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36. And President Trump has created a loan component to this package that gives us leverage down the road."
Sun Apr 21, 2024, 10:25 PM
Apr 21

Please mother fucker.

Ah Lindsey, Trump is no longer part of the Government that creates programs. He had zero authority to
do anything let alone create a loan package component to be part of US foreign policy.

WTF did Trump show Lindsey on that Columbus Day golf outing?

Lindsey Graham, a suckerfish dining off Trump's poop.. agingdem Apr 21 #1
Good one -- big laugh! ananda Apr 21 #23
Horrible image. uga riversedge Apr 22 #47
Lindsey "Tell Me What to Say" Graham Blue Owl Apr 21 #2
Little Britain USA EddieOnTheMesa Apr 21 #4
You meant [i]crusty[/i] sock puppet, of course n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 22 #56
One of these posts that I recommend because it's worth reading, but hate the subject. erronis Apr 21 #3
Leverage ? A prelude to another "perfect call." Raven123 Apr 21 #5
Total BULLSHIT! (how do i know?) bluestarone Apr 21 #6
No one, from either side, gives a shit what he says TexasBushwhacker Apr 21 #7
I don't think there any "kompromat"... appmanga Apr 21 #28
Reveal before his demise. He oasis Apr 21 #30
I wonder if we'll ever learn the truth about what trump has on him? captain queeg Apr 21 #8
Maybe Katcat Apr 21 #37
Hakeem Jefferies got this bill passed! MacKasey Apr 21 #9
and the MAGA moron Marge can threaten Mikey's ouster agingdem Apr 21 #18
There is something very wrong with LG. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #10
His Eyes Are ALWAYS Glassy NonPC Apr 21 #15
Yes sometimes he seems intoxicated or high. Irish_Dem Apr 21 #16
That glassy-eyed look is fear nt GenThePerservering Apr 21 #34
Alcohol. Having sold his soul he needs to self medicate. captain queeg Apr 21 #38
Yes he appears intoxicated at times. Irish_Dem Apr 22 #48
I wonder how the other brands of Republican toilet paper compare to the Lindsey Graham brand. cstanleytech Apr 21 #11
The regular Rebulican brand coprolite Apr 21 #42
I thought they had decided to switch to the gympie-gympie since it was cheaper ? cstanleytech Apr 22 #43
Lindsey Graham is a damn fool. Chainfire Apr 21 #12
Slight revision needed there as it should be a damn ass tonguing fool. cstanleytech Apr 22 #44
Seriously Lindsey? sheshe2 Apr 21 #13
"Clown" is only one of his honorary titles. Not Heidi Apr 21 #14
Lol sheshe2 Apr 21 #17
Probably wise. :-) n/t Not Heidi Apr 21 #22
. . . and then there are lyrics from Randy Rainbow Not Heidi Apr 21 #25
Graham is another Russian loving republican. republianmushroom Apr 21 #19
Wouldn't that be interference in the operation of the govt if TSF was involved? LiberalFighter Apr 21 #20
What a shameless little lying hussie DemocraticPatriot Apr 21 #21
this man has absolutely no shame CatWoman Apr 21 #24
But screw NATO and Russia can do whatever the hell it wants BeyondGeography Apr 21 #26
He's really on his knees now trying to slurp up the orange menace with that comment ! kimbutgar Apr 21 #27
JFK wrote "Profiles in Courage". RFK, Jr will write "Profiles in Cowardice". Lindsey will be in it. Wonder Why Apr 21 #29
Get a life lindsey. Bluethroughu Apr 21 #31
Lindsey, I'll gladly donate $20 to you if you tell us what dirt on you that Trump told you he has that made you complete keithbvadu2 Apr 21 #32
Trump's reach is so great . . . Aussie105 Apr 21 #33
I wish these people would realise GenThePerservering Apr 21 #35
And President Trump has created a loan component to this package that gives us leverage down the road." Botany Apr 21 #36
When will someone take the pain away from Lindsey ? Traurigkeit Apr 21 #39
Riiiiight, Lindseed. Trump, the guy who tried to blackmail Ukraine by withholding military aid, is coming to... LudwigPastorius Apr 21 #40
Sure Sure, Mikey and Trump saved the day, but their arms are sore as hell. nt BootinUp Apr 21 #41
What? This lie is a real whopper, even for Trump and Graham. GoodRaisin Apr 22 #45
Lapdog Lindsey... Earth Bound Misfit Apr 22 #46
Lindsey you human doormat Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 22 #49
Who's a good dog? Sit Lindsey, sit. Now roll over. Can you beg? Good boy. Vinca Apr 22 #50
What a deeply pathetic little man. mwb970 Apr 22 #51
He's been given a script to follow, along with a "reminder photo" of what they will publicly release * Oopsie Daisy Apr 22 #52
Trump was resposible for the moon landing too. Ask Lindsey. twodogsbarking Apr 22 #53
And Trump just trashed him last week viva la Apr 22 #54
Like a weather vane in a hurricane... 2naSalit Apr 22 #55
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