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6. The stuff Mitt is made of
Thu Jun 14, 2012, 08:27 AM
Jun 2012

Every molecule of his being is the entirety of what is wrong with American Democracy all bundled into one person.

He is every country club entitled crony capitalist that has ever fucked up the lives of every working American.

Hey, all you millions of foreclosed former home owners. You want to put one face on your misery?

Rmoney, he is the epitome of all that corrodes what's left of our Democracy.

He is Kenny-boy Lay, Jamie Dimond, Lloyd Blankfein, Joe Cassano, Tony Hayward and Stephen J Hemsley recombined into one man!

Are we as a country stupid enough to elect such a monster to ruin our lives even further?

Thom Hartmann recently discussed the SUPREME COURT NOMINATIONS the next President will make. Since the SUPREMES ARE THE MOST POWERFUL BRANCH of our Federal Government, the damage even more Romney-appointed TREACHEROUS CRETINS sitting on the Court will wreak upon us is beyond comprehension.

Future children will be home schooled before they are sent off to their little 10 year old full time jobs about the quaint Constitutional Rights Americans used to enjoy before the advent of THE PERMANENT REPUBLICAN MAJORITY.

-90% Jimmy

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