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I Agree, Ma'am: That Is Intolerable The Magistrate Aug 2014 #1
Yes. I agree. hlthe2b Aug 2014 #3
Thank you, Sir. whathehell Aug 2014 #7
How fast do you think Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #14
You Cannot Allow Yourself To Be Spoken To Like That, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #18
Magistrate, are you Jewish Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #37
So You Are On The 'Only A Jew Can Know' Tack, Sir? The Magistrate Aug 2014 #50
I never implied I was the only Jew Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #58
I Will Do You The Courtesy, Sir, of Pretending You Actually Did Misunderstand My Words The Magistrate Aug 2014 #73
I’m a Jew and just posted this on another thread. Have had a few negative replies claiming that busterbrown Aug 2014 #121
That Is an Extremely Biased, Highly Slanted Account, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #134
Actually, her account is pretty spot on Alameda Aug 2014 #164
Only If You Do Not Know Much About It, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #168
I know a great deal about it, have been watching and studying it for 50 years......so.... Alameda Aug 2014 #170
If You Say So, Sir.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #172
Huh???!!! Alameda Aug 2014 #173
It Is An Exercise In Cherry-Picking, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #176
Your point? Alameda Aug 2014 #183
The Point, Sir, Is The Character Of A Particular Piece Of Writing The Magistrate Aug 2014 #184
Well Sir, I was right Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #138
Who's this 'group of people'? The Palestinian people? n/t Violet_Crumble Aug 2014 #153
You Would Do Well To Write This Effort Off as A Failure, Sir, And Move On To Other Lines The Magistrate Aug 2014 #161
I never said Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #261
Your Problem, Sir, Is That You are Speaking To a Man With An Excellent Command Of English The Magistrate Aug 2014 #267
Not my problem at all Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #268
Thank You For The Laugh, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #269
Seriously Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #270
And Yet You Keep Coming Back, Sir.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #271
You make me laugh Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #272
You Need To Write Your Own Material, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #273
Withe recent editorial pulled that rationalized justifiable genocide on Palestinians... cascadiance Aug 2014 #166
No, I think you're wrong..I think the Palestinians now know that whathehell Aug 2014 #245
Can you show me another group Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #262
I think so, though I'm not sure how relevant that is to your argument, given present circumstances. whathehell Aug 2014 #274
On a world wide level Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #275
On a 'world wide level", your conclusion doesn't work whathehell Aug 2014 #276
You confused the hell out of me until I figured out this sentence is missing a negative-- Jackpine Radical Aug 2014 #79
I was hoping that is what he meant.. defacto7 Aug 2014 #84
ah yup..... dhill926 Aug 2014 #152
Half the posts on DU Aerows Aug 2014 #193
Me too arikara Aug 2014 #177
C'mon LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #159
So then you have to ask yourself Jackpine Radical Aug 2014 #210
Way way back in the 1980's, Sen Charles Percy of Illinois truedelphi Aug 2014 #104
It is interesting that you would state something like this. BlueMTexpat Aug 2014 #32
Exactly right. nt SunSeeker Aug 2014 #194
So what you are advocating is that we remain silent on wrong doing, for the worst of sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #41
This... malokvale77 Aug 2014 #129
+1000 spooky3 Aug 2014 #214
I hope you're not saying Jews are single-issue voters on Israel n/t Scootaloo Aug 2014 #53
