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1. My mother had a brief flirtation with the Communist Party in the 1930s
Sat Feb 18, 2017, 01:50 PM
Feb 2017

when they were the only ones standing up to Hitler. It didn't last very long, most people getting the hell out when they realized exactly what Stalin was all about. It kept her white knuckled during the McCarthy witch hunt.

Most leftists recognize that "Communism" Russian style was a right wing phenomenon, a totalitarian system wherein few people on the bottom benefited while those on the top merely replaced the old aristocracy with the inner Party.

We have no love for Russia, we've certainly lost any romanticism of Communism that is long gone. We certainly hold no affection for their current strongman, Putin, and his puppets in the Dolt45 administration.

Leftists remain the true patriots in this country, not big on empty symbolism like flag pins but fighting totalitarianism every step of the way---and losing most battles--realizing that the constitution is a remarkable document and the only thing between us and despotism is the rule of law set out within it. I continue to hope we'll get it back at some point. I just doubt I'll live to see it.

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