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Can Sussman sue? Midnight Writer May 2022 #1
No, probably not. Malicious prosecution is a tough case to prove, Ocelot II May 2022 #7
Can John Durham now be removed? Budi May 2022 #2
I don't know, but it's clear now Mr.Bill May 2022 #8
Biden knew the only way to play hardball with this mob style revenge,is to simply keep handing them. Budi May 2022 #25
Apparently it would have to be a "for cause" removal by Garland BumRushDaShow May 2022 #9
Well this prosecution should be enough to get him fired. It was shit and they made Bev54 May 2022 #15
The timing might end up being tied to BumRushDaShow May 2022 #23
There is at least one more charged and I thought 2 but can only find this one. Bev54 May 2022 #26
I literally just found an article that mentioned a 2nd person and posted it BumRushDaShow May 2022 #29
K & R! 50 Shades Of Blue May 2022 #3
Finally an example of a witch hunt. gab13by13 May 2022 #4
I do believe this whole sham of an investigation and lawsuit was used to Bev54 May 2022 #16
"This was a distraction away from the Trump tower server connected to Alfa Bank in Russia." Yup! Botany May 2022 #19
Good news. sinkingfeeling May 2022 #5
Yes, the DOJ should now remove Durham STAT! He'll now lose the 2nd trial anyway. machoneman May 2022 #6
I called my 91-year-old right-wing mom this morning to see how she is doing, deurbano May 2022 #14
... mcar May 2022 #10
This was a very weak case LetMyPeopleVote May 2022 #11
Rt🤷‍♂️💖TY.. Perfect! Cha May 2022 #36
So is this the end of what Durham was working on TlalocW May 2022 #12
From the OP Lasher May 2022 #27
Well. Ok. kairos12 May 2022 #13
A pardon would be thrilling to them. StevieM May 2022 #17
I guess Durham was arguing.... Mustellus May 2022 #18
Well there goes the Reich-wing's raging boner! Along with Durham's "valid reasons." Grins May 2022 #20
Wonder how much this rabbit hole cost the taxpayers? djacq May 2022 #21
As of last December, it was almost $4 million BumRushDaShow May 2022 #24
And Sussman. Something like this could financially ruin most people. Scrivener7 May 2022 #37
Baseless accusation because the Fed interviewer already knew Sussman worked for Clinton campaign wishstar May 2022 #22
Yes. Both can be true exboyfil May 2022 #30
Recommended. H2O Man May 2022 #28
Stick a fork in Durham BlueIdaho May 2022 #31
From your keyboard to God's screen. calimary May 2022 #32
In the real world his career would be damaged. Mr.Bill May 2022 #33
Well, he's just incompetent enough BlueIdaho May 2022 #34
TY for the Gift, Yonnie! Cha May 2022 #35
Durham now joins Benghazi and Whitewater on the Clinton conspiracy trash heap Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 2022 #38
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