Mar 2014 #134
hope you feel better, fuckface frylock Mar 2014 #129
"hope you feel better, fuckface".. and for any alerts out there.. I'm quoting the above post. Cha Mar 2014 #155
... TroglodyteScholar Mar 2014 #172
LOL, shocked! n-t Logical Mar 2014 #157
And a hearty FU to any Democrat (or politician) who votes to help your fellow Americans! Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2014 #135
ROFL! Cha Mar 2014 #160
When it comes to the ACA it sounds like a lot of people here. iandhr Mar 2014 #142
Doesn't matter.. "The President is a POS Used Car Salesman".. according to Cha Mar 2014 #173
Obama can go self-fornicate. Jamaal510 Mar 2014 #178
Thanks Obama, You #@$$%%^&&*((() blankity blank blank.. Cha Mar 2014 #182
I'm sensing a little hostility here, bad day at the water cooler? Rex Mar 2014 #187
Fuck Yeah. Cha Mar 2014 #189
The drama never ends Vattel Mar 2014 #190
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