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Warren Stupidity

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80. Gee Steve it already is about the ugliness.
Thu Jul 10, 2014, 07:52 AM
Jul 2014

Plus the details are all over this thread and twelve others. But please do spare us, we might (I was going to say faint but that would be attacked) have a coronary event.

To Violet! greatauntoftriplets Jul 2014 #1
I've always liked her. Kaleva Jul 2014 #2
I agree wholeheartedly. cyberswede Jul 2014 #3
I've always liked her. In_The_Wind Jul 2014 #4
Everyone makes mistakes BainsBane Jul 2014 #5
I've been following this..... Little Star Jul 2014 #9
I haven't seen it BainsBane Jul 2014 #12
Sometimes I'm a bit slow. Duh! Little Star Jul 2014 #13
No, it was how I wrote the sentence BainsBane Jul 2014 #14
She does below BainsBane Jul 2014 #126
Thanks. Little Star Jul 2014 #129
Is there a back-story? Seems like odd times at DU as of late. Throd Jul 2014 #6
It's a bit convoluted. Has to do with the whole Quinnox issue/banning. nt stevenleser Jul 2014 #7
Thanks. That's all I need to know. I'm going to walk away from this thread now. Throd Jul 2014 #10
(in my best Jimmy JJ Walker voice) SAY WHATTTTT???!! Number23 Jul 2014 #38
Yup... SidDithers Jul 2014 #42
Hot Damn!!! Number23 Jul 2014 #45
+1 Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #130
In the spirit of moving on... PeaceNikki Jul 2014 #8
What Happened, Sir? The Magistrate Jul 2014 #11
I will PM you. I don't want to make this OP/thread about the ugliness. nt stevenleser Jul 2014 #15
Gee Steve it already is about the ugliness. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #80
Alas, the details did get posted shortly after I expressed those comments. stevenleser Jul 2014 #92
cd you pls pm me too? I knew Violet, used to email her, but lost touch with her, and ellenrr Jul 2014 #150
She was taken advantage of by a troll cyberswede Jul 2014 #16
there was no being taken of advantage there JI7 Jul 2014 #18
I've been in contact with her, and I believe she acted in good faith... cyberswede Jul 2014 #25
+1 Go Vols Jul 2014 #27
good point, hopefully she will do the same for those who alert that were ignored before JI7 Jul 2014 #29
+1 Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #133
I don't doubt she did what she thought was best BainsBane Jul 2014 #44
Plus a hundred! Sissyk Jul 2014 #66
good summary. nt uppityperson Jul 2014 #19
I wouldn't have known that locking someone else's OP at their request was a bad thing. stevenleser Jul 2014 #21
She knew better. PeaceNikki Jul 2014 #24
It was while the hosts' group consensus was to leave it, so actually it is kind of serious bettyellen Jul 2014 #30
Yes, it's kind of hard to see this as just an unfortunate mistake that anyone could have made. Sheldon Cooper Jul 2014 #31
agreed- it was with full knowledge of how disruptive it would be, no "mistake" there. bettyellen Jul 2014 #33
Fwiw, she quietly unlocked it on her own, without posting about it in F&G. cyberswede Jul 2014 #32
knowing the proper thing to do would be informing the hosts who were upset- but instead Quinnox is bettyellen Jul 2014 #34
Wait... are you people saying that quinnox was banned??! Number23 Jul 2014 #39
it's true. There's a 420+ reply post about it on page 1. PeaceNikki Jul 2014 #40
yes, it's the thread about a Bridge and Troll with over 400 posts as of this moment JI7 Jul 2014 #41
Going through it now! I am laughing my ass off at these "ohh, why didn't people just put the Number23 Jul 2014 #46
did you see the threads during the past few days which led up to this ? JI7 Jul 2014 #48
No, I didn't see them. I have grown utterly exhausted by this place and don't spend nearly as much Number23 Jul 2014 #50
I hope you stick around a little, at least. We need your voice. cyberswede Jul 2014 #107
Thank you for that. That is really kind of you. Number23 Jul 2014 #125
I like the way you put that BootinUp Jul 2014 #120
You have to give props to Q. Not only did he game the system, but he charmed & trolled the "hosts". Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #134
