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8. Rachel's first book is about this
Sun Apr 15, 2012, 10:10 AM
Apr 2012

The current state of American War conduct kind of reminds me of an original Star Trek episode where there were two planets at perpetual war. Each side would march the required victim count into the death chamber. Made it invisible.

Captain Kirk advised them to do it the old fashioned way - hand to hand combat by the masses. Get the war up close and inconvenient for all. That will stop it quick!

I am utterly amazed by people like Santorum, that denigrate Obama for being ANTI-WAR. Well, if you're a decent educated compassionate human being, it's a moral imperative to be anti war. duhhhhh.

War as just another instrument in the foreign policy tool bag is obscene.

Our World Leaders opening debating nuking Iran is also obscene. In these times We the People must fear our leaders. They're stupid venal aggressive idiots that like to shoot first and ask questions later - WITH FUCKING NUCLEAR BOMBS!

WAR IS HELL. Seek out any veteran of the last ten years. They'll be able to tell you how much it sucks. Two recent examples in my life I didn't exactlyu have to hunt down to find out about -a votec kid at work has a cousin messed up from having to kill a little girl that came after his platoon with bombs strapped to her chest. I know another woman that has a boyfriend that flipped his Humvee and lost his long term memory. Permanent Ground Hog's Day for the poor guy. Hell on earth, pure and simple.

Not to mention multiple deployments. That's treating our brave volunteers like animals! It's also extremely unprecedented in American history, except perhaps the Civil and Revolutionary Wars?

Is it true that there's soldiers out there that have had twelve deployments to our war zones? Simple mathematical probabilities make that a suicide mission!

-90% Jimmy
It's sad, how our military folks are so often taken for granted... JFN1 Apr 2012 #1
Taken for granted by whom? SydBAThule Apr 2012 #2
By family and friends... JFN1 Apr 2012 #4
Veterinarian or veteran? Robb Apr 2012 #9
I was talking to a soldier in a bar outside of Fort Bragg. Hissyspit Apr 2012 #3
What do you mean? Doctor_J Apr 2012 #10
Time to bring them home. baldguy Apr 2012 #5
Absolutely. JFN1 Apr 2012 #6
Long, long past actually. Hissyspit Apr 2012 #7
Rachel's first book is about this 90-percent Apr 2012 #8
"It's also extremely unprecedented in American history, " dixiegrrrrl Apr 2012 #11
K&R! countryjake Apr 2012 #12
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