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George II

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38. It's not "the police", it's the system (as has been said elsewhere here) and SOME police...
Fri Jul 8, 2016, 11:47 AM
Jul 2016

...who have created this and/or allowed it to escalate.

As noted several times over the last day, the Dallas Police Department is one of the best in the country with respect to working with the communities, ALL communities. So it's not "the police" in Dallas that caused that horrible ambush last night.

We have to stop generalizing, on both sides. The average citizen has to stop acting like all police officers are bad, and the police have to stop acting like all citizens, most notably black citizens, are bad.

I disagree - not just the police but the entire judicial system malaise Jul 2016 #1
Proof Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #30
We should not frazzled Jul 2016 #2
^^this^^ +1000. The most reasoned response yet today. nt jonno99 Jul 2016 #5
I agree rollin74 Jul 2016 #7
The police officers most certainly ban together FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #8
Their unions enforce that circle, but that is not to say frazzled Jul 2016 #9
Sadly all of this would be moot should the SCOTUS rethink their decision FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #10
you mean moot, not mute... snooper2 Jul 2016 #16
When are all the other good officers puffy socks Jul 2016 #28
I watched the video on Facebook... Blanks Jul 2016 #82
Good point, it inspires the "occupying army" attitude when they live elsewhere arcane1 Jul 2016 #84
In other words you want to get rid of cops inn bad areas NobodyHere Jul 2016 #113
If that's the end result, yeah... Blanks Jul 2016 #114
That is a great point and she is definitely on to something. AgadorSparticus Jul 2016 #118
that's what i'm saying barbtries Jul 2016 #14
They're the enforcers fot the capitalist status quo. AKA: just another KingCharlemagne Jul 2016 #47
I'm sure there are cops who are decent people Bettie Jul 2016 #11
I agree that the code of silence is the first thing that needs to be broken frazzled Jul 2016 #15
Furguson FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #18
That woman and precious few like her Bettie Jul 2016 #23
"I'm sure there are Muslims who are decent people" B2G Jul 2016 #21
If you know that your neighbor, coworker, relative Bettie Jul 2016 #24
Well done (n/t) leftynyc Jul 2016 #48
Muslims, by law, don't have near impunity in regards to killing other humans cops do and we've uponit7771 Jul 2016 #92
... cwydro Jul 2016 #120
News Flash for Bettie: The Dallas murder victims were not in St. Paul or Baton Rouge police force. Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #53
You'd think they could lay off the cop bashing B2G Jul 2016 #58
We'd be glad to stop bashing cops if they'd stop killing innocent people. lark Jul 2016 #79
All cops kill innocents? Bash all cops? Or just bash the illegal killer cops (and their leadership)? Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #119
I do lump all the "good cop" using the blue shield to cover up and protect the bad ones. Statistical Jul 2016 #13
Agreed. Painting everyone with the same brush is what got us into this problem. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2016 #20
How about being granted powers no man can ethically wield FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #34
Yep! Get rid of the racist sociopaths in their ranks brush Jul 2016 #29
We really need to stop with the "bad cops" trope. Act_of_Reparation Jul 2016 #37
But I hope you agree that frazzled Jul 2016 #46
Of course I agree. Act_of_Reparation Jul 2016 #50
A-friggin'-men! So spot on! Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #40
+10000% nt clarice Jul 2016 #43
I totally agree! Lumping all Black males together is wrong and lumping all police together is wrong redstatebluegirl Jul 2016 #59
I would add drug testing all officers. Delmette Jul 2016 #69
That fell apart for me loyalsister Jul 2016 #72
He's not indicting all individual cops, he's indicting the collective system. There's a difference. MillennialDem Jul 2016 #75
.+1 840high Jul 2016 #78
I disagree. You are trying to compare apples to oranges. avebury Jul 2016 #87
+1, its the laws that allow for the blue wall... cops get near impunity related to killing folk uponit7771 Jul 2016 #93
Training and integration. Ilsa Jul 2016 #89
Unnnn, the OP is not saying ALL cops are bad just they have near impunity in regards to killing folk uponit7771 Jul 2016 #91
Most every one of your posts ends with 'I will get banned for this' emulatorloo Jul 2016 #3
Trying to grasp moral legal issues is not one of your strong points FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #4
So you've been banned from DU then? I did not know that! emulatorloo Jul 2016 #22
LOL still_one Jul 2016 #6
Can you point to the specific actions undertaken by the shot/dead cops that support your premise? Dreamer Tatum Jul 2016 #12
+100000000% clarice Jul 2016 #44
Thanks for the post puffy socks Jul 2016 #73
So there are NO laws that give them near impunity? Where have you been for the last 5 years? uponit7771 Jul 2016 #95
Please cite for me the specific impunities on the part of these cops that the Dallas shooter(s) Dreamer Tatum Jul 2016 #96
You asked for specific actions of the DPD but the OP is relating the near impunity LE are afforded uponit7771 Jul 2016 #98
What is the appropriate number of police officers that should be killed, Nye Bevan Jul 2016 #17
Really - that is what you grasped out of the discussion FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #19
