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scary stuff indeed nt steve2470 Sep 2015 #1
hunger is the cause I am sure. They are going to disappear in the wild long before 2050 roguevalley Sep 2015 #18
yes I'm sure steve2470 Sep 2015 #19
The researchers ARE polar bear food! randome Sep 2015 #61
The two bears are talking HassleCat Sep 2015 #2
I hope that door is strong enough to hold back bears Liberal_in_LA Sep 2015 #3
And I counter with 1 word. uppityperson Sep 2015 #8
yeah. Perhaps they can form a barrier with that ladder. McGiver time! Liberal_in_LA Sep 2015 #39
OH NO YOU DIDN'T Skittles Sep 2015 #5
"But then we'd be hungry again in half hour. I prefer Russian." longship Sep 2015 #12
its sad to be a polar bear... yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #33
Beat me to it. I was going to say: freshwest Sep 2015 #48
Cool Story Go Vols Sep 2015 #4
maybe they should try to get them drunk snooper2 Sep 2015 #6
Yeah, but if they do that.... A HERETIC I AM Sep 2015 #10
Ya know how much vodka it takes to get polar bears drunk? meow2u3 Sep 2015 #44
I get hungry when I'm drunk. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2015 #56
Scratch 'em behind the ears...they love that brooklynite Sep 2015 #7
I don't think there is a mammal alive that doesn't A HERETIC I AM Sep 2015 #46
Stephen Colbert tried to warn us! KeepItReal Sep 2015 #9
Interesting that in 2015 people have to trek a hundred yarda pipoman Sep 2015 #11
It's not wise to be in polar bear country without a rifle. Marrah_G Sep 2015 #13
From the looks of that cabin, bvar22 Sep 2015 #25
If they get hungry they will eat a human. Marrah_G Sep 2015 #42
Any bear will do that. bvar22 Sep 2015 #47
What about bear spray? Fantastic Anarchist Sep 2015 #64
My father took a Honda Goldwing awoke_in_2003 Sep 2015 #67
I hope those bears will be ok. cwydro Sep 2015 #14
What if they only want a Coca-Cola? Oneironaut Sep 2015 #15
Or a Zero bar? Art_from_Ark Sep 2015 #54
Just give the bears what they want sarisataka Sep 2015 #16
at the risk of perpetuating negative stereotypes Bucky Sep 2015 #17
just saw your post...scrollup.. yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #35
It's not Pooh Bear.... Brother Buzz Sep 2015 #59
POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooh! yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #65
Give the Bears what they want? bvar22 Sep 2015 #26
in case you're dying of curiosity where Vaygach Island is.... steve2470 Sep 2015 #20
How about a fresh pig or cow carcass dropped about a mile away? TwilightGardener Sep 2015 #21
+1 nt steve2470 Sep 2015 #22
Or fish KamaAina Sep 2015 #32
Poor Piggies Marty McGraw Sep 2015 #36
Let's hold the next GOP debate outside that hut ProudToBeBlueInRhody Sep 2015 #23
Hmm. Are we sure these are scientists and not Putin opponents? lostnfound Sep 2015 #24
What did the poor bears sarisataka Sep 2015 #28
Hehehe! Excellent choice! freshwest Sep 2015 #49
Sounds like "Zoo" James Patterson, also on CBS at the moment. Animals turn against us randys1 Sep 2015 #27
My first thought as well! femmocrat Sep 2015 #30
LOL., my son read the book and told me about it so I am watching the series randys1 Sep 2015 #31
The book and the series are both really good :) Marrah_G Sep 2015 #57
Aren't there any dentists they could call for help? Helen Borg Sep 2015 #29
Sorry- ruffburr Sep 2015 #34
The researchers are not their enemy. WinkyDink Sep 2015 #38
I'm sure- ruffburr Sep 2015 #41
They heard there were Historic NY Sep 2015 #37
Oh, no. I didn't see your post. freshwest Sep 2015 #50
Without rifles? WTF? Brickbat Sep 2015 #40
Such a "base under siege" scenario is very familiar to Doctor Who fans. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #43
The bears are pissed at all members of mankind for fucking up their world. Stinky The Clown Sep 2015 #45
I have to say, polar bears really are beautiful animals steve2470 Sep 2015 #51
Get out the boom box and blare some Beiber at them. MADem Sep 2015 #52
add Nickelback to that mix and they will NEVER come back! steve2470 Sep 2015 #53
They're hungry. AtomicKitten Sep 2015 #55
How do you know? Maybe they're thirsty. randome Sep 2015 #62
No coke. Pepsi. AtomicKitten Sep 2015 #63
Most unwise greytdemocrat Sep 2015 #58
Well, they were there first...and with global warming... joeybee12 Sep 2015 #60
I hope both bears and humans end up OK lunatica Sep 2015 #66
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