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242. Hallelujah
Thu Jun 28, 2012, 01:00 PM
Jun 2012

This is one of the more happier days in my life. I’ve worked reasonably hard all my life to be solidly in the American Middle Class. I grew up in the middle class, maybe just a schoosh above the center of the middle. I am 58 and have been laid off 3 times and quit once in the last three years and have held on desperately to my life savings, which consists almost entirely of our primary residence we own outright. My wife once had a thriving self employed business, but she’s suffered serious health issues the last 6 or 7 years and our savings have gone away in the last three.


I’m consulting presently and the money is good enough to maintain our standard of living and continue to pay our $1050 per month COBRA bills. I’m happy with that for now.

We all no longer have to worry about health insurance pre-existing condition DEATH PANELS vaporizing everything we’ve worked our entire lives to get! And now I can devote more of my life to righting this slide into FULL BLOWN PLUTOCRACY in America. And that we all better do right this minute, gang. This Election Cycle will be a BLOODBATH of CORPORATE PROPAGANDA that will require the AID OF ALL GOOD AMERICANS TO COME TO THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY. This election is the most important of our lives, gang!

We need to annihilate once and for all the CITIZENS UNITED CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE ruling from the Supremes. We need to restore the principals of Progressiveism that is the root of MIDDLE CLASS PROSPERITY. We need to punish all the banksters and Wall Streeters that wrecked our economy. We need to CRUSH CORPORATE GREED and unhealthy concentrations of wealth. We need to help those lives ruined by unjust foreclosures and medieval drug laws and three job economic servitude. We need to show America is still a beacon of hope in the world for the good of all humanity, not a morass of 300,000,000 selfish I GOT MINE AND SCREW YOU greed heads.


Better Education, media, infrastructure, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and a better future are not as far away as they seemed only a day ago.

Let’s do it, gang!

-90% Jimmy

This message was self-deleted by its author davidpdx Jun 2012 #1
Hold off... CNN IS WRONG. SKinner will correct his post, I'm sure. hlthe2b Jun 2012 #25
listening to Steph, I am stunned looks like big victory for Obama rurallib Jun 2012 #33
It would be a big victory for Romney too were it not for Obama Derangement Syndrome. Ganja Ninja Jun 2012 #89
You watch Stephanie Miller too, huh? zanana1 Jun 2012 #101
Actually I wasn't watching or listening this morning. Ganja Ninja Jun 2012 #110
She says "Obama Derangement Syndrome" alot. nt zanana1 Jun 2012 #347
Now I'm waiting for RMoney to take credit... liberalmuse Jun 2012 #107
That's the problem with ODS, he can't. Ganja Ninja Jun 2012 #156
Get out of my head! That's exactly what I was thinking. He will definitely start taking credit for Liberal_Stalwart71 Jun 2012 #186
If Romney takes credit for ACA, then he might be the first GOP Presidential candidate ... Kennah Jun 2012 #326
Truth from the lying Romney tavalon Jun 2012 #328
Agreed. He was too stupid to own it from the beginning Volaris Jun 2012 #244
No, its a big victory for the insurance industry. Myrina Jun 2012 #169
That it is Mz Pip Jun 2012 #176
I'd rather my neighbors bought insurance and got healthy... progressivebydesign Jun 2012 #197
We should christx30 Jun 2012 #262
Great idea...I would not mind having a gun. Will there be discounts for the elderly and blind??? dixiegrrrrl Jun 2012 #280
Mandated guns for the blind? Lionel Mandrake Jun 2012 #304
I'll take RW False equivalency for 800 Alex. Son of Gob Jun 2012 #290
Hah! tavalon Jun 2012 #329
