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So typical ... I got mine, fuck the rest of you. n/t RKP5637 Jul 2014 #1
Just like all the Repug women who have had abortions, but ... LisaLynne Jul 2014 #2
I join you in your rage. He is a true Republican. nt kelliekat44 Jul 2014 #3
What a clown. He still thinks he has a shot at a nom. lpbk2713 Jul 2014 #4
Yeah ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2014 #11
You're Catching On! jeremyfive Jul 2014 #5
As a Florida resident, Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2014 #6
The Cuban Comb-over... The Waterboy...I haven't settled on a good name TwilightGardener Jul 2014 #7
he's mr wet foot-dry foot in our house. kcass1954 Jul 2014 #32
Rubio's glib hypocrisy seems to be his main trait DirkGently Jul 2014 #8
Those are just his good qualities. Fuddnik Jul 2014 #9
DUzy! BrotherIvan Jul 2014 #28
You could have just said "Marco Rubio is a Republican." tclambert Jul 2014 #10
It's just that typical right-wing, conservative mentality: I've got mine, screw you! n/t glowing Jul 2014 #12
Doesn't that apply to all republicans? Nt abelenkpe Jul 2014 #13
Sort of like Paul Ryan TNNurse Jul 2014 #14
His family came... excringency Jul 2014 #15
So you're saying he's also a LYING POS? Coventina Jul 2014 #18
I demand - DEMAND, do you hear? - that you stop taking it so easy on that POS. IrishAyes Jul 2014 #16
The story of his family Tribalceltic Jul 2014 #17
Navin Rubio lpbk2713 Jul 2014 #21
Sorry, but... polmaven Jul 2014 #19
Another DUzy! BrotherIvan Jul 2014 #29
Rubio is lying about his story. onecaliberal Jul 2014 #20
Rubio is lying - of course he is... liberal N proud Jul 2014 #51
He's racist. lovemydog Jul 2014 #22
You and me, kid! hedgehog Jul 2014 #23
I had to abandon NPR Iwillnevergiveup Jul 2014 #24
NPR stands for, " Nice Polite Republicans " . They are worthless . geretogo Jul 2014 #30
sadly for over-the-air radio it is so much better rurallib Jul 2014 #42
Every Rublican and conservative politician Glaisne Jul 2014 #25
Yes, he is indeed a Republican! He's horrible. nt stillwaiting Jul 2014 #26
Why would you expect any thing different from a member of an evil cult like the GOP ? geretogo Jul 2014 #27
Too bad they're not Cuban FlyByNight Jul 2014 #31
What was the follow up question? tia uponit7771 Jul 2014 #33
Here's the link to the interview. Coventina Jul 2014 #37
Today's Worst. Person. In The World! KamaAina Jul 2014 #34
K&R! Hypocritical is the word. Enthusiast Jul 2014 #35
And those are his good points LondonReign2 Jul 2014 #36
The Rubios came here in 1956, Commie revolution was 1959 IronLionZion Jul 2014 #38
Marco Rubio has his head up his own a$$ so it must be torture just to breathe. Cha Jul 2014 #39
What a selfish, hypocritical pig! smirkymonkey Jul 2014 #40
he's a repuke now Skittles Jul 2014 #41
NPR has given Rubio pretty much unchallenged airtime for at least 2 days rurallib Jul 2014 #43
I shit turds with more compassion than he has. nt valerief Jul 2014 #44
That's why the jackass is in my video: mobeau69 Jul 2014 #45
he is a complete repug samsingh Jul 2014 #46
Um, he's a Republican. Hissyspit Jul 2014 #47
I'd love to host a charity JackInGreen Jul 2014 #48
Calm down vlyons Jul 2014 #49
What amused me about the interview... Nitram Jul 2014 #50
Well, to be fair... freebrew Jul 2014 #54
What makes you think Rubio is a human being? InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2014 #52
Wow! Nothing like masquerading as a human being! marew Jul 2014 #53
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