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175. Yep, I got a nasty-gram a few years back.
Wed Mar 19, 2014, 11:16 PM
Mar 2014

Serious anger issues with that one. Probably Obama's fault.


FUCK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT! [View all] Drunken Irishman Mar 2014 OP
So, did you forget to add a 'sarcasm' thingie ? Tx4obama Mar 2014 #1
I'm sure the OP is part two Cali_Democrat Mar 2014 #11
Yes, I am too glad DI brought up Grayson, Sanders, and Kucinich.. they can Cha Mar 2014 #14
I bet thats it... yuiyoshida Mar 2014 #25
It boggles the mind rufus dog Mar 2014 #2
Can we at least substitute a couple of characters for the middle part of the word? I realize that okaawhatever Mar 2014 #3
+1 nt No Vested Interest Mar 2014 #8
+2 Hekate Mar 2014 #19
Please find the nearest small paper bag and breathe inside at regular intervals. pa28 Mar 2014 #4
Fuck you FredisDead Mar 2014 #5
Brad was always the smarter one. n/t Whisp Mar 2014 #17
Is "Fuck you Mr President" the new "Thanks Obama"? Cha Mar 2014 #6
+1000 JoePhilly Mar 2014 #73
I think so. Lady Freedom Returns Mar 2014 #161
But, it's a chance to Knee Jerk ignorant obscenities at Pres Obama so Cha Mar 2014 #163
All I know is that without ACA... Lady Freedom Returns Mar 2014 #166
I'm so glad it's helping you, LFR! Cha Mar 2014 #167
You mean FUCK YOU KOCHS and KOCH-SUCKERS ErikJ Mar 2014 #7
I was about to PM Skittles... awoke_in_2003 Mar 2014 #9
Like he wrote it. Puzzledtraveller Mar 2014 #10
Yeah, you are grossly underestimating the President. Cha Mar 2014 #13
What would you forgive the President if JEB Mar 2014 #12
I think it was more like poor homework done rather than slam dunk denial. Whisp Mar 2014 #15
Go back and read it. He had already done most of the work suggested. nt Mojorabbit Mar 2014 #122
Actually, as of this morning it seemed that Will had not filed a written appeal, nor obtained writte msanthrope Mar 2014 #147
I wouldn't blame the President... Drunken Irishman Mar 2014 #16
mr pitt lol DiverDave Mar 2014 #24
Well put treestar Mar 2014 #95
Posted earlier ... 1StrongBlackMan Mar 2014 #162
This!! Control-Z Mar 2014 #168
But ... 1StrongBlackMan Mar 2014 #169
Kick! Cha Mar 2014 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author cui bono Mar 2014 #133
The anger expressed is awkward polynomial Mar 2014 #20
When in danger or in doubt... Hekate Mar 2014 #21
It's only whiney rich people complaining. joshcryer Mar 2014 #22
You may have a point ProSense Mar 2014 #29
At least ACA haters will be conditioned to single payer costs. joshcryer Mar 2014 #32
josh, can you elaborate please ? steve2470 Mar 2014 #47
Single payer would be a prograssive tax. joshcryer Mar 2014 #50
isn't the prograssive tax the tax on the new legal weed in CO? dionysus Mar 2014 #88
I haven't seen such insensitivity since Free Republic stopped Andy from getting chemo loudsue Mar 2014 #23
I agree - I am tired of folks who TBF Mar 2014 #26
This OP is in response to William Pitt, who is unlikely to be impoverished. joshcryer Mar 2014 #35
*snarf* WilliamPitt Mar 2014 #38
NH's progressive medication subsidies should cover you. joshcryer Mar 2014 #41
Not snarking--but everyone seems to confuse Medicare and Medicaid, or at least to typo tblue37 Mar 2014 #72
Joshcryer, I AM in one of those souther states, but that doesn't mean I'm as cold as the repukes loudsue Mar 2014 #115
Huh? joshcryer Mar 2014 #141
I'm top 5% income... Adrahil Mar 2014 #69
Of course you do - TBF Mar 2014 #78
OK.... Adrahil Mar 2014 #80
Yes I know the script - TBF Mar 2014 #87
That doesn't change by playing right into their hands. Adrahil Mar 2014 #92
We have different thoughts TBF Mar 2014 #96
Then you are one 5% person who is going on ignore. loudsue Mar 2014 #110
Attacking the victim TBF Mar 2014 #75
The top fucking 5% are not 'victims.' joshcryer Mar 2014 #143
You must've missed the part TBF Mar 2014 #145
If Will was 840high Mar 2014 #91
You think all press works for the beltway establishment press? nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #106
Thank you, TBF. I'm sick of it too. loudsue Mar 2014 #113
You must not malign the President. It causes fear, anger, hate and the vapors. morningfog Mar 2014 #27
? Bobbie Jo Mar 2014 #86
It's an ignorant way of saying.. it's okay use malicious venom "fuck the used car salesman.. Cha Mar 2014 #159
That is clear. And it brings out those who probably supported his mentor, Joe Lieberman, too. loudsue Mar 2014 #117