Exactly. Zoeisright Jun 2012 #267
You are deliberately ignoring the the subsidies, the mandated cost controls, and the rebates. Ikonoklast Jun 2012 #205
Exactly, geez, why aren't the insurance companies all for it then? treestar Jun 2012 #240
Because... Bully Taw Jun 2012 #279
It is not a win for them treestar Jun 2012 #297
Then the insurance companies are as stupid as rocks tavalon Jun 2012 #330
huh heaven05 Jun 2012 #228
The mandated premiums are not going to be that much Maraya1969 Jun 2012 #261
Unfortunately... Bully Taw Jun 2012 #268
True, but I think it's a necessary step. caseymoz Jun 2012 #295
"Once people have health care without the looming threat of bankruptcy..." area51 Jun 2012 #308
Not kidding. You just don't understand the statistic. caseymoz Jun 2012 #319
You know what's funny? tavalon Jun 2012 #332
You are right, tavalon Jun 2012 #331
what we can do now and in the near future daybranch Jun 2012 #341
But I don't think this arrangement will last. caseymoz Jun 2012 #294
Yeah, I think emotions are running high for everyone davidpdx Jun 2012 #39
Yep. First, but wrong! flpoljunkie Jun 2012 #50
...but it never hurts to tell the Rs to fuck off anyway. :) cyberswede Jun 2012 #51
Skinner must have seen this picture: freshwest Jun 2012 #235
LOLOL the look on his face is tremendous... hlthe2b Jun 2012 #237
Okay, Boehner, repeat after me, 'Yes, Madame Speaker.' Get used to it... freshwest Jun 2012 #270
Amy Howe on Scotus says it survive as a tax nt TomClash Jun 2012 #2
Which was exactly my argument all along ET Awful Jun 2012 #57
Me too. Eric J in MN Jun 2012 #98
That's a reasonable explanation that I like much better than the way I'd been looking at it. yardwork Jun 2012 #126
I bet it was 5-4. rurallib Jun 2012 #3
Scotus blog just reported that vote was indeed 5-4. flpoljunkie Jun 2012 #71
Kennedy: "In our view, the entire Act before us is invalid in its entirety." flpoljunkie Jun 2012 #94
It gets weird - Kennedy against, CJ Roberts for... Taverner Jun 2012 #113
Not surprised Blasphemer Jun 2012 #178
EXACTLY. Robert reich wrote an article predicitng that ROberts would vote with the liberals only bec robinlynne Jun 2012 #223
Either that or he's in the pocket of big insurance and they love the mandate. Sirveri Jun 2012 #243
It is Not a 20% Profit Margin On the Road Jun 2012 #269
I'm willing to bet they'll still make plenty of money. Sirveri Jun 2012 #276
They May Indeed Make Money On the Road Jun 2012 #287
Why would the overhead rise? Sirveri Jun 2012 #316
Roberts is an evil, evil man tavalon Jun 2012 #333
You are drastically undervaluing the cartels influence on the bill TheKentuckian Jun 2012 #342
You have made at least 4 good points in 2 paragraphs. tavalon Jun 2012 #343
The Overhead Doesn't Rise in Absolute Terms On the Road Jul 2012 #350
I don't know what to think, other than that I don't trust Roberts. Sirveri Jul 2012 #351
I laways knew who Kenndy really is and how he thinks about Obama. nt nanabugg Jun 2012 #189
You know what, Kennedy.... BlueDemKev Jun 2012 #208
race heaven05 Jun 2012 #233
It's more the "non-conservative wing" than the "liberal" wing... JHB Jun 2012 #206
On Scotus blog Lisa D Jun 2012 #4
+1 uponit7771 Jun 2012 #6
That's wht they're saying on NPR. Calling it a tax. n/t truth2power Jun 2012 #27
It is a tax. tavalon Jun 2012 #334
I'm not complaining that it's a tax. Just saying. eom truth2power Jul 2012 #353
Thanks for being the first to post this in LBN. MineralMan Jun 2012 #5
This is what happens Harmony Blue Jun 2012 #7
SCOTUS blog says that Inuca Jun 2012 #8
lol, oklahoma better get their butts in gear. they put okieinpain Jun 2012 #59
It worked in Massachusetts tavalon Jun 2012 #336
Joins is a pretty strong word tavalon Jun 2012 #335
ABC just reported that SCOTUS upholds the mandate with a 6-3 decision. Skidmore Jun 2012 #9
