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55. Gee, thanks
Sat Apr 14, 2012, 01:31 PM
Apr 2012

"I wish we could get that on the news to all the sheeples out there with their heads in the sand or up their asses watching Faux News."

This is where studying Zappa for 41 years can pay off. The simple answer is that WE CAN GET THIS NEWS OUT TO THE SHEEPLE by simply following Zappa's credo for his career.



Franks artistic efforts were littered with things that failed. Sabotaged collaborations and projects with incredible potential - playing a concert for the Vatican, for one, being asked by Bob Dylan personally to produce an album for another. Mounting an on-broadway play for another. Running for President for another, Getting permission from the Beatles in 1968 to use a satire version of the Sgt. Pepper album cover for another. (They refused so the inside pic of the Mothers in drag was used as the outside) The break-up of the third leg of the 1988 tour for another.

My paltry efforts to whack American sheeple over the head with our creeping fascism is simply to continue to strive to be objective and reasonably well informed. Engage anybody that indicates a willingness to have a discussion about "current affairs", bumper stickers, lawn signs, Democratic Town Committee Meetings, involvement in town boards and commissions, contributing to heroic politicians like Grayson and E. Warren, dogging my Congressman when ever he is holding meetings in our district, and lastly, preaching to the choir on DU. (I also do it because I like to write and it helps collect my thoughts. It is a lot of fun to write stuff that you know at least some people will read. The internet rawks and I seem to be a little OCD about internet message boards)

I haven't changed a single thing that I can see so far, but, you got to stand for what you believe. I do get some satisfaction about going to John Larson's engagements and standing up and telling him I would have preferred a Mafia Godfather in the White House to GW Bush, because at least the people that run the Mafia are smart. (West Hartford Town Hall, 2003, before the Iraq invasion even began)

I do have to practice this Zappa wisdom more in my own life - I just turned 58 and I got a staggering bucket list I better get going on.

I do have to get the time and courage to visit an OCCUPY event, so as to stand for what I believe by possibly getting arrested and sexual humiliated by the police for exercising my Constitutional Right to peaceably assemble with the brave people of OCCUPY.

Here's one thing I did that changed nothing other than being true to myself. I carried a 24" by 24" sign at the September 10, 2009 Tea Party Rally at the Hartford Capital that read:


(It should have been TEA PARTIERS instead of BAGGERS, as this was the time when they started to realize that their name was also a synonym for a sexual act. It was unintentional disrespect on my part and all people deserve respect.)

I was the only counter-protestor on the grounds that I could see, and it wasn't pleasant, but, part of my beliefs are that us bottom 99% have a lot more in common than our differences, and both sides have to come together as the bottom 99% to overthrow the tyranny of the Top 1%. Our country came to be in part to escape tyranny, so in these times it helps to turn to our Founding Fathers and their intentions to provide all of us for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (In the words of Dr. Phil; "Hey, America, how's that American Dream workin' out for yah?)

-90% Jimmy

PS - one thing I don't do is write local newspapers. I don't even read them, but, maybe I should at least pick one up now and then. A guy at work brings in his local paper (I work 40 miles from home) and it's actually got some neat stuff in it, these newspapers.

now, get off the net and back to the bucket list, Jim!

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Dressage = Your horse is a very large Barbie Doll that you get to ride. TalkingDog Apr 2012 #10
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I can only speak from our own relative. Both of them ended up in wheelchairs and ended up in bed. southernyankeebelle Apr 2012 #34
If Mitt and Ann shared the wealth (ho, ho, ho) every American could have home help. aquart Apr 2012 #44
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Mittens can't shine the shoes of a JFK. The Kennedly clan always gave back to the working southernyankeebelle Apr 2012 #56
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Lots of hard jobs out there, and Ann hasn't done a one of them. Being a mother with out a nanny midnight Apr 2012 #37
K&R SunSeeker Apr 2012 #40
Love the Rude One. aquart Apr 2012 #43
I really hate it when folks on our side attack family members. It makes us look bad. crazyjoe Apr 2012 #46
"Does this epithet make me look bad?" "Be truthful…. 12AngryBorneoWildmen Apr 2012 #49
it makes you look uneducated, stupid, and irrelevant. just sayin.... crazyjoe May 2012 #62
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Ms. Rmoney probably hasnt "worked" a day in her life. rhett o rick Apr 2012 #59
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