"Is there not ANY decency in DU anymore?" ProSense Mar 2014 #30
There was no excuse to allow insurance companies to deny drugs seveneyes Mar 2014 #37
Your comment is fact-free. n/t ProSense Mar 2014 #39
Post removed Post removed Mar 2014 #53
No, and please, spare me. n/t ProSense Mar 2014 #56
The fact that that post was hidden by a jury is proof positive loudsue Mar 2014 #111
Have you noticed that you are super duper okay with personal attacks? Number23 Mar 2014 #164
What a cop out. It's his signature achievement! cui bono Mar 2014 #136
It's what a prepubescent does when they're having a temper tantrum.. reach for their favorite Cha Mar 2014 #151
Sickening isn't it? SammyWinstonJack Mar 2014 #33
It's disgusting. DU now functions as a propaganda outlet. woo me with science Mar 2014 #44
"DU now functions as a propaganda outlet." ProSense Mar 2014 #59
Oh the irony.... truebrit71 Mar 2014 #60
LOL! ProSense Mar 2014 #62
LOL! truebrit71 Mar 2014 #63
I understand it a lot more better than you. ProSense Mar 2014 #65
Okay, you just nailed that one. That was classic Number23 Mar 2014 #165
And we have been completely infiltrated. loudsue Mar 2014 #118
I have no love of FR, but explain how bloggers stopped someone's medical care? OmahaBlueDog Mar 2014 #55
DUer\activist Andy Stephenson was dying of cancer... and had no money to pay. DU and other outlets dionysus Mar 2014 #93
Wow, that's pretty damn horrendous. (nt) Inkfreak Mar 2014 #152
I've done some reading, and I'm of two minds OmahaBlueDog Mar 2014 #179
Why are certain posters allowed to break the rules? nt ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2014 #67
Excellent, long-standing point. n/t UTUSN Mar 2014 #102
Well, if you'll notice, there are a bunch of post numbers on this thread that have disappeared. loudsue Mar 2014 #171
No, the indecency was started in the original thread frazzled Mar 2014 #68
Well said. JNelson6563 Mar 2014 #109
Oh please, Julie. loudsue Mar 2014 #121
Beyond low. demmiblue Mar 2014 #148
Wow! You *know* me? I don't know you. Interesting. JNelson6563 Mar 2014 #186
Yah ... that's the one that lands you on ignore 1000words Mar 2014 #188
lolz You've been here 7 months. JNelson6563 Mar 2014 #191
I am in a similar situation to Will Pitt, so I know EXACTLY what he was talking about: loudsue Mar 2014 #120
He was better off before the ACA? frazzled Mar 2014 #128
...."and I don't care".... that says everything you needed to write. loudsue Mar 2014 #130
pitt got banned from DU for sending someone else a threatening PM.. Yeah, Cha Mar 2014 #153
Yep, I got a nasty-gram a few years back. JNelson6563 Mar 2014 #175
No doubt it's Obama's fault.. retroactively. Cha Mar 2014 #176
I can see why you would have no patience for his rage.. Cha Mar 2014 #185
Sensitivity requires us to agree? treestar Mar 2014 #94
Some people think Pres Obama is their personal Whipping Post.. Cha Mar 2014 #154
Maybe it is ... sheshe2 Mar 2014 #177
! City Lights Mar 2014 #98
Yes, the lack of empathy is breathtaking to behold. nt Mojorabbit Mar 2014 #127
+1 I was the first to alert. cui bono Mar 2014 #131
Dramatic much? nt Logical Mar 2014 #28
There is something of a disconnect... uriel1972 Mar 2014 #31
What a ProSense Mar 2014 #34
Ahem... uriel1972 Mar 2014 #42
Well, ProSense Mar 2014 #43
That belief is delusional, however, the ACA is not killing anyone. Not even the Koch brothers geek tragedy Mar 2014 #52
a clarification on MS drugs blindersoff Mar 2014 #107
Thank you for your most reasonable post. Control-Z Mar 2014 #170
Yeah, excuse malicious ignorance because that "certain someone" needs a handy Cha Mar 2014 #158
Aw. Somebody needs a hug. Iggo Mar 2014 #36
Obama is a one percenter. NCTraveler Mar 2014 #40
That is not very good logic. LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #45
Being compassionalte towards a duer during a tough time.... NCTraveler Mar 2014 #46
I can be both compassionate LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #49
It's unthinkable, isn't it. woo me with science Mar 2014 #48
You are mistaking the ethical principle with a legal one LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #51
That is, quite simply, garbage. woo me with science Mar 2014 #54
There is no ethical reason LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #58
You mean a republican program nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #108
I missed some of those posts the first time! Thank you for those! loudsue Mar 2014 #123