Wow maddezmom Jun 2012 #23
Holy shit, that 6-3 margin was exactly liberalhistorian Jun 2012 #64
It was 5-4 as reported by Reuters. 6-3 was for the other decision reported at the same time. Warren Stupidity Jun 2012 #86
Whoa Marrah_G Jun 2012 #99
I think that door is now open. Only have to fight through 50 million harun Jun 2012 #130
I hope so lunatica Jun 2012 #164
First broccoli - then single payer (n/t) klook Jun 2012 #171
Squash comes after broccoli. BootinUp Jun 2012 #253
Oh, I hope so. tavalon Jun 2012 #337
LOL! Polyconfusion! tosh Jun 2012 #10
CBS News says the opposite LuckyTheDog Jun 2012 #11
So does ABC (n/t) Jon Ace Jun 2012 #15
Yes, it is CNN is saying something different davidpdx Jun 2012 #20
Obama so needs a second term. Mira Jun 2012 #12
And a third, and a fourth, and a fifth BamaFanLee Jun 2012 #54
Perish the thought Mister Ed Jun 2012 #143
IIRC, the "good reason" was a posthumous potshot at FDR JHB Jun 2012 #215
Regardless of origial intention, it's a good law. Contemplate thirty years of a Bush presidency. Mister Ed Jun 2012 #248
I agree in fact I would be for one 5 or 6 year term and that would be it gopiscrap Jun 2012 #222
I used to think so Downtown Hound Jun 2012 #321
Two terms are more than enough for Autumn Jun 2012 #252
Careful what you wish for loyalsister Jun 2012 #277
My opinion is that the reason congress is such a mess is because Autumn Jun 2012 #278
Do you think they would spend less time campaigning if the were term limited? loyalsister Jun 2012 #289
Of course they do. Do you think they have Autumn Jun 2012 #301
Why don't you move to Missouri and watch it in action loyalsister Jun 2012 #313
Second term & change of congress Raggaemon Jun 2012 #136
Exactly abelenkpe Jun 2012 #218
I think the teabaggers would've been more motivated had it been struck down Happydayz Jun 2012 #266
Change to Congress tavalon Jun 2012 #338
Medicaid limited but not invalidated TomClash Jun 2012 #13
Mandate is constitutional Lisa D Jun 2012 #14
MSNBC now says it's upheld Misskittycat Jun 2012 #19
Looks like CNN was in too much of a hurry Inuca Jun 2012 #16
Yep, they gotta read more than one sentence in these opinions. Hoyt Jun 2012 #30
Reuters says upheld jpak Jun 2012 #17
Confusion reigns...how typical. HereSince1628 Jun 2012 #21
NO!!! It was not. It survives under tax authority of Congress, but not as a commerce issue. hlthe2b Jun 2012 #18
Stephanie Miller says A.P. says it was upheld, but redefined as a tax. n/t Ian David Jun 2012 #22
The bottom line: Lisa D Jun 2012 #24
BREAKING: Supreme Court Upholds Individual Mandate As A Tax 5-4 Roberts cal04 Jun 2012 #26
Thank you! Skinner Jun 2012 #37
You're very welome! It's live on ABC cal04 Jun 2012 #42
Ye Gods, is this operation Chaos? JohnnyLib2 Jun 2012 #28
CNN IS A GETTING KILLED. 5 Mins behind the news. Unreal. Don't they watch other channels? MidwestTransplant Jun 2012 #29
Hey, c'mon now, give 'em a break. liberalhistorian Jun 2012 #78
Drudgereport had the correct news well before them. Then I had to turn to Fox to find out certain. MidwestTransplant Jun 2012 #108
Yeah...they take their cues from FAUX. Maven Jun 2012 #257
Entire ACA upheld (but limits on the Medicaid penalty to states) PoliticAverse Jun 2012 #31
1015: Tom Goldstein at ScotusBlog writes dipsydoodle Jun 2012 #38
They can't penalize states that don't participate in the medicaid expansion. n/t PoliticAverse Jun 2012 #82
what the hell, it's 2000 all over again. yes, no, yes, no. lol n/t. okieinpain Jun 2012 #32
According to the live blog it was upheld liberal N proud Jun 2012 #34
Initial post quoted CNN and was wrong. Thanks for your edit. Sienna86 Jun 2012 #35
The Medicaid provision is limited but not invalidated. BamaFanLee Jun 2012 #36
Justice Roberts for Democrat of the Year! Jon Ace Jun 2012 #40
I can't imagine the gnashing and wailing going on in Freeper-ville, Volaris Jun 2012 #68
