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sabrina 1

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31. I am so afraid that this issue will just go away, as it did so many other times when it seemed
Tue Aug 26, 2014, 04:26 PM
Aug 2014

like it would not. For a while, there is enormous focus while the media is there, and then nothing more until the next time, which is inevitable until some serious actions are taken. That won't happen without a whole lot of support and a continuation of the focus on what truly is a huge issue.

So I am very grateful to people, like you, who is able to articulate so well what the issues are. And I am happy to support your efforts as much as possible. This, eg, should have hundreds of recs on a Dem forum.

So here's another for those who havein't seen it yet.

We the 'People of Ferguson' [View all] bigtree Aug 2014 OP
K&R csziggy Aug 2014 #1
thanks, csziggy bigtree Aug 2014 #3
Recommended panader0 Aug 2014 #2
thanks, panader0 bigtree Aug 2014 #4
K&R ReRe Aug 2014 #5
Yes, indeed. n/t think4yourself Aug 2014 #6
thanks, think4yourself bigtree Aug 2014 #15
thanks, ReRe bigtree Aug 2014 #10
Thank you for this great summary. As I think back in history I realize that demonstrations like this jwirr Aug 2014 #7
very good point, jwirr bigtree Aug 2014 #11
Thank you, bigtree. Kicked and recommended. Enthusiast Aug 2014 #8
thank you, Enthusiast, for echoing that bigtree Aug 2014 #12
right here with you, bigtree hopemountain Aug 2014 #9
what an amazingly frightening experience that must have been, hopemountain bigtree Aug 2014 #13
Thank you for sharing your story, hopemountain. Enthusiast Aug 2014 #22
What a frightening story, hopemountain. This should NEVER happen in a country that sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #26
REC! SammyWinstonJack Aug 2014 #14
thx, SWJ! bigtree Aug 2014 #16
kick bigtree Aug 2014 #17
. bigtree Aug 2014 #18
. bigtree Aug 2014 #19
: bigtree Aug 2014 #20
Thank you for all your posts about Ferguson. greatlaurel Aug 2014 #21
greatlaurel bigtree Aug 2014 #25
I agree, your OP IS an 'outstanding post'. I hope you continue to write here on this issue sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #27
thanks, sabrina bigtree Aug 2014 #30
I am so afraid that this issue will just go away, as it did so many other times when it seemed sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #31
Thank you for your tirelessness and dedication etherealtruth Aug 2014 #23
thanks, etherealtruth bigtree Aug 2014 #24
k&r marym625 Aug 2014 #28
thank you, Mary bigtree Aug 2014 #29
Not a problem marym625 Aug 2014 #32
I suppose it's too late marym625 Sep 2014 #33
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