Who decides if anger is justified? You? Autumn Mar 2014 #57
Generally the person making the argument LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #61
In that case Will's anger is justified. Autumn Mar 2014 #70
And what has any of that to do with Obama? LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #76
Obama, a man who said the bill I sign MUST contain a public option, is where the Autumn Mar 2014 #81
I dont mind agreeing to disagree LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #99
Your first sentence and I need go no further, Autumn Mar 2014 #103
He also said the bill had to have a lot of other things that it DOES have. phleshdef Mar 2014 #137
Seriously, ProSense Mar 2014 #77
Seriously. Maybe he just left the "vile attack" to piss you off Autumn Mar 2014 #82
Maybe, but the excuse is still a weak one. n/t ProSense Mar 2014 #84
It's like if I am angry with my neighbour Whisp Mar 2014 #85
I know right? LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #100
Thank you, LostOne4Ever for being rational on this subject.. lots of Wealthy People are not Cha Mar 2014 #174
Yeah, don't give a shite when someone uses the President as their personal whipping post Cha Mar 2014 #156
I am not sure if he IS trying to do good. hfojvt Mar 2014 #64
How can you have universally available health insurance with no mandate? NT Adrahil Mar 2014 #66
I dunno hfojvt Mar 2014 #74
<sigh>.... Adrahil Mar 2014 #79
it is not "essentially" a mandate hfojvt Mar 2014 #101
Yes. It is. phleshdef Mar 2014 #139
taxes are a mandate to pay taxes - period hfojvt Mar 2014 #146
Ok, so you were wrong, so its time for big government boogey man rhetoric. phleshdef Mar 2014 #149
so now I am convinced hfojvt Mar 2014 #184
And candidate Obama was wrong and he admits to that. You have to have some kind of mandate... phleshdef Mar 2014 #138
"the financially able" is a key item there hfojvt Mar 2014 #144
A tax is still a mandate, by definition. You support a mandate whether you want to admit it or not. phleshdef Mar 2014 #150
Simple: You get access to health care by being born. Comrade Grumpy Mar 2014 #116
Paying taxes = a mandate. phleshdef Mar 2014 #140
The difference is I think OwnedByCats Mar 2014 #180
For sure. phleshdef Mar 2014 #181
No, you're right OwnedByCats Mar 2014 #183
yea, the ACA completely sucks because.... steve2470 Mar 2014 #71
What a horribly insensitive post. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #83
I used to make passive-aggressive call-outs too... LanternWaste Mar 2014 #89
I find it helps to use the sarcasm tag, even when it is obvious it is, like this post uppityperson Mar 2014 #90
R#57 & K n/t UTUSN Mar 2014 #97
Let the church say Amen and thank God it's sarcasm! mfcorey1 Mar 2014 #104
Your insensitive and lack of humanity nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #105
And France and Italy both have formularies. This isn't an ACA issue at all. It's a formulary msanthrope Mar 2014 #112
Fuck you, repukes and DINOs! KamaAina Mar 2014 #114
+1000000. Yup. Fuck purchased government. Fuck purchased politicians. woo me with science Mar 2014 #119
***Dealing with the roadblocks that happen with serious chronic illnesses is difficult ScreamingMeemie Mar 2014 #124
This message was self-deleted by its author Capt. Obvious Mar 2014 #125
Ugly, nasty, uncalled for, brutal and typcial Bluenorthwest Mar 2014 #126
Right because you NEVER post anything that fits that description... phleshdef Mar 2014 #134
hope you feel better, fuckface frylock Mar 2014 #129
"hope you feel better, fuckface".. and for any alerts out there.. I'm quoting the above post. Cha Mar 2014 #155
... TroglodyteScholar Mar 2014 #172
LOL, shocked! n-t Logical Mar 2014 #157
And a hearty FU to any Democrat (or politician) who votes to help your fellow Americans! Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2014 #135
ROFL! Cha Mar 2014 #160
When it comes to the ACA it sounds like a lot of people here. iandhr Mar 2014 #142
Doesn't matter.. "The President is a POS Used Car Salesman".. according to Cha Mar 2014 #173
Obama can go self-fornicate. Jamaal510 Mar 2014 #178
Thanks Obama, You #@$$%%^&&*((() blankity blank blank.. Cha Mar 2014 #182
I'm sensing a little hostility here, bad day at the water cooler? Rex Mar 2014 #187
Fuck Yeah. Cha Mar 2014 #189
The drama never ends Vattel Mar 2014 #190
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