Yeah, one vote does not a Souter make. tavalon Jul 2012 #348
CNN is wrong. The health care law was upheld in total Evergreen Emerald Jun 2012 #41
Both CNN and Fox had banners at first saying it was struck down, then had to reverse that, highplainsdem Jun 2012 #43
DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN!!!!11!1!!1!1! bullwinkle428 Jun 2012 #44
We project Gore has won Florida, No wait--Bush has so hes' elected, uh, hold on...we retract that... BlueDemKev Jun 2012 #212
I am less surprised that I thought I might be hifiguy Jun 2012 #45
Agree. And it might just be possible.. Volaris Jun 2012 #84
I must say, my opionion of Roberts is changing groundloop Jun 2012 #100
I always assumed, for that very reason, that he would vote for upholding the ACA. Although I am Kencorburn Jun 2012 #146
surprised but happy rdking647 Jun 2012 #46
I think President Obama just got re-elected=) Volaris Jun 2012 #47
except for the SC calling it a "tax" - the wingnuts will go to town on this. progressivebydesign Jun 2012 #211
I said back when they were debating the ACA they would be better off saying harun Jun 2012 #238
see post 173=) Volaris Jun 2012 #239
The money quote: Lisa D Jun 2012 #48
I am shocked! wow, in a few years, I'll have health insurance again! Maeve Jun 2012 #49
You win prize for best remark in this thread frazzled Jun 2012 #105
Seriously--we buy catastrophic insurance now at about the same cost we will pay in 2014 Maeve Jun 2012 #247
... too bad you won't be able to afford to eat, though ... Myrina Jun 2012 #170
$95 if you make more than $40,000/yr. rgbecker Jun 2012 #256
I already pay $850 a month for inadaquit health care coverage... Walk away Jun 2012 #318
drudge says upheld. lol. cnn sucks, liberal media my butt. n/t. okieinpain Jun 2012 #52
Does CNN have any credibility left? dhill926 Jun 2012 #53
LOL again! Twitter is on fire with CNN #FAIL tosh Jun 2012 #55
Massive victory! Harmony Blue Jun 2012 #56
The court reinforces Lisa D Jun 2012 #58
YEE -HAWWW! warrprayer Jun 2012 #60
Supreme Court hints you don't need to pay (this) tax if you feel it's wrong... FailureToCommunicate Jun 2012 #61
The key comment on salvaging the Medicaid expansion Lisa D Jun 2012 #62
So, the states can choose not to pay for oral contraceptives (for any reason) and can't gkhouston Jun 2012 #85
The critical detail Lisa D Jun 2012 #63
Sounds like Robert Reich had it right about the decision... FailureToCommunicate Jun 2012 #65
I think so as well harun Jun 2012 #120
The court holds Lisa D Jun 2012 #66
I GET TO LIVE!!!!! zanana1 Jun 2012 #67
i am so happy for you and people in your situation its making me tear up leftyohiolib Jun 2012 #125
I am happy to read this! JNelson6563 Jun 2012 #187
I am so glad for you (and the rest of America) Smilo Jun 2012 #194
any negative feeling, thought, dana_b Jun 2012 #296
Thank you to Chief Justice John Roberts. gauguin57 Jun 2012 #69
Hear, hear! RedSpartan Jun 2012 #73
A tip of the hat. RedSpartan Jun 2012 #70
Justice Ginsberg makes clear Lisa D Jun 2012 #72
Screen capture of CNN's fuck up alfredo Jun 2012 #74
And Gore wins Florida! RedSpartan Jun 2012 #77
LOL Puzzledtraveller Jun 2012 #80
They finally changed it to: "Supreme Court upholds Obamacare 5-4" NBachers Jun 2012 #109
THAT BELONGS ON FAIL-BLOG!!! Odin2005 Jun 2012 #230
I put that up on FaceBook as soon as I saw it. I hope it spreads alfredo Jun 2012 #258
The decision is well written in my opinion -- relatively easy to read. JDPriestly Jun 2012 #302
I'm going t try to read it today after a photo walk this morning. alfredo Jun 2012 #340
states can opt out??? unhinged1 Jun 2012 #75
I heard that too, on CNBC siligut Jun 2012 #95
States can choose not to expand medicaid missingthebigdog Jun 2012 #123
WELCOME to DU!! beac Jun 2012 #134
thanks unhinged1 Jun 2012 #175
