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Lets see what Osama Hamdan has said over the past couple of years. hack89 Aug 2014 #1
You posted the words I refused to....interesting. Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #2
Because you refuse to accept the implications of such words from such people hack89 Aug 2014 #5
I think propaganda stinks, I have a good nose for stink. My burden. Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #6
Do you deny that Hamdan said what is in my post? nt hack89 Aug 2014 #7
Indeed, Sir: Holding A Man To Account For His Previous Words Is Not Argumentm Ad Hominem The Magistrate Aug 2014 #13
Holding him up falsely as anyone of importance is not propaganda? Attacking the person to segue Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #15
Why Do You Insult Mr. Hamdan By Insisting He Is Un-Important, Sir? The Magistrate Aug 2014 #20
Did you really just compare Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #27
Have Some Coffee Before You Post, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #31
With you there... Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #34
He is the Hamas representative in Lebanon, Hamas was elected government of Palestine. Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #32
Nice To See You Can Google, Sir, And That You Acknowledge The Man's Significance The Magistrate Aug 2014 #36
Like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz? Snark in a Magistrate is not good form. Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #39
You Will Have Your Little Joke, Sir.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #41
I didn't see this morning's panel show but I saw the interview of Hamden by wolf yesterday aint_no_life_nowhere Aug 2014 #24
I just do not think the amplified hate of one not vital to the process man should hold up peace. Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #25
So DU has vapors when an obsure American blogger posts on the Times of Israel site hack89 Aug 2014 #30
I doubt that peace will be held up as a result of a Wolf Blitzer interview aint_no_life_nowhere Aug 2014 #35
Then why amplify his voice? The whole piece had to be seen to put this in context, the context of Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #37
It is complex, I know. Takes a wee bit of study. For those that can keep pace: Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #3
Because nothing of the sort was directed at Netanyahu. WinkyDink Aug 2014 #4
. MohRokTah Aug 2014 #8
Clearly you missed the hack on The Cycle yesterday malaise Aug 2014 #9
Why do people not see through the obvious propaganda, malaise, why are people so intent on Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #10
Laziness and indifference malaise Aug 2014 #11
When children are killed, piled up like cordwood, they still remain lazy and indifferent..I may hurl Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #12
As long as it's not their children malaise Aug 2014 #14
That Was Not An Accident, Ma'am: That Was a Crime The Magistrate Aug 2014 #16
We know that malaise Aug 2014 #17
I Understand That, Ma'am The Magistrate Aug 2014 #21
You stated it very well Sir malaise Aug 2014 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #18
Your words should be copied and put into the war crime indictment for this act of terror. Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #19
Correct Sir, and thank you for saying it. bemildred Aug 2014 #23
And In This Context, Sir 'Not Giving a Shit' Is Low Enough And then Some.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #38
Quite enough, on both sides, yes. bemildred Aug 2014 #40
Seriously Iamthetruth Aug 2014 #26
Seriously, no one is defending anyone, but no one is discussing that both sides agree civilian death Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #28
Hamas lover! Capt. Obvious Aug 2014 #33
You're defending not only Hamas but the age-old slander of the blood libel. You're sick. nt Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2014 #29
I guess it would be "fair and balanced" if they also had this woman on their show arikara Aug 2014 #42
I strongly disagree. GeorgeGist Aug 2014 #43
I liked how they brought out Dan Rather, complained about how they, CNN were ever so being Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #44
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