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52. Bullets did hit the White House, but only some of his children were there
Sun Jun 14, 2015, 10:14 AM
Jun 2015

Secret Service fumbled response after gunman hit White House residence in 2011


A bullet smashed a window on the second floor, just steps from the first family’s formal living room. Another lodged in a window frame, and more pinged off the roof, sending bits of wood and concrete to the ground. At least seven bullets struck the upstairs residence of the White House, flying some 700 yards across the South Lawn.

President Obama and his wife were out of town on that evening of Nov. 11, 2011, but their younger daughter, Sasha, and Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, were inside, while older daughter Malia was expected back any moment from an outing with friends.


Unrec. Earth Bound Misfit Jun 2015 #1
Pants on fire. BeanMusical Jun 2015 #2
Unrec. peacebird Jun 2015 #3
Unrec ananda Jun 2015 #4
Pfffft Fuddnik Jun 2015 #5
He lies so beautifully fasttense Jun 2015 #6
I would have to agree passnobuck Jun 2015 #7
Not so fast.... CANDO Jun 2015 #43
I agree with you entirely. Obama is better than any other option we had. passnobuck Jun 2015 #45
Waaaaaaah! n2doc Jun 2015 #8
I agree erlewyne Jun 2015 #9
Because the TTP/TTIP/TISA/TPA is really gonna fuck them over? djean111 Jun 2015 #10
Yup Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #20
Thanks for posting! BumRushDaShow Jun 2015 #11
Couldn't get through it... raindaddy Jun 2015 #12
Sooo sick of that "hardworking American" shtick of his. CharlotteVale Jun 2015 #13
Reminds me of the 'provide jobs for everyone who wants to work' rpannier Jun 2015 #16
Stand up higher yet and ditch the whole TPP Populist_Prole Jun 2015 #14
He would need high-heeled platform comfortable walking shoes for that. Fuddnik Jun 2015 #19
I hear Nike makes them Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #21
We must respond adequately to this outrage! Demeter Jun 2015 #15
My God he is infuriating on this. Unbelievable. nt stillwaiting Jun 2015 #17
Sorry folks.... paleotn Jun 2015 #18
... Dont call me Shirley Jun 2015 #22
Mr. President - you stand up for the American workers - No TPA and No TPP. Then there would be jwirr Jun 2015 #23
+1 CONN Jun 2015 #42
OMG. I don't even think President Obama believes that bullsh*t. But it's corporate payback time. marmar Jun 2015 #24
I know ... it's amazing - and all in that mellifluous voice bread_and_roses Jun 2015 #33
Can't say this enough about the president and TPP d_legendary1 Jun 2015 #25
Fail azmom Jun 2015 #26
Mr. President - with all due respect - show us! asiliveandbreathe Jun 2015 #27
Mr. Prez, the people here are blind to the future. Appreciate your efforts, but "flat-earthers" Hoyt Jun 2015 #28
! Phlem Jun 2015 #32
Careful, he is the all knowing....Carnac. The 90% here that don't agree are just mere mortals. Elwood P Dowd Jun 2015 #44
+1 Phlem Jun 2015 #47
In the words of Carmac awoke_in_2003 Jun 2015 #48
You almost have to wonder. . . Dem_in_Nebr. Jun 2015 #29
Bullets did hit the White House, but only some of his children were there jakeXT Jun 2015 #52
Stand up for American workers: Defeat the trade package and overthrow the oligarchs Jack Rabbit Jun 2015 #30
What a steaming pile. Phlem Jun 2015 #31
Wrong! ibewlu606 Jun 2015 #34
Unrec 840high Jun 2015 #35
. Jesus Malverde Jun 2015 #36
Retraining Eatacig Jun 2015 #37
Wrong, Mr. President meow2u3 Jun 2015 #38
Unrec for pretty little lies. Ed Suspicious Jun 2015 #39
"stand up TO American workers" MisterP Jun 2015 #40
Orwellian. jalan48 Jun 2015 #41
OMG ...that's the largest - stinking - 2 week old pant load - I've ever heard from him. L0oniX Jun 2015 #46
He campaigned on a strong public option awoke_in_2003 Jun 2015 #49
Obama turns out to be as ethically depraved brentspeak Jun 2015 #50
Unrec onecaliberal Jun 2015 #51
I wish the White House could see this thread DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2015 #53
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