Oh girl, please. He only charmed and trolled those displaying the same behavior as him Number23 Jul 2014 #138
mmm hmm. PeaceNikki Jul 2014 #142
The huffery has gone to DefCon Level Nth, with his departure. Funny that he departs.... Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #144
"Huffery" is a great word... SidDithers Jul 2014 #154
It does kinda roll off the tongue, don't it? And is perfectly suited to this "situation". Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #156
Happy to be giving you the good news, my fellow group member! bettyellen Jul 2014 #43
Yes her intentions were good and she didnt deserve the harassment she got. Now we have rhett o rick Jul 2014 #53
Reading the host threads posted in GD was certainly an eye opener. BainsBane Jul 2014 #75
Here is a snippet of my posts as GD Host regarding this which I think explains most of it: boston bean Jul 2014 #78
This message was self-deleted by its author A-Schwarzenegger Jul 2014 #82
I think you left out a bit. Sissyk Jul 2014 #87
EarlG locked others as well maddezmom Jul 2014 #93
Yes he did. Sissyk Jul 2014 #95
Guess what I was trying to say, is he locked others maddezmom Jul 2014 #97
You are correct. Sissyk Jul 2014 #101
I love the hell out of this: MadrasT Jul 2014 #96
It certainly shows why he was PPR'd BainsBane Jul 2014 #114
amazing how such an asshole of that level JI7 Jul 2014 #122
I don't know the details, but I always respect your opinion on matters. merrily Jul 2014 #103
quinnox finally got banned? DonCoquixote Jul 2014 #76
I Appreciate The Information The Magistrate Jul 2014 #55
i don't think it was a mistake on her part JI7 Jul 2014 #17
I agree with you...nt SidDithers Jul 2014 #22
+ 1 nt riderinthestorm Jul 2014 #47
Narcasists tend to, also, be seductive ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2014 #52
She's about the most inoffensive person I've ever met on this site LittleBlue Jul 2014 #20
I've rarely had disagreements with VC and appreciate her posts. I don't Purveyor Jul 2014 #23
She hasn't been PPRed Aerows Jul 2014 #26
Kick and Rec! zappaman Jul 2014 #28
Democracy is hard work. McCamy Taylor Jul 2014 #35
I would like to hear from her directly. Kali Jul 2014 #36
Always loved violet. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #37
I was on MIRT w/her and she seemed really nice TBF Jul 2014 #49
My favorite Aussie IronLionZion Jul 2014 #51
Where to begin..... Sissyk Jul 2014 #54
Hmmm. I didn't intend this OP to hash out what happened, but this helps fill in a lot. Thanks stevenleser Jul 2014 #58
Thanks for that. Sissyk Jul 2014 #59
Thank you for this post. n/t Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2014 #61
You're welcome. Sissyk Jul 2014 #65
I think you are over-analyzing. Behind the Aegis Jul 2014 #63
Thank you for this! Sissyk Jul 2014 #64
I have very limited knowledge of what goes on in the hosts forum BainsBane Jul 2014 #71
Thank you. Sissyk Jul 2014 #83
Wow. Thank you for all of that, Sissyk. Best wishes to both you and VioletCrumble. Hekate Jul 2014 #73
Thank you. Sissyk Jul 2014 #85
the hosts forum sounds a little bit like meta hfojvt Jul 2014 #74
I agree with this post. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #81
Thank you, Warren. Sissyk Jul 2014 #86
I think yr being way too hard on yrself and you don't have anything to take the blame for... Violet_Crumble Jul 2014 #89
Thank you, VC! Sissyk Jul 2014 #90
I appreciate your post and I believe VC will also. rhett o rick Jul 2014 #91
Thanks, rhett. Sissyk Jul 2014 #94
The one to blame can't apologize. JTFrog Jul 2014 #115
He had support on some of those threads from people who are not banned merrily Jul 2014 #118
If only. But those that trashed VC are responsible for their own actions and haven't been rhett o rick Jul 2014 #123
A wise woman instructed me to give forgiveness when someone asks for it, merrily Jul 2014 #102
Thank you, merrily. Sissyk Jul 2014 #104
You're most welcome. merrily Jul 2014 #108