Did you even read the OP? liberalmuse Jul 2016 #27
So why did the OP (1) apologize for the post, (2) expect that he/she would be banned from DU for it, Nye Bevan Jul 2016 #31
Obviously after last night it is a very sensitive subject FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #36
Images and news of police killing people indiscriminately could be a factor. lark Jul 2016 #81
Uh, no, you're wrong. The five cops killed were trying to DE-escalate violence. MohRokTah Jul 2016 #25
Unfortunately for the Dallas cops killed, the shooter was reacting to all the cop murders, . . . brush Jul 2016 #35
What a bunch of excuse making bullshit melman Jul 2016 #55
Excuse at what? You disagree with getting rid of violent, sociopath cops? brush Jul 2016 #65
So then they've been standing up for all puffy socks Jul 2016 #77
K&R.. coco77 Jul 2016 #26
Opening fire on the nearest available cops because OTHER cops murdered people... Lizzie Poppet Jul 2016 #32
If only you had actually read the Op FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #39
Oh, I read it. Lizzie Poppet Jul 2016 #41
Yeah, it's almost like they're being profiled... Jester Messiah Jul 2016 #76
What did the people killed do to deserve death? Democat Jul 2016 #33
It's not "the police", it's the system (as has been said elsewhere here) and SOME police... George II Jul 2016 #38
Your last sentence nails it. brush Jul 2016 #42
What is wrong with 1 Strike FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #49
I agree with 1 strike if it's a killing. brush Jul 2016 #52
"he had a bad day" - what about the person who is dead because of it FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #57
I have no problem with ousting killer cops brush Jul 2016 #61
But when any PD tries to fire a bad apple, the police union forces the PD to put him back tblue37 Jul 2016 #86
There's got to be a way to get rid of the bad apples brush Jul 2016 #97
They need to negotiate more reasonable contracts with the cops. As it stands now, tblue37 Jul 2016 #104
What planet are you from?. nt clarice Jul 2016 #45
Perhaps you should research the standard more. It's not saying, "I was in fear." Derp X_Digger Jul 2016 #51
Try reading over at the Police Chief's Website FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #63
Dear, I have read all the SCOTUS decisions, I can quote them, as well as state law. Try again. n/t X_Digger Jul 2016 #68
Seriously spouting disinformation at DU doesn't do you cause any good FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #70
You want information, here have some. I expect a full apology. X_Digger Jul 2016 #83
What a fucking joke FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #108
So.. you got nothing.. as expected. X_Digger Jul 2016 #109
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #110
Feel free to dig up something.. anything.. that backs up your assertion. So far, all I've seen is.. X_Digger Jul 2016 #111
Perhaps, but all this action will do is futher entrench them. Lancero Jul 2016 #54
Pre-judging all based on a few is Prejudice & Bigotry. As bad on "police" as on Blacks or Muslims.nt Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #56
Its not the people - its the law FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #60
Except your OP does NOT blame the law. You blame the "police". Edit your title then. . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #64
I most certainly do FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #66
You can't have it both ways. Can't NOT BLAME the police but also BLAME the police. Edit your title. Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #71
Not too difficult to grasp 2 realities FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #74
Now you say "the police officers". You mean the ones killed in Dallas? Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #80
Near impunity in regards to killing other humans is NOT just a few, its afforded LEOs nationwide... uponit7771 Jul 2016 #100
So, what's the percentage? 50? 90? 99? 100? Are 100% of cops bad guys who abuse over & over again? Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #102
No, its .0001 and that's way too much NOT to be held accountable. The laws that give near impunity uponit7771 Jul 2016 #103
Prob more than .0001, but hold THEM to the fire, NOT ALL cops. Yes, hold the leadership accountable. Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #106
Until the Code of Silence that exists among the great majority of NoMoreRepugs Jul 2016 #62
When your lies become the truth you only have yourself to blame nolabels Jul 2016 #67
The police unions need to be cut down to size. Odin2005 Jul 2016 #85
Totally agree with you. nt avebury Jul 2016 #88
Police Shoot Chihuahua's Claiming A Threat billhicks76 Jul 2016 #90
I'm with you on this 100% lillypaddle Jul 2016 #94
Police have been pushing people for years Calculating Jul 2016 #99
when are cops gonna get that they need to police themselves against bad cops? fuck the thin blue pansypoo53219 Jul 2016 #101
How is it possible for an armed policeman to be in fear for his life when he confronts an Cal33 Jul 2016 #105
Yet 20 - 33% of ALL police shootings are Unarmed Victims FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #107
You mean like this that happened today? Bonx Jul 2016 #112
There have even been children as young as 12, who have been shot by policemen. I read Cal33 Jul 2016 #115
stereotyping sucks, unless the subject is LEO Skittles Jul 2016 #116
But, if afraid of a camera and an unarmed man, FIND A NEW LINE OF WORK. eom Festivito Jul 2016 #117
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