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25. OK but I don't get the difference. The Medicare we have now is flawed
Tue Feb 8, 2022, 09:38 AM
Feb 2022

Would universal healthcare be like the UK or Canada? I don’t really trust polls on most subjects because the way they phrase the questions.

We are in control of the legislative and the executive branches, so... VarryOn Feb 2022 #1
Not by a large enough margin. NurseJackie Feb 2022 #17
👆 I think almost all Democrats want Medicare for all. Walleye Feb 2022 #18
Honestly, it's my personal belief that in some corners of the internet... NurseJackie Feb 2022 #20
That is so well stated. I agree with all of it. Plus I hate Ralph Nader Walleye Feb 2022 #22
That's not exactly true. There are polls that say most Americans (which includes Democrats).... George II Feb 2022 #24
OK but I don't get the difference. The Medicare we have now is flawed Walleye Feb 2022 #25
Actually there are more people who favor strengthening the ACA, which is what Biden ran on. George II Feb 2022 #27
I do think the public option would solve a lot of problems. It's doable too Walleye Feb 2022 #28
This is good news AZProgressive Feb 2022 #2
That is good, but ... left-of-center2012 Feb 2022 #3
Plus 100 Tom Yossarian Joad Feb 2022 #5
wife in same boat too ! I'm total V.A. ! monkeyman1 Feb 2022 #10
Possibly Bernie, known for his hundreds of amendments, will get that into the bill. ancianita Feb 2022 #14
Sounds like you're on a Medicare Advantage plan DuaneT Feb 2022 #21
Please take a look at the legislation, area51 Feb 2022 #30
I am in the same boat. Under Medicare, even with a supplement, big co-pays Paper Roses Feb 2022 #31
Absolute silence about this from "The Hill" RainCaster Feb 2022 #4
the hill is a garbage for republicans ! way too many tabloids nowadays ! monkeyman1 Feb 2022 #11
I don't think it'll make it out of Congress sakabatou Feb 2022 #6
I'll take hope where I can find it on this topic. Tom Yossarian Joad Feb 2022 #7
And then there is Beachnutt Feb 2022 #8
Their people are dying, too. They have that to consider. ancianita Feb 2022 #15
I have run into a number of people DENVERPOPS Feb 2022 #9
Lack of knowledge drives a lot of misunderstanding. Lonestarblue Feb 2022 #13
Still better than any private insurance I ever had Doc Sportello Feb 2022 #29
KnR! Hekate Feb 2022 #12
Time to show real American values MissMillie Feb 2022 #16
Not that easy. We can't even get a public option on the affordable care act. Walleye Feb 2022 #19
Correct. It's very wise to warn people to not get their hopes up. NurseJackie Feb 2022 #23
+1 betsuni Feb 2022 #32
This was introduced on 5/18/2021, about 9 months ago. George II Feb 2022 #26
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