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9. Didn't you love what Rachel Maddow did last night?
Tue Apr 1, 2014, 05:51 PM
Apr 2014

Now they're excusing it by their lame-ass blathering that somehow we're "cooking the books." 'Cause they were JUST SUUUUUUURE things were gonna go the way the bad guys wanted and expected. WRONG, AGAIN!!!!!!

I loved the segment she did - with all these video clips of these pompous know-it-all buttheads just so sure wrongney was gonna wipe the floor with President Obama in 2012. Just SURE! And they had the "statistics" to prove it. And every prediction they made was complete and total BUNK. Based on NOTHING. And worth just as much. And there was Rachel, quietly smiling and holding up various signs blaring what REALLY happened, EVERY time, as in - Obama WON. Every "wrongney's gonna have 300+ electoral votes and this and that and blah-blah-blah" - WRONG - AGAIN!!!!!!

WRONG, kkkarl rove.

WRONG, charles krauthammer.

WRONG, dick morris.

WRONG, lou dobbs.

WRONG, stuart varney.

WRONG, larry kudlow.


Heads are exploding [View all] MFM008 Apr 2014 OP
They are indeed "exploding". They don't believe it. Just like they didn't believe election night. Tarheel_Dem Apr 2014 #1
Didn't you love what Rachel Maddow did last night? calimary Apr 2014 #9
I! LOVED! IT! Randi Rhodes has been playing the "death spiral" montage on her show today. Tarheel_Dem Apr 2014 #13
RWers took over the only progressive radio station we had in the Los Angeles Iliyah Apr 2014 #21
just so u know they are still doing their shows, steph is on free speech tv & leftyohiolib Apr 2014 #29
I listen to them... RoccoRyg Apr 2014 #30
I don't know if you're able to stream, but you can still catch Steph & Randi online. Tarheel_Dem Apr 2014 #51
And I must say one thing more. Every time I see megyn kelly, there's part of me that questions calimary Apr 2014 #39
I don't watch that network but that sounds like it could be a lighting problem. MADem Apr 2014 #45
I've only seen Kelly in clips, but I hadn't noticed. I'll have to pay closer attention. Tarheel_Dem Apr 2014 #53
I love Randi Rhodes. nt Sarah Ibarruri Apr 2014 #52
I have my days. When her show is all about Rush & Fox News, I switch to music. I don't care.... Tarheel_Dem Apr 2014 #54
I look for information and am fine with the trashing of evil a-holes too. nt Sarah Ibarruri Apr 2014 #55
Thanks for that calimary.. it was "Obama's Waterloo" alright.. only Cha Apr 2014 #22
Her opening segment the day after the 2012 election was a thing of beauty stopwastingmymoney Apr 2014 #43
I love it and i especially love it when he stuck it up the elephants ass!! Vietnameravet Apr 2014 #2
K&R marions ghost Apr 2014 #3
Noticed this today----- Wellstone ruled Apr 2014 #4
Teabags are flying everywhere Dopers_Greed Apr 2014 #5
No worries! The ACA should cover that! KansDem Apr 2014 #6
I don't know. Maybe the HMOs don't cover self-inflicted wounds. TrollBuster9090 Apr 2014 #7
Mr. Porky Pants was having a fit . Grassy Knoll Apr 2014 #8
lol who is mr porky pants? Voice for Peace Apr 2014 #18
My guess was limbaugh? Cha Apr 2014 #23
.. Grassy Knoll Apr 2014 #26
I immediately thought of Porky Rove and his manufactured realities. Voice for Peace Apr 2014 #34
Porky rove or Porky rush - meh, who cares? They're all gas giants to me. calimary Apr 2014 #40
Sing along with Barack, Jon & Rachel DFW Apr 2014 #49
That's a good one. eom Blanks Apr 2014 #50
+1 narnian60 Apr 2014 #57
What a good feeling. Rightie's heads exploding. Enthusiast Apr 2014 #10
Republican exploding head syndrome - a preexisting condition now covered thanks to Obamacare! herding cats Apr 2014 #11
Yes, but does Obamacare cover CRIS.... rdmtimp Apr 2014 #44
My son is enrolled, and not only is my daughter enrolled, but she's able to get hedgehog Apr 2014 #12
good news Liberal_in_LA Apr 2014 #36
That is such good news. aquart Apr 2014 #47
Helping millions when they are sick lovemydog Apr 2014 #14
I am glad your family is being helped by the ACA. bigwillq Apr 2014 #15
I'm not an ACA fan... blackspade Apr 2014 #16
You do know how to eat an elephant, don't you? One bite at a time. IrishAyes Apr 2014 #37
Canada got it one province at a time IronLionZion Apr 2014 #56
That's what I'm hopeing. blackspade Apr 2014 #60
I'm glad I'm enrolled! It's a big help to me. Lex Apr 2014 #17
It feels good, all right! A huge step forward regulating the out of control insurance companies. mountain grammy Apr 2014 #19
Caught a glimpse of faux news accusing the admin of ecstatic Apr 2014 #20
Boner has already said the numbers are make believe Iliyah Apr 2014 #24
Liars gonna Lie.. Pic of Obama and Biden in Rose Garden Celebrating their BFD! Cha Apr 2014 #25
They are sure the law will somehow collapse under its own weight, this year, or next, or eventually IronLionZion Apr 2014 #27
It was great watching Rachel's tweeternik Apr 2014 #28
If they weren't signed up by today will that exploded head count as a pre-existing condition? n/t whopis01 Apr 2014 #31
It's conservatives' worst nightmare coming true GETPLANING Apr 2014 #32
Just like Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns: Proud Liberal Dem Apr 2014 #33
A proud day for us all. IrishAyes Apr 2014 #35
Well, at least one of my predictions came true: Eleanors38 Apr 2014 #38
They simply will NOT let it go... Bigmack Apr 2014 #41
Watching it now while eating chocolate. lonestarnot Apr 2014 #42
Rethug heads exploding! napkinz Apr 2014 #46
This news is a BFD. Look at KY - Mr. Mitch`s home sate mc51tc Apr 2014 #48
Have they all paid for their plans? OnlinePoker Apr 2014 #58
I finished signing up two weeks ago Shadowflash Apr 2014 #59
Republicans ... they can't handle the truth! napkinz Apr 2014 #61
MUST SEE: Glenn Beck Goes Insane Over Obamacare Enrollment Numbers! (Video) napkinz Apr 2014 #62
Kicj Logical Apr 2014 #63
kick napkinz Apr 2014 #64
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