I trust you do realize that if critics of the state of Israel were to say what you have just Douglas Carpenter Aug 2014 #61
BINGO! mazzarro Aug 2014 #132
With post hidden, and probably PPRed. Crunchy Frog Aug 2014 #224
Iamthetruth cleary believes that a cabal of rich Jews will break the Democratic Party if Douglas Carpenter Aug 2014 #227
Are you saying that support of Israel is necessary in order to get campaign money from American Jews tularetom Aug 2014 #64
YOU WILL FEEL OUR POWER!!!! shaayecanaan Aug 2014 #199
Wow, we agree on something n/t Scootaloo Aug 2014 #52
thank you Douglas Carpenter Aug 2014 #68
THIS^^^^!!! Who the hell is he to tell us what to do or what to think? calimary Aug 2014 #70
Arrogant asshole Aerows Aug 2014 #133
Yes, Agree (nt) reACTIONary Aug 2014 #171
Exactly. He is not very good at winning hearts and minds to say the least. That is OUR president he jwirr Aug 2014 #230
One can only hope at this point. +1. n/t Jefferson23 Aug 2014 #240
We are his puppet Blue_Adept Aug 2014 #2
But WHY? whathehell Aug 2014 #9
That is THE question, why is Israel's rwing allowed to call the shots. JaydenD Aug 2014 #12
it could be they know where the our bodies are buried over there yurbud Aug 2014 #91
That. AND the fact... ReRe Aug 2014 #165
The number was 800 nuclear missiles several years ago. 2banon Aug 2014 #187
Thank you... ReRe Aug 2014 #190
Israel denies the existence of nuclear weapons, and refuses inspection, refuses to sign agreements 2banon Aug 2014 #191
A+++++ ReRe Aug 2014 #195
It's perfectly understandable.. 2banon Aug 2014 #218
The interview with Amy Goodman... ReRe Aug 2014 #252
We've created a monster treestar Aug 2014 #264
Those aren't a threat to us. yurbud Aug 2014 #200
How so? ReRe Aug 2014 #201
Remember mutually assured destruction? yurbud Aug 2014 #248
Oh yeah... I remember. ReRe Aug 2014 #257
Other countries leaders might not care if we live or die, but they care if they do yurbud Aug 2014 #260
This is part of the problem malaise Aug 2014 #238
They have lots of bodies of their own to worry about, don't they? whathehell Aug 2014 #244
True malaise Aug 2014 #249
Yep whathehell Aug 2014 #253
Welcome to DU, JaydenD! calimary Aug 2014 #96
This message was self-deleted by its author AndyTiedye Aug 2014 #162
The control of local and state politics trumps the federal. olegramps Aug 2014 #203
I remember that. I remember how ralph reed the extremist religious activist calimary Aug 2014 #231
They are not only radical, but exclusionary. olegramps Aug 2014 #235
Those folks literally scare the bejeezus outta me. calimary Aug 2014 #242
Yes, that is the question that needs to be answered. If any other head of state were sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #178
the evangelicals on the right will support him no matter what and the left has no balls dembotoz Aug 2014 #76
The left has balls, but the ELECTED "left" is corrupt. Lots of the aid goes to big business. nt stillwaiting Aug 2014 #118
in the past, they have apparently threatened to take down the west if they don't get their way magical thyme Aug 2014 #117
Israel has threatened to "take down" the West? whathehell Aug 2014 #140
I haven't been able to find the original article I saw, but here is another one magical thyme Aug 2014 #144
Hundreds of nukes? ReRe Aug 2014 #167
I'm betting we have more. n/t whathehell Aug 2014 #206
True JAbuchan08 Aug 2014 #212
True, but do you really think Israel would threaten us?..who's going whathehell Aug 2014 #247
Mostly I think Israel's nukes are meant to act as a deterrent JAbuchan08 Aug 2014 #277
You're probably right. n/t whathehell Aug 2014 #278
The source of the bold quote in the above post is... reACTIONary Aug 2014 #175
There have been many, many, documents and reports leaked to the press 2banon Aug 2014 #189
I don't think there is any doubt about... reACTIONary Aug 2014 #232
Google "Samson Option". nt Buns_of_Fire Aug 2014 #188
That is absolutely ridiculous. As well as impossible... reACTIONary Aug 2014 #174
Makes them more like the Soviets of old than any "ally" treestar Aug 2014 #266
