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I disagree - not just the police but the entire judicial system malaise Jul 2016 #1
Proof Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #30
We should not frazzled Jul 2016 #2
^^this^^ +1000. The most reasoned response yet today. nt jonno99 Jul 2016 #5
I agree rollin74 Jul 2016 #7
The police officers most certainly ban together FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #8
Their unions enforce that circle, but that is not to say frazzled Jul 2016 #9
Sadly all of this would be moot should the SCOTUS rethink their decision FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #10
you mean moot, not mute... snooper2 Jul 2016 #16
When are all the other good officers puffy socks Jul 2016 #28
I watched the video on Facebook... Blanks Jul 2016 #82
Good point, it inspires the "occupying army" attitude when they live elsewhere arcane1 Jul 2016 #84
In other words you want to get rid of cops inn bad areas NobodyHere Jul 2016 #113
If that's the end result, yeah... Blanks Jul 2016 #114
That is a great point and she is definitely on to something. AgadorSparticus Jul 2016 #118
that's what i'm saying barbtries Jul 2016 #14
They're the enforcers fot the capitalist status quo. AKA: just another KingCharlemagne Jul 2016 #47
I'm sure there are cops who are decent people Bettie Jul 2016 #11
I agree that the code of silence is the first thing that needs to be broken frazzled Jul 2016 #15
Furguson FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #18
That woman and precious few like her Bettie Jul 2016 #23
"I'm sure there are Muslims who are decent people" B2G Jul 2016 #21
If you know that your neighbor, coworker, relative Bettie Jul 2016 #24
Well done (n/t) leftynyc Jul 2016 #48
Muslims, by law, don't have near impunity in regards to killing other humans cops do and we've uponit7771 Jul 2016 #92
... cwydro Jul 2016 #120
News Flash for Bettie: The Dallas murder victims were not in St. Paul or Baton Rouge police force. Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #53
You'd think they could lay off the cop bashing B2G Jul 2016 #58
We'd be glad to stop bashing cops if they'd stop killing innocent people. lark Jul 2016 #79
All cops kill innocents? Bash all cops? Or just bash the illegal killer cops (and their leadership)? Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #119
I do lump all the "good cop" using the blue shield to cover up and protect the bad ones. Statistical Jul 2016 #13
Agreed. Painting everyone with the same brush is what got us into this problem. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2016 #20
How about being granted powers no man can ethically wield FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #34
Yep! Get rid of the racist sociopaths in their ranks brush Jul 2016 #29
We really need to stop with the "bad cops" trope. Act_of_Reparation Jul 2016 #37
But I hope you agree that frazzled Jul 2016 #46
Of course I agree. Act_of_Reparation Jul 2016 #50
A-friggin'-men! So spot on! Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #40
+10000% nt clarice Jul 2016 #43
I totally agree! Lumping all Black males together is wrong and lumping all police together is wrong redstatebluegirl Jul 2016 #59
I would add drug testing all officers. Delmette Jul 2016 #69
That fell apart for me loyalsister Jul 2016 #72
He's not indicting all individual cops, he's indicting the collective system. There's a difference. MillennialDem Jul 2016 #75
.+1 840high Jul 2016 #78
I disagree. You are trying to compare apples to oranges. avebury Jul 2016 #87
+1, its the laws that allow for the blue wall... cops get near impunity related to killing folk uponit7771 Jul 2016 #93
Training and integration. Ilsa Jul 2016 #89
Unnnn, the OP is not saying ALL cops are bad just they have near impunity in regards to killing folk uponit7771 Jul 2016 #91
Most every one of your posts ends with 'I will get banned for this' emulatorloo Jul 2016 #3
Trying to grasp moral legal issues is not one of your strong points FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #4
So you've been banned from DU then? I did not know that! emulatorloo Jul 2016 #22
LOL still_one Jul 2016 #6
Can you point to the specific actions undertaken by the shot/dead cops that support your premise? Dreamer Tatum Jul 2016 #12
+100000000% clarice Jul 2016 #44
Thanks for the post puffy socks Jul 2016 #73
So there are NO laws that give them near impunity? Where have you been for the last 5 years? uponit7771 Jul 2016 #95
Please cite for me the specific impunities on the part of these cops that the Dallas shooter(s) Dreamer Tatum Jul 2016 #96
You asked for specific actions of the DPD but the OP is relating the near impunity LE are afforded uponit7771 Jul 2016 #98
What is the appropriate number of police officers that should be killed, Nye Bevan Jul 2016 #17
Really - that is what you grasped out of the discussion FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #19
Did you even read the OP? liberalmuse Jul 2016 #27
So why did the OP (1) apologize for the post, (2) expect that he/she would be banned from DU for it, Nye Bevan Jul 2016 #31
Obviously after last night it is a very sensitive subject FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #36
