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KICK Angry Dragon Dec 2017 #1
Huh? greeny2323 Dec 2017 #2
I like the idea of publicly shaming these mofos bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #4
++++ agree iluvtennis Dec 2017 #16
Too bad he has no credibility. Need another source JI7 Dec 2017 #3
Maybe you should start a new crowd fund with this idea. bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #5
Hahahaha !!! Super riposte ! OnDoutside Dec 2017 #25
Follow his tweets - you will see he does have credibility!! womanofthehills Dec 2017 #20
The number of followers someone has doesn't necessarily equate to credibility. PunkinPi Dec 2017 #30
Agree, JI7. OP's dead wrong as far as I'm concerned. Hortensis Dec 2017 #23
DUIs in Florida are like mosquito bites. VOX Dec 2017 #6
His goal seems to be moving bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #7
Hey, if it works... VOX Dec 2017 #8
Aren't his drunk driving records public? Why speculate? Just state them on BB. The Wielding Truth Dec 2017 #9
I think these's a big difference in something being of public record that most folks Upthevibe Dec 2017 #10
i'm not giving money to clause taylor so he can tell me a rethug is a scumbag Takket Dec 2017 #11
Another gofundme? melman Dec 2017 #12
Sorry, I only know of this one started by Claude. bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #13
He's had several fund schemes melman Dec 2017 #14
He is not a grifter - womanofthehills Dec 2017 #18
He absolutely is melman Dec 2017 #21
IYHO WhiteTara Dec 2017 #24
Show me proof of the crowd funds started by Claude bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #22
Let's hope he tweets the exact location of the billboard after it's up. ancianita Dec 2017 #15
Why would he not???????? womanofthehills Dec 2017 #19
An anti Obama Republican Fake 9/11 responder is financially backed by Claude Taylor & Louise Mensch greyl Dec 2017 #17
Wow! Duppers Dec 2017 #26
This is kinda familiar UncleTomsEvilBrother Dec 2017 #27
#TeamPillowForts demmiblue Dec 2017 #28
Just as troubling mercuryblues Dec 2017 #29
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