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Thirties Child

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22. Twice, as a child
Sun Sep 11, 2016, 05:21 PM
Sep 2016

First time, in the first grade, while simultaneously getting a diphtheria vaccination in one arm, small pox vaccination in the other. Assume this was from panic about getting the shots, not the shots themselves. Those were my first shots - this was way before antibiotics, way before Salk, way before infant vaccinations.

Second time, in the second grade, coming down with what I now recognize as mono. Diagnosis at the time was "yellow jaundice".

Mr. Thirties faints fairly often, thanks to his excessive sweating and consequent dehydration. Apparently both too much and too little sweating can be problems.

When I heard she'd fainted at a 911 memorial, my first thought was heat exhaustion.

Ever Fainted? Here's a Poll [View all] MineralMan Sep 2016 OP
Kick this if you want to see more responses, please. MineralMan Sep 2016 #1
Of course I have, mostly as a youngster feeling invincible. uppityperson Sep 2016 #2
done trof Sep 2016 #3
I have never fainted, but I have come close a couple of times. CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2016 #4
17 years old on my second day of Basic Combat Training, Ft. Gordon GA. MohRokTah Sep 2016 #5
Heh, I fainted on the day we got all our shots in reception anoNY42 Sep 2016 #54
I have fainted several times Island Blue Sep 2016 #6
Yes, at the dog park in subzero temps after a week-long migraine spell brought on by extreme cold hlthe2b Sep 2016 #7
Me too, lots of times. Laffy Kat Sep 2016 #37
Several times. NutmegYankee Sep 2016 #8
Of course. All it means is that your circulation is a touch off for a minute. nolabear Sep 2016 #9
Vasovagal JustAnotherGen Sep 2016 #10
I fainted/collapsed due to heat -- Hell Hath No Fury Sep 2016 #11
I got up too soon librarylu Sep 2016 #12
Had to go with the more then once duncang Sep 2016 #13
Yup. KMOD Sep 2016 #14
Bad flu, dehydration, heat Liberal_in_LA Sep 2016 #19
Tennis match, mid-morning. madamesilverspurs Sep 2016 #15
I've come close. RandySF Sep 2016 #16
I never have, but my wife apparently used to faint quite a bit while in college and just after. Dr Hobbitstein Sep 2016 #17
Well actually i didn't faint, i was knocked out nolabels Sep 2016 #18
I have, twice Hayduke Bomgarte Sep 2016 #20
Yes, From Heat Me. Sep 2016 #21
Twice, as a child Thirties Child Sep 2016 #22
I keeled over into the arms of the nurse who took blood for a fasting CBC. GreenEyedLefty Sep 2016 #23
Twice. silverweb Sep 2016 #24
It is how I ended up with a badly broken arm. Out of no where, the world spun and I was down on appleannie1 Sep 2016 #25
I broke a leg on the way down Warpy Sep 2016 #28
I've only fainted on purpose. Kablooie Sep 2016 #26
I remember that teen fad! MineralMan Sep 2016 #40
Twice in college, they never figured out why. redstatebluegirl Sep 2016 #27
I live in Florida RockaFowler Sep 2016 #29
giving blood once handmade34 Sep 2016 #30
Only when giving blood...or rather after giving blood. ileus Sep 2016 #31
Yes, a reaction to LA smog. Liberty Belle Sep 2016 #32
When I was about to be hit by a toboggan full of people who had picked up speed coming down a ski hi applegrove Sep 2016 #33
No, but I had pneumonia when I was in my 20s and it took me weeks to be 100% fine. Mass Sep 2016 #34
I have not, but came close. NT Adrahil Sep 2016 #35
had pleurisy (sp?) as a kid rurallib Sep 2016 #36
I passed out from 100 degree heat 20 years ago meow2u3 Sep 2016 #38
Passed out in a hospital yuiyoshida Sep 2016 #39
No, but I've come close a couple of times. MurrayDelph Sep 2016 #41
Fainted, blacked out 2x, knocked out 3x, concussed 4x? NightWatcher Sep 2016 #42
Hey me too. I've fainted, blacked out, and been concussed a few times as well. NightWatcher Sep 2016 #43
Dude, small world, I've had a few head injuries myself. NightWatcher Sep 2016 #44
I have twice. Both incidents related to fasting CrawlingChaos Sep 2016 #45
One faint - passed out about a week after a concussion csziggy Sep 2016 #46
Noro virus. Maru Kitteh Sep 2016 #47
Yep, fainted once. It was health related. n/t Waldorf Sep 2016 #48
back in the day i fainted getting a tb skin test dembotoz Sep 2016 #49
Yes... I'm a firefighter... belcffub Sep 2016 #50
Three Times ProfessorGAC Sep 2016 #51
No, I never have, but I felt close to it a few Zing Zing Zingbah Sep 2016 #52
Who "fainted"? Sunlei Sep 2016 #53
When I got my finger smashed in a car door CanonRay Sep 2016 #55
I've never fainted OriginalGeek Sep 2016 #56
Yes, twice. MoonRiver Sep 2016 #57
Yes, once.. KK9 Sep 2016 #58
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