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12. A huge mistake?
Mon Dec 15, 2014, 10:23 AM
Dec 2014

It's only a huge mistake if you think the POWERS THAT BE that actually run America have any interest what so ever in maintaining the USA as a Democratic Republic as envisioned by the founding fathers and maintained thusly from 1776 to around 1980 or so.

The utter dismantling of our Democracy began in earnest on September 11, 2001. That's when the PTB's decided it was all clear to turn the USA into a totalitarian fascist police state.

They rolled out THE PATRIOT ACT and signed it into law in less than EIGHT WEEKS after 9-11 happened! Our Fascists have foresight, don't they?

Do any DU mates know of any source that can provide an accurate inventory of how many of our Constitutional Rights have been nullified since 9-11? It's a damn shame we've lost so many of them, considering the millions of servicemen we lost in all those Wars that died defending the American Way of Life. Their service was all for naught. We gave away everything they sacrificed for so the PTB's could "keep us safe". I only wish the PTB's were equally earnest keeping us safe from cancer, heart disease, suicide, murder, auto accidents, and all the other deadly hazards out there that kill 2.5 million American's per year. (We're all going to die someday. My point is there's natural causes of death and preventable causes of death. If a lot of mortality in America is preventable, then why isn't our HELL-BENT-ON-KEEPING-US-ALL-SAFE Government also do something to bring that number down by means other than warrentless wiretapping or a militarized police force?)

And while I'm ranting, a little item that has slipped down the memory hole. To this day, I contend that only perhaps .1% of all Americans even know that GWB was business partners with one of Osama's older brothers?


To be fair to GWB, Osama and Salem's dad had a lot of wives and produced a lot more siblings for Osama than usual, so that increases the probability that any of us would associate with Bin Laden family members. And the Bin Laden family that found themselves in the USA immediately after 9-11 were the only people in the United States allowed to use U.S. airspace in the days immediately following 9-11. I want to know who in our government made that happen and why did they do it?

-90% Jimmy

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A huge mistake? 90-percent Dec 2014 #12
Bushes, bin Ladens, Carlyle Group Octafish Dec 2014 #14
GREAT post that should be an OP! hifiguy Dec 2014 #19
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I dare you to xpost this in the BOG. R. Daneel Olivaw Dec 2014 #3
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I just did RobertEarl Dec 2014 #6
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This torture report has really back the Obama defenders into a corner. rhett o rick Dec 2014 #21
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I consider it the cold hard truth. R. Daneel Olivaw Dec 2014 #29
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You know, there really is no Santa. R. Daneel Olivaw Dec 2014 #34
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And the Obama's will live charmed lives. Luminous Animal Dec 2014 #8
Exactly. grahamhgreen Dec 2014 #10
Nailed it... Rhythm Dec 2014 #11
Question is ...how much did Obama know about it over the last 6 years. L0oniX Dec 2014 #13
We all knew libodem Dec 2014 #15
Well at least Hillary didn't know ... ... ...or did she? L0oniX Dec 2014 #16
He knew and did his best to cover it up lark Dec 2014 #18
"He just ensured that this will happen again" woo me with science Dec 2014 #32
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That comic illustrates the very real connection between the torture and other violent law Bluenorthwest Dec 2014 #26
Your perception of my political leanings is irrelevant ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2014 #27
Excellent post. woo me with science Dec 2014 #33
I doubt all 170 people rec'ing this are liberals but thanks anyways. Rex Dec 2014 #35
And it doesn't even cover the rape and breaking of bones, woo me with science Dec 2014 #20
Since I can't 'like' your post, I'll just add, "Amen" duhneece Dec 2014 #24
If the President continues to soft-sell torture, it won't set well historically. rhett o rick Dec 2014 #22
Hey, there have been indictments. Holder has faithfully truedelphi Dec 2014 #25
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Our President stopped the torture heaven05 Dec 2014 #39
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