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33. Of those options, the most likely is robbed at gunpoint
Tue Jul 12, 2016, 12:00 AM
Jul 2016

Unfortunately, I live in a high crime suburban area, so most items on your list aren't off the table. I try my best to take the proper precautions. Regarding cops, I'm more concerned when travelling outside metro Atlanta. Around here, I'm invisible to cops (knock on wood). From what I've witnessed in Atlanta, cops tend to stop young (black) men the most, especially if driving a dark colored sports car, or if the car is customized in a way that's super masculine, "cool" or flashy (custom rims, paint, etc).

Also, they stop you if you're riding a clunker. Ironically, they mostly ignore the people who look like they can afford random, unexpected traffic tickets.

I live in a gun humping nation Skittles Jul 2016 #1
I voted "no" b/c I didn't see "murdered at job by active shooter" Iris Jul 2016 #28
I have two choices Scootaloo Jul 2016 #2
"I am an old man," Mark Twain observed, "and have known many troubles . . . Journeyman Jul 2016 #3
I have been assaulted, and my home was burglarized. but, no, I do not worry. niyad Jul 2016 #4
Ditto (but no death threats.) elleng Jul 2016 #10
If you add Rape in there, it'd be my choice of fear uppityperson Jul 2016 #5
My home will be burglarized Duckhunter935 Jul 2016 #6
Saw a wall plague in Amish country a while back "Most things doc03 Jul 2016 #7
"out of 10 problems coming down the road, 9 will run off in the ditch before they get to you/" Ex Lurker Jul 2016 #37
I have been a victim of crime ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2016 #8
^This^ Solly Mack Jul 2016 #9
My concerns are no greater or less today than they were last week, or last month, or last year... S_B_Jackson Jul 2016 #11
No rape option? milestogo Jul 2016 #12
Not much concern, at least not enough to arm up to walk down street. Only increases odds for me Hoyt Jul 2016 #13
My house was robbed recently, while my wife & I were home... VOX Jul 2016 #14
Thieves are a big concern in my neighborhood... kentuck Jul 2016 #15
You left out rape and domestic abuse. nolabear Jul 2016 #16
True. kentuck Jul 2016 #17
Been there, done that... hunter Jul 2016 #18
Been a victim before, will be again probably Nevernose Jul 2016 #19
"Worry" isn't the word I'd use. DeadLetterOffice Jul 2016 #20
No. None of the above. panader0 Jul 2016 #21
I wouldn't say "worry"... SuperDutyTX Jul 2016 #22
Nyc is one of the safest large cities and I feel safe when I'm here La Lioness Priyanka Jul 2016 #23
I have a gun. Boudica the Lyoness Jul 2016 #24
My home was burglarized last fall. hamsterjill Jul 2016 #25
No. roody Jul 2016 #26
This is why it is important for the police to start doing something about crime scscholar Jul 2016 #27
No. Heeeeers Johnny Jul 2016 #29
Not in the least. SheilaT Jul 2016 #30
I gave up fear.... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #31
I can"t afford to really worry. Lady Freedom Returns Jul 2016 #32
Of those options, the most likely is robbed at gunpoint ecstatic Jul 2016 #33
I'm worried the .01% gwheezie Jul 2016 #34
I don't worry about it, but as I get older I think about it more. pablo_marmol Jul 2016 #35
Why worry? Either I will be or I won't be. All I can Saphire Jul 2016 #36
All and none, like most sensible middle class folks whatthehey Jul 2016 #38
I worry about being swindled. JustABozoOnThisBus Jul 2016 #39
Invasion robbery. Igel Jul 2016 #40
Shit happens. I don't spend time worrying about that kind of stuff. nt Cali_Democrat Jul 2016 #41
I've been a victim of crime multiple times this year. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #42
I only worry about being a victim when I travel within American cities HereSince1628 Jul 2016 #43
I am mostly concerned about being assaulted by vagrants near my office Sen. Walter Sobchak Jul 2016 #44
I am amazed that so many accept crime and violence as a given. kentuck Jul 2016 #45
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