Because Democrats are afraid to lose Jewish support in the US. fbc Aug 2014 #142
A week or so a go, DU was informed that Israel receives funding from the EU as well 2banon Aug 2014 #186
No, it's not a puppet thing. Here's a quick analogy that struck me about the US/Israel relationship. Violet_Crumble Aug 2014 #155
He may well live to regret that demand. MineralMan Aug 2014 #4
I certainly hope so. whathehell Aug 2014 #11
Our President is Black, to some people that means you can talk down to him.. randys1 Aug 2014 #48
I was about to say the same thing....Netanyahu VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #63
Yep... randys1 Aug 2014 #216
Bibi is a straight up-in your face arrogant RACIST.. 2banon Aug 2014 #220
What a cheap, thoughtless remark rudolph the red Aug 2014 #196
yes indeed, what Netanyahu said was exactly that randys1 Aug 2014 #217
Two old proverbs malaise Aug 2014 #5
He's their Bush PAProgressive28 Aug 2014 #6
So it seems.. whathehell Aug 2014 #8
Keep in mind the massive influx of Jews from former SSRs to Israel since 1989. BlueMTexpat Aug 2014 #43
I think that is prettty simple. potone Aug 2014 #67
No we didn't passiveporcupine Aug 2014 #125
The US did rally around Bush. You and I may not have, but the rest of the country did Patiod Aug 2014 #211
More like their Cheney. sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #45
I agree, sabrina, Netanyahu and Cheney are two political clones. n/t Uncle Joe Aug 2014 #130
yes exactly... Dick & Bibi 2banon Aug 2014 #222
Whatever happened to Swampy? Uncle Joe Aug 2014 #237
I think of Cheney when I think of Bibi 2banon Aug 2014 #221
Obama to Netanyahu.. fuck off asshole, I do what I need to do, get a job and support your own wars. Autumn Aug 2014 #10
I Love It! whathehell Aug 2014 #15
Obama is an important leader of the free world. He does not have to tolerate Autumn Aug 2014 #54
lol nt m-lekktor Aug 2014 #47
but Obama isn't saying anything like that. Puzzledtraveller Aug 2014 #99
That's where a girl can dream part came in. Autumn Aug 2014 #114
Dream on, but instead Obama will sign that $225 military aid bill to Israel that totodeinhere Aug 2014 #182
What bothers you more Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #13
"He was elected by the Israeli people, not the American people" ... Spazito Aug 2014 #21
I'm pretty sure he does not come hat in hand Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #25
Yes, he does, he comes to the US to lobby for that money and does it on a regular... Spazito Aug 2014 #35
I agree 100% Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #40
President Obama doesn't care for Netanyahu, you are conflating his tense relationship with... Spazito Aug 2014 #49
Oh I understand the concept Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #57
I don't buy into 'you have to be Jewish to understand' at all, ties to one's country no matter... Spazito Aug 2014 #60
The Problem With That Boiler-Plate, Sir, Is This The Magistrate Aug 2014 #66
Yes, I agree. potone Aug 2014 #77
What a load of crap... malokvale77 Aug 2014 #135
You Do Not Seem To Have Much Understanding Of Our Politics, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #42
Welcome to DU, Iamthetruth! calimary Aug 2014 #86
So one question, if you don't mind... ablamj Aug 2014 #105
Well, first of all, welcome to DU to YOU, TOO, ablamj! calimary Aug 2014 #112
Fuck that shit malokvale77 Aug 2014 #131
Yup, so let him get his money from THEM. n/t whathehell Aug 2014 #31
That right-wing mass murderer can stand up to America all he wants Bjorn Against Aug 2014 #22
Mass Murderer???? Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #26
I have been very harshly critical of Obama's drone policy Bjorn Against Aug 2014 #39
they must be geniuses at using their own people since the Israelis kill so many of them yurbud Aug 2014 #23
Where you has outraged Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #30
Pro-Likud propaganda. Maedhros Aug 2014 #102
Truth hurt Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #263