Opt out from the the Medicaid portion or the entire Act? Samantha Jun 2012 #323
In his opening statement in dissent, Lisa D Jun 2012 #76
SAD that Kennedy would rule on it this way. So glad that Roberts was actually fair on this one. RBInMaine Jun 2012 #102
Yes, I'm disappointed in Lisa D Jun 2012 #131
if you're a 14yo murderer he'll change the law of the land for you but if get cancer you leftyohiolib Jun 2012 #246
That is precisely what deciding against the law would have meant for so many Americans. JDPriestly Jun 2012 #303
The only effect of not complying with the mandate Lisa D Jun 2012 #79
Pete Williams (NBC) is spinning this wrong--political Evergreen Emerald Jun 2012 #81
The mandate always was a tax. Warren Stupidity Jun 2012 #97
so, If the court has upheld that a tax for health care is legal... Shadowflash Jun 2012 #83
There was never any serious doubt that a health care tax is legal... PoliticAverse Jun 2012 #106
KnR!!! KansDem Jun 2012 #87
Per SCOTUSBlog fifthoffive Jun 2012 #88
Awesome that Roberts cared so much! I am thrilled LaurenG Jun 2012 #90
Let us remember Glaisne Jun 2012 #91
Corporate conservative Gov. Romney adopted for MA. Volaris Jun 2012 #149
+1 We need a like button for posts here. nt LaurenG Jun 2012 #157
"Obama opposition disorder" Good one. And sadly, that is the reality behind all FailureToCommunicate Jun 2012 #150
Exactly JonLP24 Jun 2012 #158
I remember, also, they likely already have the army of lobbyists ready to start deregulation Dragonfli Jun 2012 #255
Holy shit!!! Yayyyyy!!!!! Javaman Jun 2012 #92
In plain English: Lisa D Jun 2012 #93
SCOTUSblog's plain English account: Bolo Boffin Jun 2012 #96
To answer a common question: Lisa D Jun 2012 #103
Entire court decision (.pdf) here... PoliticAverse Jun 2012 #112
Thanks! n/t Lisa D Jun 2012 #135
This message was self-deleted by its author Lisa D Jun 2012 #138
But they're still reporting it incorrectly Raggaemon Jun 2012 #104
I didn't have christx30 Jun 2012 #273
Robert Reich rules the day mountain grammy Jun 2012 #111
Welcome to DU! FailureToCommunicate Jun 2012 #147
+1 kjackson227 Jun 2012 #159
And the crowd goes nuts! Ganja Ninja Jun 2012 #114
The thread is gone it says "pulled" It must have been pretty bad, nt LaurenG Jun 2012 #236
One of the few times in my memory, I'm watching Fox and enjoying it duhneece Jun 2012 #115
No longer on Fox. They are throwing a tantrum, and switch to Murdoch talking to Cavuto. n/t Kencorburn Jun 2012 #153
Oh yeah! lonestarnot Jun 2012 #116
This is AWESOME!!! Thank You Chief Justice John Roberts!! Wonderful news!!!! n/t hue Jun 2012 #117
I'm not thanking Roberts for anything. He wouldn't have voted with crunch60 Jun 2012 #285
I think this will actually help Obama get reelected johnd83 Jun 2012 #118
I imagine the 1% are now pissing their pants!!! Lol!!! hue Jun 2012 #127
the 1% would have lost too much pork to allow it to be struck nineteen50 Jun 2012 #185
I have held off my few bucks that I can afford to contribute to Obama's campaign until now. :) Javaman Jun 2012 #119
I'm not surprised. GoCubsGo Jun 2012 #121
Roberts decided he was rich enough. mountain grammy Jun 2012 #133
Stephens did this for the corporations all that pork could not be ignored nineteen50 Jun 2012 #184
Maybe having an elitist Harvard Law grad who was on law review mattered to chelsea0011 Jun 2012 #122
5 edits!! HA! DCBob Jun 2012 #124
That's what i'm talking about skeewee08 Jun 2012 #128
How many Freeper/Teabagger heads are exploding right now????? Roland99 Jun 2012 #129
And, lucky for them, they can't be denied coverage in future due to beac Jun 2012 #142
HA! Roland99 Jun 2012 #151
They're sad over there today...their tears taste soooooo yummy... Volaris Jun 2012 #160
Roberts FTW, errrrrr ok, we'll take it. harun Jun 2012 #132
