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1. Bring it on
Thu May 16, 2024, 04:51 PM
May 16

Might be good for them to raise hell and start a small war, help to get rid of some. Main problem though is won't get the red tie brigade, the would run and hide as soon as it started.

Bring it on Timewas May 16 #1
Come on out Gaetz Traildogbob May 16 #2
It's in the real book, too NanaCat May 16 #20
Wow Traildogbob May 17 #27
swarmy little fuck.... bahboo May 16 #3
Is he REALLY that big of an asshole? FakeNoose May 16 #4
Sit down and shut up, matt. Think. Again. May 16 #5
He was the kind of kid in High School DENVERPOPS May 16 #14
enticing violance eh? ya he knows and half the rs know too also. should be expelled and i wonder AllaN01Bear May 16 #6
HAHAHAHA, good one Matt Warpy May 16 #7
When these punks... appmanga May 16 #8
Even MAGA cops from S.I., Nassau, Sufflok would need to stop them Traurigkeit May 16 #13
Thought FL Man-boy couldn't get worse, but he did. Shouldn't be shocked but I am. Timeflyer May 16 #9
He can always get worse. COL Mustard May 17 #21
Pathetic piece of crap. ewcordon May 16 #10
Trolling mahina May 16 #11
Hey Matty Boy, man up and lead a Jan 6 style raid on 100 Centre Street in Lower Manhattan. Explode with Awesomeness! NBachers May 16 #12
And for a legislator to advocate for violence too, isn't that against the code of ethics for members of Congress? SWBTATTReg May 16 #15
obvously... myohmy2 May 16 #16
You talk big, Spanky. Talitha May 16 #17
What a punk, LOL. hay rick May 16 #18
"Standing back and standing by, Mr. President," LudwigPastorius May 16 #19
Punk Roy Rolling May 17 #22
Gaetz fantasizes of being a high official in a fascist regime Mysterian May 17 #23
is he going to jail like the proud boys? prodigitalson May 17 #24
Gaetz is a degenerate like all freedumb caucus maga. Duncanpup May 17 #25
Stand by, and get ready to go to prison. Idiots. kysrsoze May 17 #26
Flying Monkeys CousinIT May 17 #28
I would really like to smack "Great Value Robbie Rotten"... SKKY May 17 #29
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