I was 5 and 12 then. Also, does the fact that others killed Palestinians make it justifiable now? yurbud Aug 2014 #115
Good argument there malokvale77 Aug 2014 #145
What it proves Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #265
You've created a false binary situation.. whathehell Aug 2014 #24
Netanyahu thinks he is a puppet master PatSeg Aug 2014 #55
And, Bibi generously commits war crimes to give Hamas good PR. Right? Tierra_y_Libertad Aug 2014 #34
Post removed Post removed Aug 2014 #36
The question I have for you and every other person louis-t Aug 2014 #38
And Obama was elected by the American people, not the Israeli people. So what is your sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #51
Have you thought about going to Gaza and living under constant threat? intaglio Aug 2014 #75
Let the Israeli people, who elected Netanyahu, pay for his massacres. Not us. Comrade Grumpy Aug 2014 #90
Great - so gaspee Aug 2014 #107
he admitted Israel was not under threat when Planes were suspended from landing there JI7 Aug 2014 #143
He can do what he wants LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #163
How many allies talk to us like this? yurbud Aug 2014 #16
NONE...and what allies does Israel have besides the US? whathehell Aug 2014 #29
Ask Noriega how well that goes over. Jeff Murdoch Aug 2014 #56
Good point. calimary Aug 2014 #88
Explain, please. whathehell Aug 2014 #246
It can only happen when leaders of major Jewish organizations give the government cover yurbud Aug 2014 #89
Trujillo used to MisterP Aug 2014 #81
The guy whose plane blew up? yurbud Aug 2014 #87
that's Torrijos (or maybe Roldós) MisterP Aug 2014 #92
that sounds like an excuse not a reason. Elsewhere, Americans can be raped and killed yurbud Aug 2014 #94
That in fact... malokvale77 Aug 2014 #146
Two points: Our money + our weapons/ammo mean we get some say TwilightGardener Aug 2014 #17
Fine, Bibi, sadoldgirl Aug 2014 #19
+1,0000 n/t whathehell Aug 2014 #27
Exactly raindaddy Aug 2014 #46
Good analogy malokvale77 Aug 2014 #148
He is an evil, evil person Marrah_G Aug 2014 #20
I don't believe he is. He's head of a small country in a volatile region that has TwilightGardener Aug 2014 #28
His brother was killed rescuing the Entebbe passengers in Uganda. Care to guess the perpetrators? WinkyDink Aug 2014 #71
So? malokvale77 Aug 2014 #151
there's a whole mess of wrong to spread among both sides of this conflict. it's hardly one-sided unblock Aug 2014 #33
"Blaming Netanyahu for his choice of words is a very petty thing to compalin" about whathehell Aug 2014 #116
sure, go ahead and ignore the fact that he's right. unblock Aug 2014 #119
No, sorry, I don't see a lot of support for that "fact" here. whathehell Aug 2014 #139
i have no loyalty at all to netanyahu. i'm not a fan of the right-wing either here or there. unblock Aug 2014 #149
LOL...You've been defending his arrogant, disrespectful comments whathehell Aug 2014 #156
good god, commenting on one comment and suddenly i'm disloyal to america? unblock Aug 2014 #160
Um, I believe it's two and it's the content, not the number. whathehell Aug 2014 #207
I do not think that it is... malokvale77 Aug 2014 #154
"he said hamas wouldn't stick to a cease-fire and he turned out to be right." Alkene Aug 2014 #181
Hilarious 2banon Aug 2014 #137
Isn't it? whathehell Aug 2014 #141
yeah, funny line. nothing to do with my post, but funny line. unblock Aug 2014 #147
It has everything to do with your post malokvale77 Aug 2014 #157
Abducting an israeli soldier? arikara Aug 2014 #185
Maybe it's time to go outside and play Boom Sound 416 Aug 2014 #44
He is as arrogant as a person could ever be. nt ladjf Aug 2014 #59
I agree. Arrogance. Sienna86 Aug 2014 #62
All Americans = Pot (calling....) WinkyDink Aug 2014 #65
True abelenkpe Aug 2014 #83
Bibi, you baby butcher, rateyes Aug 2014 #69
Did Israelis invent the suicide bomber? WinkyDink Aug 2014 #72
did the 4 dead boys on the beach vote for hamas? frylock Aug 2014 #82
What conceivable difference does that make? tkmorris Aug 2014 #108
