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27. I agree completely
Mon Mar 20, 2017, 03:09 PM
Mar 2017

Sometimes it seems that Democrats cannot resist proving just how much more smart and intellectual they are. Hey I understand. You paid for all that education, graduated at the top of your class, and now you want to show everybody. Stooping to 4th grade sloganeering seems backwards. You might as well have just quit school and ran a failing business before you entered politics.

But that is what has proven to work on a large segment of the population. They are conditioned to it now. example: Republicans used the term "death panels" to describe what would happen under Obamacare. And Democrats were sent scrambling into reactionary mode....as usual. Why did not Democrats first use the phrase "death panels" to describe private insurance companies who decide life and death decisions by probing the clients past medical history for the slightest hang nail to deny a crucial operation? Too over the top? To emotionally charged? Yes and yes....but it works.

K&R ismnotwasm Mar 2017 #1
But it is Monday AM, and 90% of the country is not watching. Moostache Mar 2017 #2
The RW is already spinning mcar Mar 2017 #3
I pray that you are right... Moostache Mar 2017 #4
I thought the exact same thing. Doreen Mar 2017 #45
WE DO have a Vulcan problem ... PsychoBabble Mar 2017 #11
who is going to hear... stillcool Mar 2017 #12
Tons of research proves we aren't really primarily rational .... PsychoBabble Mar 2017 #22
psa enid602 Mar 2017 #49
I agree completely LiberalLovinLug Mar 2017 #27
I'm not watching stillcool Mar 2017 #13
Justice works all hours. People were at work during the Watergate hearings, too. WinkyDink Mar 2017 #38
It's so obvious the R's aren't OldHippieChick Mar 2017 #5
Yes mcar Mar 2017 #6
Part of it could be that the collective IQ on the R OldHippieChick Mar 2017 #8
I don't think they understand mcar Mar 2017 #14
Schiff received his JD from Harvard NewJeffCT Mar 2017 #32
And I might say that a Masters in Ag is obviously OldHippieChick Mar 2017 #34
Actually, they are making the GOP look like Russian tools. Country first, if they mean Russia. nikibatts Mar 2017 #7
As usual Dems are better/smarter all around.What's caught my attention, are they getting more time? UTUSN Mar 2017 #9
It seems like they are mcar Mar 2017 #16
What is interesting is this. Wellstone ruled Mar 2017 #10
The Rs on this committee mcar Mar 2017 #17
You nailed it Wellstone ruled Mar 2017 #39
The Tea Party at work mcar Mar 2017 #40
They are but let's be honest, it's not difficult to arthritisR_US Mar 2017 #15
Trey Gowdy was way more upset about who leaked FISA info than the treason Fast Walker 52 Mar 2017 #18
He's as bad as Ryan. He needs to go. Alice11111 Mar 2017 #19
It was all for a Distraction Alice11111 Mar 2017 #20
I mentioned that elsewhere, he's obsessed with the "illegal" act of exposing the illegal acts... George II Mar 2017 #31
I'm sure they had hours and hours of planning caucuses. One representative's questions leads... George II Mar 2017 #21
Well coordinated mcar Mar 2017 #29
Does anyone else notice the Admiral seems to be looking down a lot and not KewlKat Mar 2017 #23
And now Denny Heck is wrapping it up in pretty (ugly?) paper and putting a bow on top of it!!! George II Mar 2017 #24
Very well choreographed CajunBlazer Mar 2017 #25
When it comes to making republicans look like idiots... Turbineguy Mar 2017 #26
As a cube-rat, I'm very pleased to hear this Orrex Mar 2017 #28
Don't know what your friend's been watching mcar Mar 2017 #30
Excellent. Orrex Mar 2017 #35
Yes! mcar Mar 2017 #36
It would appear, the Repubs... Xolodno Mar 2017 #33
They were embarrassingly unprepared mcar Mar 2017 #37
Denial ain't just a river in Africa Fritz Walter Mar 2017 #41
Great post! mcar Mar 2017 #43
Yup - getting all the different ties, theories & players on the record. jmg257 Mar 2017 #42
It has been a joy to watch whenever a Dem is speaking! Greybnk48 Mar 2017 #44
The Dems definitely had... 3catwoman3 Mar 2017 #46
They were excellent malaise Mar 2017 #47
And, this is what our Dems having been doing for those Cha Mar 2017 #48
Thank you for posting this. CentralMass Mar 2017 #52
You're Welcome Cha Mar 2017 #53
This exactly! mcar Mar 2017 #55
K&R... spanone Mar 2017 #50
I was impressed with what I heard. nt delisen Mar 2017 #51
Dem shames Repuks: Trump/Russia probe "is about patriotism" (LOVE THIS) Cha Mar 2017 #54
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