You can always count on Roberts to side with Big Business , who in turn love the mandate. Mr. Sparkle Jun 2012 #137
Just heard the Republican's new mantra "biggest tax increase in US history", That could cause a prob crimson77 Jun 2012 #139
Ha ha...I guess there are always stupid people who would buy that argument. Evergreen Emerald Jun 2012 #152
Can you answer a question for me, that no one is answering. crimson77 Jun 2012 #166
Nothing has changed. The law remains the same. Evergreen Emerald Jun 2012 #174
Not if your response is the following... Volaris Jun 2012 #173
Reality? it's going to SAVE their whiney asses BILLIONS. Or would they rather pay for the uninsured progressivebydesign Jun 2012 #216
Excellent! jefferson_dem Jun 2012 #140
The Supreme Court just saved a lot of lives. tinrobot Jun 2012 #141
Essentially, a majority of the Court Lisa D Jun 2012 #144
That is indeed good news n/t kdmorris Jun 2012 #145
How ironic that it was Chief Justice Roberts was the swing vote 4lbs Jun 2012 #148
Big money backed the mandate. Warren Stupidity Jun 2012 #165
Good points all and Roberts is all for big money suffragette Jun 2012 #234
And FR is in meltdown mode: VWolf Jun 2012 #168
Some hilarious stuff over there today. klook Jun 2012 #190
Why the fuck do they care? They have insurance or medicare.. this tax doesn't affect them. progressivebydesign Jun 2012 #220
LMAO @ "Swill back account" VWolf Jun 2012 #254
Just their thread titles are deliciously over the top muriel_volestrangler Jun 2012 #193
FR must be clueless newspeak Jun 2012 #217
wow...Do they understand the provision? It doesn't affect them. progressivebydesign Jun 2012 #226
Ah....RimJob land 47of74 Jun 2012 #202
YES iandhr Jun 2012 #154
Happy Happy! Joy Joy! NRaleighLiberal Jun 2012 #155
Excellent. Many congratulations, Mr. President. You did it! Nye Bevan Jun 2012 #161
The Supreme Court will surprise all the time. Beacool Jun 2012 #162
Everyone that followed the money. nineteen50 Jun 2012 #183
That's why we elected a Constitutional scholar! LibertyLover Jun 2012 #163
Congratulations to the President, Democratic members of Congress, and the American People!!!! kwenu Jun 2012 #167
Naive here, I guess, but those who do not pay the penalty can't be sent to jail cyberpj Jun 2012 #172
The only collection mechanism is the penalty can be deducted from any income tax refund PoliticAverse Jun 2012 #188
Waa...Huh!? Did hell just freeze over? blackspade Jun 2012 #177
No surprise just follow the money through the corportist justice nineteen50 Jun 2012 #179
re:BREAKING: Supreme Court Upholds Individual Mandate As A Tax allan01 Jun 2012 #180
The $upreme Court answers to their 'handlers.' Health insurance companies surely wanted it so. joanbarnes Jun 2012 #181
The position Romney finds himself in Zambero Jun 2012 #182
Hubby says Congress could just go remove the law???? Is this so? patricia92243 Jun 2012 #191
Presumably the pre-existing conditions section would have to pass the Senate muriel_volestrangler Jun 2012 #195
It is. The Republicans want to do exactly that. So we must fill Congress with Democrats Rochester Jun 2012 #196
I'm surprised... but very happy! Rochester Jun 2012 #192
Thank God almighty. ellie Jun 2012 #198
Another Republi-CON failure. alp227 Jun 2012 #199
If they wanted to pull off on October Surprise, it'd have to be a LOT bigger than...... AverageJoe90 Jun 2012 #264
Indeed. Going to WAR would be greater. alp227 Jun 2012 #284
If we're forced to buy insurance to drive a car, or buy a home, then why not health insurance? progressivebydesign Jun 2012 #200
You don't need insurance to drive JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2012 #219
How they voted savalez Jun 2012 #201
Great news! Third Doctor Jun 2012 #203
Thank God Almighty! We are free at last!! BlueDemKev Jun 2012 #204
As predicted. Because it mandates trillions to big insurance that they will use to grahamhgreen Jun 2012 #207
