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4. Quote from my hero
Sat Jun 30, 2012, 09:35 AM
Jun 2012

Stupidity has a certain charm. Ignorance does not. -Frank Zappa

Yah, know, with all this oligarchy-fascism-plutocracy corporations-are-people and money-is-speech doctrine the SC recently established (Hell- just this past week in that Montana Ruling), some form of Revolution seems mandatory if we are to restore our FORMER DEMOCRACY to factory original showroom condition.

It ain't a Democracy any more when the wealthy buy the entire government outright. We are going to be bathed in corporate propaganda this election cycle.

-90% Jimmy

A great read...Thanks babylonsister. russspeakeasy Jun 2012 #1
MUST READ malaise Jun 2012 #2
Must read? Oh really? rrHeretic Jun 2012 #20
Whatever malaise Jun 2012 #21
No one is forcing you to read this thread.. DCBob Jun 2012 #24
Ouch. lol But spot on. Booster Jun 2012 #61
Seriously, go with the Chimp research article posted eariler its more your speed. Katashi_itto Jun 2012 #26
Katashi itto san! AsahinaKimi Jun 2012 #64
OMG AsahinaKimi Skittles Jul 2012 #82
You can have him watch this... AsahinaKimi Jul 2012 #94
MUST READ refers to material that the poster feels it is imperative to know bupkus Jun 2012 #28
Welcome to DU. Some advice. Posters with low post counts are watched rhett o rick Jun 2012 #44
Noone said "have to read." No one does that here. That is the other place. lonestarnot Jun 2012 #50
If you come to DU and get hostile and snarky right out of the gate, you kestrel91316 Jun 2012 #52
Wow, what an angry response. Really? October Jun 2012 #56
This message was self-deleted by its author Guitarzan Jun 2012 #59
Must Read!!!! Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2012 #63
I find it weird when people put EmeraldCityGrl Jun 2012 #74
Did you get this worked up when NBC's ad campaign for its programming was "must see tv"? SemperEadem Jul 2012 #89
"the divisiveness raging across America... has its basis in racism, ignorance, and stupidity" DCBob Jun 2012 #3
"the divisiveness raging across America... has its basis in racism, ignorance, and stupidity" AlbertCat Jun 2012 #34
That's a very good point. Arkansas Granny Jun 2012 #46
It's covered either by "ignorance" or "stupidity" Scootaloo Jun 2012 #51
Quote from my hero 90-percent Jun 2012 #4
Zappa has it assbackwards. GeorgeGist Jul 2012 #98
my stupidilty is showing 90-percent Jun 2012 #5
I just read one report- Rose Siding Jun 2012 #7
Look and learn justgamma Jun 2012 #8
Thanks 90-percent Jun 2012 #39
Table 3. Maximum Monthly Premium Contributions, by Family Size stockholmer Jul 2012 #85
Seems some on our side should read this as well. JNelson6563 Jun 2012 #6
And they do this because they think they can get away with it. zeemike Jun 2012 #9
They DELIBERATELY picked a SECESSIONIST to run in'08, then McCain played into their hand with the patrice Jun 2012 #10
& the funny! thing about that is: they did it KNOWING the US Military has their back on this tactic patrice Jun 2012 #11
One of these days.... Aviation Pro Jun 2012 #12
I'm with you on this. I once told a tea bagger I was his worst nightmare - a far left liberal, firenewt Jun 2012 #60
Hysterical....... YellaDog1950 Jul 2012 #77
Keep telling them. Not to provoke but give them some basis to think clearly. freshwest Jul 2012 #83
I told one that I know far more liberal gun owners than I do wingnuts HillWilliam Jul 2012 #93
Perhaps we are moving towards a new civil war... jimlup Jun 2012 #13
I think one of the points of this article is that there is ignorance and then there is stupid and patrice Jun 2012 #22
Another glimmer of hope! dtom67 Jun 2012 #45
Love is more natural than many people think it is. They have their reasons for that & those reasons patrice Jun 2012 #53
ignorance vs. stupidity janlyn Jun 2012 #58
T-Party members wrongly believe they'll only have to fight the government JohnnyRingo Jun 2012 #14