Oh, I'm finished beating up myself! Sissyk Jul 2014 #109
Good for you on both counts. merrily Jul 2014 #111
Yes, it was all over a thread about shaving. Sissyk Jul 2014 #116
I have enjoyed it as well, sissyk. merrily Jul 2014 #117
*this* is exactly why Texasgal Jul 2014 #137
please pm me about whatever happened. n/t. Ken Burch Jul 2014 #56
I feel like she was manipulated by a charismatic friend. bravenak Jul 2014 #57
I think saying "she was manipulated by a charismatic friend" isn't the best way to clear her name. rhett o rick Jul 2014 #206
i stopped reading at "feeding frenzy" and this is the insult to duers. a troll, we were all mostly seabeyond Jul 2014 #209
Violet was one of the personalities on Foreign Affairs (I/P) forum many years ago Jack Rabbit Jul 2014 #60
My wife is Australian. Her favorite was Violet Crumble... DreamGypsy Jul 2014 #62
I am totally confused by this whole thing StevieM Jul 2014 #67
only a General Discussion host can lock a thread in here steve2470 Jul 2014 #68
Who is a GD host? Is that like an Administrator? (eom) StevieM Jul 2014 #69
they are members who have chosen to host this forum steve2470 Jul 2014 #70
I like VC. She & I butted heads our first MIRT term together and came to mutually respect each other Warren DeMontague Jul 2014 #72
Agree with you maddezmom Jul 2014 #77
I am quite sure that VC acted in good faith. As indeed did SissyK. LeftishBrit Jul 2014 #79
Violet Crumble, you have lots of support. You were doing your very best KittyWampus Jul 2014 #84
Okay, reading through most of this thread was a humbling experience... Violet_Crumble Jul 2014 #88
Violet_Crumble MadrasT Jul 2014 #98
Welcome back VC. I hope you won't let your treatment discourage you from hosting. rhett o rick Jul 2014 #99
excellent post and commendable attitude nt steve2470 Jul 2014 #100
glad you posted. I hope the people who slammed you are shamed OKNancy Jul 2014 #105
I'm sorry things went down the way they did. IdaBriggs Jul 2014 #106
Thanks for posting. cyberswede Jul 2014 #110
Good to see you back maddezmom Jul 2014 #113
Glad you are still here, VC. merrily Jul 2014 #119
HA! Warren DeMontague Jul 2014 #121
I appreciate that you addressed the issue CreekDog Jul 2014 #124
I have to agree with you here. How the person that broke hosting rules boston bean Jul 2014 #152
+1... SidDithers Jul 2014 #155
So are you saying that maybe VC will be the next "house-keeping" project? Don't you rhett o rick Jul 2014 #157
No, that's not what I'm saying... SidDithers Jul 2014 #158
I think what you guys did and are continuing to do with regard to VC is low. But it seems rhett o rick Jul 2014 #159
No, that's not at all what I said... SidDithers Jul 2014 #160
How would you know what a liberal Democrat would do? What VC did was one event rhett o rick Jul 2014 #161
I know what a liberal democrat is because you continually tell me what one would do and not do... SidDithers Jul 2014 #162
I will give you credit for being clever. But your "house-keeping" stinks. nm rhett o rick Jul 2014 #163
I don't know what your obsession wtih "house-keeping" is BainsBane Jul 2014 #169
Rick likes to accuse people who alert for SOP of practicing censorship... SidDithers Jul 2014 #170
Oh, I see BainsBane Jul 2014 #171
No worries. But only he knows why he says the things he says... SidDithers Jul 2014 #172
WHAT?? Do tell. PeaceNikki Jul 2014 #168
C'mon, rhett, spill the beans!!! Who was caught doing this? PeaceNikki Jul 2014 #173
Don't you think if anyone had BainsBane Jul 2014 #174
Exactly. I think Rhett o Rick is just making that up. PeaceNikki Jul 2014 #185
What was the answer? Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2014 #215
You are one ornery ....er something or other. nm rhett o rick Jul 2014 #219
Since serving a couple terms on MIRT with you, I have always seen you as fair and objective. bluesbassman Jul 2014 #135
Hang in there! kdmorris Jul 2014 #149
DAAAAAAAAAAAA-RAMA! snooper2 Jul 2014 #112
Bottom line is DonCoquixote Jul 2014 #127
They've got one BainsBane Jul 2014 #128
oh really? DonCoquixote Jul 2014 #131