Exactly! crunch60 Jun 2012 #286
It was sure a narrow victory though. Kablooie Jun 2012 #209
Winning! TeamPooka Jun 2012 #210
I'm sure eaglesfanintn Jun 2012 #213
I'm headed out to the car to listen to Limbaugh have a stroke! EnviroBat Jun 2012 #214
K&R hwmnbn Jun 2012 #221
Gobsmacked! JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2012 #224
Roberts is Justice #5? HOLY FUCK!!! Odin2005 Jun 2012 #225
i know... MrsBrady Jun 2012 #320
This is a big effin' deal! Proles Jun 2012 #227
Good grief, Pelosi is such a completely ineffective, uninspiring and shitty public speaker. The Stranger Jun 2012 #229
She sucks so bad that they news channels had to turn away from covering her. The Stranger Jun 2012 #231
Bullshit! juajen Jun 2012 #274
I agree - she's Bullshit! The Stranger Jun 2012 #310
The RIGHTS labeling of HEALTHCARE reform as 'OBAMACARE' clang1 Jun 2012 #232
Thank you Chief Justice Roberts. n/t kiranon Jun 2012 #241
Hallelujah 90-percent Jun 2012 #242
Although I prefer Single Payer, it is nice to see our side win one for a change. ronwelldobbs Jun 2012 #245
People are not happy in Oklahoma Joey Liberal Jun 2012 #249
K & R Scurrilous Jun 2012 #250
A good start - TBF Jun 2012 #251
I'm not able to get anything done at work now... Politicub Jun 2012 #259
Yes We Can!! cbayer Jun 2012 #260
Yes caroll31 Jun 2012 #263
Parents phoned excited that we might finally afford more than catastrophic insurance...burst bubble mirrera Jun 2012 #265
If you are within 400% of the federal poverty level, you have 70% of sinkingfeeling Jun 2012 #292
If my level is over 400% ( I do not qualify) their rubric sucks! n/t mirrera Jun 2012 #314
Wow, your income is over $88,000 and you can't afford $900 a month to sinkingfeeling Jun 2012 #344
Where do you come up with 88,000.00? That would be awesome! mirrera Jun 2012 #345
400% of the FPL for a couple is $88,000. You said you were above that. sinkingfeeling Jul 2012 #352
You can use this calculator: Hissyspit Jun 2012 #293
"Based on your income, you probably would not qualify for federal assistance to offset the cost of.. mirrera Jun 2012 #312
A VERY GOOD DAY kpete Jun 2012 #271
A VERY... YvonneCa Jun 2012 #282
Something tells me that if this SCOTA decision on healthcare groovedaddy Jun 2012 #272
I wonder how quakerboy Jun 2012 #275
Bumper sticker idea for today: Seattle Blue Jun 2012 #281
I'm unemployed... dash_bannon Jun 2012 #283
Scalia sites Jim Crow laws to SUPPORT his Arizona decision... bettydavis Jun 2012 #288
HOLY SHIT!!!!! Roberts does have restraint! caseymoz Jun 2012 #291
k&r n/t RainDog Jun 2012 #298
All I can say is thank you! Kteachums Jun 2012 #299
How much is the tax going to be ? may3rd Jun 2012 #300
About $90--and there is no mechanism for enforcement SunSeeker Jun 2012 #325
What a day!! What. A. Day. lamp_shade Jun 2012 #305
Today was a good day politicasista Jun 2012 #306
I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting Roberts to be the deciding vote. AJTheMan Jun 2012 #307
It has been a great day -- if only just to see the GOP so thoroughly miserable! Brooklyn Dame Jun 2012 #309
Is that edit CNN? RUMMYisFROSTED Jun 2012 #311
Personally, I think this may not be the great news it is cracked up to be. Atypical Liberal Jun 2012 #315
Um no... FreeState Jun 2012 #317
Isn't that what I said? Atypical Liberal Jun 2012 #346
I have read the opinion, and it reads like a Roberts vs Ginsburg situation happyslug Jun 2012 #322
K&R SunSeeker Jun 2012 #324
Wait, so Roberts is now the swing vote? Who the fuck slipped me a Jeffrey!? Kennah Jun 2012 #327
I, for one, welcome our Corporate Overlords stranglehold on our health care bread_and_roses Jun 2012 #339
I know this has been discussed for some time now, hughee99 Jul 2012 #349
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