Images and news of police killing people indiscriminately could be a factor. lark Jul 2016 #81
Uh, no, you're wrong. The five cops killed were trying to DE-escalate violence. MohRokTah Jul 2016 #25
Unfortunately for the Dallas cops killed, the shooter was reacting to all the cop murders, . . . brush Jul 2016 #35
What a bunch of excuse making bullshit melman Jul 2016 #55
Excuse at what? You disagree with getting rid of violent, sociopath cops? brush Jul 2016 #65
So then they've been standing up for all puffy socks Jul 2016 #77
K&R.. coco77 Jul 2016 #26
Opening fire on the nearest available cops because OTHER cops murdered people... Lizzie Poppet Jul 2016 #32
If only you had actually read the Op FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #39
Oh, I read it. Lizzie Poppet Jul 2016 #41
Yeah, it's almost like they're being profiled... Jester Messiah Jul 2016 #76
What did the people killed do to deserve death? Democat Jul 2016 #33
It's not "the police", it's the system (as has been said elsewhere here) and SOME police... George II Jul 2016 #38
Your last sentence nails it. brush Jul 2016 #42
What is wrong with 1 Strike FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #49
I agree with 1 strike if it's a killing. brush Jul 2016 #52
"he had a bad day" - what about the person who is dead because of it FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #57
I have no problem with ousting killer cops brush Jul 2016 #61
But when any PD tries to fire a bad apple, the police union forces the PD to put him back tblue37 Jul 2016 #86
There's got to be a way to get rid of the bad apples brush Jul 2016 #97
They need to negotiate more reasonable contracts with the cops. As it stands now, tblue37 Jul 2016 #104
What planet are you from?. nt clarice Jul 2016 #45
Perhaps you should research the standard more. It's not saying, "I was in fear." Derp X_Digger Jul 2016 #51
Try reading over at the Police Chief's Website FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #63
Dear, I have read all the SCOTUS decisions, I can quote them, as well as state law. Try again. n/t X_Digger Jul 2016 #68
Seriously spouting disinformation at DU doesn't do you cause any good FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #70
You want information, here have some. I expect a full apology. X_Digger Jul 2016 #83
What a fucking joke FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #108
So.. you got nothing.. as expected. X_Digger Jul 2016 #109
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #110
Feel free to dig up something.. anything.. that backs up your assertion. So far, all I've seen is.. X_Digger Jul 2016 #111
Perhaps, but all this action will do is futher entrench them. Lancero Jul 2016 #54
Pre-judging all based on a few is Prejudice & Bigotry. As bad on "police" as on Blacks or Muslims.nt Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #56
Its not the people - its the law FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #60
Except your OP does NOT blame the law. You blame the "police". Edit your title then. . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #64
I most certainly do FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #66
You can't have it both ways. Can't NOT BLAME the police but also BLAME the police. Edit your title. Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #71
Not too difficult to grasp 2 realities FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #74
Now you say "the police officers". You mean the ones killed in Dallas? Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #80
Near impunity in regards to killing other humans is NOT just a few, its afforded LEOs nationwide... uponit7771 Jul 2016 #100
So, what's the percentage? 50? 90? 99? 100? Are 100% of cops bad guys who abuse over & over again? Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #102
No, its .0001 and that's way too much NOT to be held accountable. The laws that give near impunity uponit7771 Jul 2016 #103
Prob more than .0001, but hold THEM to the fire, NOT ALL cops. Yes, hold the leadership accountable. Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #106
Until the Code of Silence that exists among the great majority of NoMoreRepugs Jul 2016 #62
When your lies become the truth you only have yourself to blame nolabels Jul 2016 #67
The police unions need to be cut down to size. Odin2005 Jul 2016 #85
Totally agree with you. nt avebury Jul 2016 #88
Police Shoot Chihuahua's Claiming A Threat billhicks76 Jul 2016 #90
I'm with you on this 100% lillypaddle Jul 2016 #94
Police have been pushing people for years Calculating Jul 2016 #99
when are cops gonna get that they need to police themselves against bad cops? fuck the thin blue pansypoo53219 Jul 2016 #101
How is it possible for an armed policeman to be in fear for his life when he confronts an Cal33 Jul 2016 #105
Yet 20 - 33% of ALL police shootings are Unarmed Victims FreakinDJ Jul 2016 #107
You mean like this that happened today? Bonx Jul 2016 #112
There have even been children as young as 12, who have been shot by policemen. I read Cal33 Jul 2016 #115
stereotyping sucks, unless the subject is LEO Skittles Jul 2016 #116
But, if afraid of a camera and an unarmed man, FIND A NEW LINE OF WORK. eom Festivito Jul 2016 #117
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