the suicide bomber was born out of totally assymmetrical warfare magical thyme Aug 2014 #122
No, but neither did the Palestinians... Violet_Crumble Aug 2014 #197
What does that have to do with Bibi's atrocities? rateyes Aug 2014 #236
This arrogant little fuckwit hifiguy Aug 2014 #74
He's the "Effing" maxrandb Aug 2014 #78
The teabaggers have more respect for ANY of our enemies than for the President.. Hulk Aug 2014 #85
Putin has met his match... Hulk Aug 2014 #80
He is becoming Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. yurbud Aug 2014 #93
TOTALLY agree!! LoisB Aug 2014 #95
And could we please tell Netanyahu Stellar Aug 2014 #97
The US gets nothing but aggravation from their "friendship" with Israel donna123 Aug 2014 #98
I couldn't resist looking at Free Republic response to this story yurbud Aug 2014 #100
Exactly n/t 99Forever Aug 2014 #101
Who needs to second guess? See hospitals, schools, Mosques, for evidence of what he'll do. Tierra_y_Libertad Aug 2014 #103
Criticizing Israeli policies is no more anti-Semitic than... Beartracks Aug 2014 #106
Just wait until cheap Teslas take over Helen Borg Aug 2014 #109
I agree! n/t Paper Roses Aug 2014 #110
Maybe Netanyahu has a brain tumor or something. Enthusiast Aug 2014 #111
I feel so bad for the people TBF Aug 2014 #113
His bought and paid for lackeys in Congress will keep sending him our tax $$$ MH1 Aug 2014 #120
Our pro Israel government will keep kissing his ass because Cleita Aug 2014 #123
He knows he owns us n2doc Aug 2014 #124
OK,will not. 7wo7rees Aug 2014 #126
He is still upset Rmoney was not elected. gordianot Aug 2014 #127
I'm in agreement malokvale77 Aug 2014 #128
Make that 3.5 billion, we give money to Palestine too, but theirs cannot be spent militarily. nt mother earth Aug 2014 #136
Oh, well that's very "fair" then, isn't it? whathehell Aug 2014 #158
Nothing fair at all about aiding and abetting death and destruction. Isn't or shouldn't peace mother earth Aug 2014 #234
Nope..What have we become?..Big Toadies, it seems, whathehell Aug 2014 #243
Cut 'em off. Iggo Aug 2014 #150
K&R ReRe Aug 2014 #169
Unbelievable disrespect for not only our President but our nation. The disrespect to our President kelliekat44 Aug 2014 #179
K&R DeSwiss Aug 2014 #180
I would never second guess Aerows Aug 2014 #192
It's incredibly disrespectful, imo... Violet_Crumble Aug 2014 #198
Mr. Netanyahu, you all have earned this quote to be added lexington filly Aug 2014 #202
Netanyahu can take a flying fuck in a rolling donut. blackspade Aug 2014 #204
LOL whathehell Aug 2014 #205
Thanks for this explanation... KansDem Aug 2014 #208
Your welcome, and your analogy is spot on. n/t whathehell Aug 2014 #219
Fuck that jerk. Oh, and it's 3 Billion per annum, not 2. nt NorthCarolina Aug 2014 #209
Eat my shit Bibi...good luck on your own punk. Moostache Aug 2014 #213
He suffers from delusions of adequacy. riqster Aug 2014 #215
Who the FUCK does he think we are, his PUPPETS? LWolf Aug 2014 #223
My sentiments exactly... whathehell Aug 2014 #225
Congress wouldn't allow it. It is true we give Billions to Israel annually, BUT NorthCarolina Aug 2014 #228
Congress needs to hear from us, then..They're supposed to work for US, not whathehell Aug 2014 #241
Israel's problem with the Palestinians has been going on long before Hamas even existed Galraedia Aug 2014 #226
US ambassador to Israel seems to be Israeli govt rep donna123 Aug 2014 #229
You saw this interview with Fareed Zakaria on CNN International today? whathehell Aug 2014 #239
why DonCoquixote Aug 2014 #233
I get what you're saying.. whathehell Aug 2014 #255
You make some excellent points, DonCoquixote. whathehell Aug 2014 #258
Looking for that blank check Shankapotomus Aug 2014 #250
Damned right.. whathehell Aug 2014 #254
We should be second guessing all leaders, on all things. noamnety Aug 2014 #251
What a rude, ungrateful and disrespectful thing to say ecstatic Aug 2014 #256
Well, Bibi has lost Joe Scar on the current situation. amandabeech Aug 2014 #259
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