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11. Just what the hell did Frank Zappa have to do with all this?
Sun Nov 9, 2014, 01:01 PM
Nov 2014

"But Zappa has a lesser known legacy: He inspired revolutions." - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/news/legends-and-legacies/frank-zappa-revolutionary/1726/#sthash.Kz7PoSWQ.dpuf

As Frank has been an inspiration in my life, apparently he was also an inspiration to people in oppressive Communist Countries yearning for freedom. He did not know until decades later he helped inspire what it took to "watch communism die".

Just a pertinent and little known piece of info about my hero.

-90% Jimmy

If only Gorbachev could have remained at the helm. randome Nov 2014 #1
It would have been better, no doubt DFW Nov 2014 #3
Thank you, my dear DFW, for your vivid story! You were there! CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2014 #2
It was an astounding event DFW Nov 2014 #4
I've said it before- Thank you for taking us along to this significant time in history. NBachers Nov 2014 #5
It's very difficult to convey verbally DFW Nov 2014 #7
Interesting, thank you.. 2banon Nov 2014 #6
Thank you for this moving story.. and history keeps happening: Voice for Peace Nov 2014 #8
"The activists also called upon Palestinians to unite and take part in the battle for Jerusalem" DFW Nov 2014 #9
The Germans accomplished it without a battle because the guards were ordered to stand down Scootaloo Nov 2014 #20
There is an interview going on right now with the main guard at the first border crossing to fall DFW Nov 2014 #30
Same difference, really Scootaloo Nov 2014 #31
One shot would have resulted in a very damaged border guard DFW Nov 2014 #33
It's in instance of groupthink Scootaloo Nov 2014 #35
but lots of shots had been fired, for many years.. looking ahead, one day all these walls come down. Voice for Peace Nov 2014 #22
what an incredible thrill to be an eyewitness to this rurallib Nov 2014 #10
Just what the hell did Frank Zappa have to do with all this? 90-percent Nov 2014 #11
Thanks, great article! Jim Lane Nov 2014 #16
We've forgotten what a momentous event this was mcar Nov 2014 #12
You are 100% correct DFW Nov 2014 #15
(If only we could think of Citizens United as our own Berlin Wall, and push it over.........) lastlib Nov 2014 #13
You read my mind DFW Nov 2014 #14
DFW Diclotican Nov 2014 #17
I got chills all over again reading your first-hand account.... Hekate Nov 2014 #18
Don't forget the Democrats put the Marshall Plan in place itsrobert Nov 2014 #19
Not exactly... MattSh Nov 2014 #24
They were losing people to the West, because the West was recovering itsrobert Nov 2014 #26
Thank you so much for... ReRe Nov 2014 #21
Wow. Brigid Nov 2014 #23
My wife is German DFW Nov 2014 #37
I remember, it was one of those "sit and stare in front of the TV" moments shenmue Nov 2014 #25
kick Liberal_in_LA Nov 2014 #27
hi my friend, hope you and your family are doing well ! steve2470 Nov 2014 #28
Oh, we're chugging along DFW Nov 2014 #36
Oh, I thought you meant: grahamhgreen Nov 2014 #29
An unusual thing happened to the tapes of a West german TV reporter filming at Bornholmer Strasse DFW Nov 2014 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author moondust Nov 2014 #34
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