I like Violet. What happened to her? nt ellenrr Jul 2014 #132
I've always enjoyed Violets Texasgal Jul 2014 #136
Read the SoP. This is not GD material. morningfog Jul 2014 #139
Cats and guns Go Vols Jul 2014 #140
You tried your SOP alert and the hosts rejected it. Move on. nt stevenleser Jul 2014 #141
I knew the hosts wouldn't lock. They are worthless morningfog Jul 2014 #143
Hosts can only rule on the original post, which was not whining but in support of a DUer uppityperson Jul 2014 #145
If I had been a host I wouldn't have locked this either BainsBane Jul 2014 #146
Point of order! Violet_Crumble Jul 2014 #148
I'm happy to try BainsBane Jul 2014 #153
This GD host has a question for you... Violet_Crumble Jul 2014 #147
I think it's inappropriate to trash hosts. Not all host decisions are consistent because rhett o rick Jul 2014 #164
i think it is inappropriate for hosts to trash duers. seabeyond Jul 2014 #165
I agree. No one in DU should be trashing anyone. There are still a few above that are rhett o rick Jul 2014 #167
Open the hosting forum so we can read and decide. morningfog Jul 2014 #177
Read and decide what? nm rhett o rick Jul 2014 #181
You know, transparency, democracy BainsBane Jul 2014 #183
Like the MIRT discussions? nm rhett o rick Jul 2014 #190
Sure, why not? BainsBane Jul 2014 #192
Whether there is any basis for decisions. morningfog Jul 2014 #187
I dont have a problem with the host's discussions being open rhett o rick Jul 2014 #189
LOL. The GD Hosts are worthless and don't do jack. morningfog Jul 2014 #191
You realize you could see right now... Agschmid Jul 2014 #194
Here's what confused me the short time I was a host BainsBane Jul 2014 #196
Nope... Agschmid Jul 2014 #199
I only have an issue with GD. morningfog Jul 2014 #197
Well then this will help... Agschmid Jul 2014 #198
I only have an issue with the Music Appreciation Group. Violet_Crumble Jul 2014 #201
Results of your Jury Service X_Digger Jul 2014 #207
Hmmm...silly alert imo. one_voice Jul 2014 #210
Jesus Fucking Christ. RiffRandell Jul 2014 #213
Shocked they didn't suggest she be banned... one_voice Jul 2014 #216
Good reply. I tend to over react when people trash hosts in GD. nm rhett o rick Jul 2014 #200
I believe one has to have a star to be a host. NYC_SKP Jul 2014 #204
You are correct, I overlooked that. Agschmid Jul 2014 #205
Could say the same thing about the NSA BainsBane Jul 2014 #193
I wouldn't have a problem with GD Host's Forum being open to all to see if there was a rhett o rick Jul 2014 #202
I don't disagree with that BainsBane Jul 2014 #211
You have very valid questions. The very concept of getting a small group out rhett o rick Jul 2014 #212
I did address them to the administrators BainsBane Jul 2014 #214
The decisions from the GD Hosts will differ depending on who is in the rhett o rick Jul 2014 #217
I might have believed that BainsBane Jul 2014 #218
I voted not to hide your reply. NYC_SKP Jul 2014 #195
Thank you, and I would say the same back at you. Maintaining person sanity is my goal. rhett o rick Jul 2014 #203
Time to let it go, this forum is now GD/META Rex Jul 2014 #176
They have changed the rules, by not enforcing them. morningfog Jul 2014 #178
Then they are changed, officially or unofficially. Rex Jul 2014 #180
Are you complaining about the GD Hosts? It's getting to be an old record. nm rhett o rick Jul 2014 #182
me too mercuryblues Jul 2014 #151
A fresh perspective! A-Schwarzenegger Jul 2014 #175
let's face it mercuryblues Jul 2014 #184
I unequivocabally do not disagree. A-Schwarzenegger Jul 2014 #188
She's awesome! RiffRandell Jul 2014 #166
When someone is sick or their family has a tragedy, they come in here and tell us. Rex Jul 2014 #179
Well done, well done indeed and thank you. Autumn Jul 2014 #186
I've mixed it up with her many time and even had some heated arguments. She is a great human being. Kurska Jul 2014 #208
K&R for someone I've always considered to be an outstanding friend to have closeupready Jul 2014 #220
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