Might be appropriate to XP this in Gungeon to let liberal gun owners know what we're up against. freshwest Jun 2012 #67
A conservative's worst nightmare... JohnnyRingo Jul 2012 #80
Yep, I live in an extremely liberal area. On a street with gourmet cafes, amateur theater, freshwest Jul 2012 #81
Silly conservatives... AynRandCollectedSS Jul 2012 #86
racism, ignorance and stupidity hfojvt Jun 2012 #15
FTR, I didn't write this. However, you're asserting there babylonsister Jun 2012 #19
FTR, I never claimed you wrote it hfojvt Jun 2012 #41
Ignorance and stupidity in relying on a man to make decisions for this country DhhD Jun 2012 #75
Good post. Blanks Jul 2012 #92
Matthews: The poisoning of political discourse comes screaming and screeching from the Right pinboy3niner Jun 2012 #16
And the so-called main-stream media BumRushDaShow Jun 2012 #17
I dare these militia bastards to take on the US Army! Crowman1979 Jun 2012 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author AynRandCollectedSS Jul 2012 #87
That's what I've always argued with the militia types. They maintain their stockpile will defeat the freshwest Jul 2012 #99
I am all for them taking up arms. The sooner we get started putting Katashi_itto Jun 2012 #23
Already happening bongbong Jun 2012 #49
That's already happening nadinbrzezinski Jun 2012 #69
I just had a conversation with a young oysterman who is a victim hard hit by the BP oil spill. Dustlawyer Jun 2012 #25
so heaven05 Jun 2012 #36
Bravo! dtom67 Jun 2012 #43
I was always under the impression Smilo Jun 2012 #27
Social experiment... dtom67 Jun 2012 #47
If anyone 'got' to Roberts, its the Health Insurance companies. joanbarnes Jun 2012 #29
They can call themselves Patriots (notice riots) or neo-Nazi but all remain the same, Thinkingabout Jun 2012 #30
hypocrisy heaven05 Jun 2012 #31
Such are the mad ramblings of a child in the throes of tantrum... HisTomness Jun 2012 #32
Theyre all moving to Canada anyway. ErikJ Jun 2012 #33
The election of the first Black President was bound to bring this out. stubtoe Jun 2012 #35
Yes, I think you are so correct on both counts. DCBob Jun 2012 #65
The RWingnuts bought all those guns in a panic thinking Obama was going to seize them. lpbk2713 Jun 2012 #37
double oops!! dtom67 Jun 2012 #48
Yeah, and the teabaggers were stupid enough to buy them at three times or greater... Crowman1979 Jul 2012 #95
The arms and ammo mfgrs owe the RW Media Hatemongers a big payoff. lpbk2713 Jul 2012 #96
hate-filled teabagger and evangelical bootlickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2012 #38
It really is a travesty... dtom67 Jun 2012 #40
Critical thinking skills not desired amygdalavet Jun 2012 #42
Welcome to DU, and I agree to the obvious... Amonester Jun 2012 #57
That explains why Turbineguy Jun 2012 #54
No worries. We'll respond with bromides and admonitions to Doctor_J Jun 2012 #55
GOPISM elbloggoZY27 Jun 2012 #62
Excellent read, thanks babylonsister! freshwest Jun 2012 #66
If the tea party wants to live in a country with no government - Somalia is that way. Initech Jun 2012 #68
Bring it on. Flying Squirrel Jun 2012 #70
I keep reading on Facebook that our freedoms are disappearing. Blanks Jun 2012 #71
If modern day Teabaggers decided to revolt, take up their guns aint_no_life_nowhere Jun 2012 #72
Spot on; all hat, no cattle. Yep. nt babylonsister Jul 2012 #78
Weekend warriors stubtoe Jul 2012 #97
I would change it to "wish they could terrorize" yurbud Jun 2012 #73
The American Taliban The Wizard Jun 2012 #76
There are a bunch of people that think like that. cgnick Jul 2012 #79
I heard something similar on Fox Radio News on Thursday.... (ACA Day) lib2DaBone Jul 2012 #84
Teabagger logic: Going to war based on lies is OK but health care is tyranny... think Jul 2012 #88
Is Issa committing treason? Gabby Hayes Jul 2012 #90
Sounds like a remake of a Monty Python Movie or a variant of "Red Dawn" solarman350 Jul 2012 #91
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