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32. He has dirty hands because he is the *US* war crimes ambassador.
Fri Sep 20, 2013, 05:18 AM
Sep 2013

The reason why the different variations on "Why don't they arrest Bush first?" keep
arising is that no-one - seriously NO-ONE - in the US Administration is paying
any attention to getting US war criminals into the justice system but deliberately
and actively seek the advice of said US war criminals to generate the propaganda
necessary to kick off yet another illegal & immoral war (e.g., Kerry seeking advice
from Kissinger).

*That* is why the subject keeps rearing its head.

*That* is why people all around the world laugh with derision at the thought of
any American official accusing ANYONE from another country of being a "war criminal"
who needs to be "brought to justice".

We are sick of the "Look, shiny object over there - let's bomb it!" response from
successive US governments and the hypocrites who (willingly or unwittingly) keep
the propaganda going against "the other" whilst glossing over their own criminals
of far greater scale.

Is he more, less, or just as deserving as Dubya, Chenney, and Rumsfeld? nt Xipe Totec Sep 2013 #1
The more the U.S. will be involved in international justice, the more they Sand Wind Sep 2013 #2
From your lips, to the All Mighty... nt Xipe Totec Sep 2013 #6
They should probably comply first. /nt Ash_F Sep 2013 #8
They who? The Syrian people who will ultimately have the trial? nt stevenleser Sep 2013 #34
Uhhh...what? Ash_F Sep 2013 #39
Follow your own advice and actually read the article. nt stevenleser Sep 2013 #40
What are you on about? Ash_F Sep 2013 #41
You would know if you read the article. nt stevenleser Sep 2013 #42
Just my thought.. pangaia Sep 2013 #4
We certainly don't have the high moral ground here. Shemp Howard Sep 2013 #19
Dodging the "all war crimes threads need to be made about Bush" meme. Assad definitely should. (nt) Posteritatis Sep 2013 #3
US citizens need frequent reminders of their own government's crimes. ronnie624 Sep 2013 #21
Sure they do, and they get them. Should everyone else's crimes be actively dismissed? No. (nt) Posteritatis Sep 2013 #22
Let someone with cleaner hands pass judgment. ronnie624 Sep 2013 #23
How does Rapp have dirty hands? ButterflyBlood Sep 2013 #24
Very coherent. You're on the mark. Jackpine Radical Sep 2013 #26
He has dirty hands because he is the *US* war crimes ambassador. Nihil Sep 2013 #32
Assuming that's true, how does that affect a trial that would be held in Syria, conducted by Syrians stevenleser Sep 2013 #36
Having seen your recent string of non sequitur one-liners above ... Nihil Sep 2013 #44
Article says they are training Syrians to conduct their own trial in the region. stevenleser Sep 2013 #45
The Syrian people are the ones who would conduct the trial, in Syria. nt stevenleser Sep 2013 #35
the US government has no moral authority to charge anyone else with war crimes nt msongs Sep 2013 #5
You beat me to it! CanonRay Sep 2013 #7
The US wouldn't be doing so. He would be tried in the region. nt stevenleser Sep 2013 #33
Thanks for the snuff pictures warrant46 Sep 2013 #9
War crimes SamKnause Sep 2013 #10
Why didn't we teach the Iraqis to do the same thing Politicalboi Sep 2013 #11
We wouldnt be doing the prosecuting. nt stevenleser Sep 2013 #37
I wonder if the Iraqis ever placed their victims of shock and awe side by side by side. dkf Sep 2013 #12
nope - couldn't put all the body parts together . . . ConcernedCanuk Sep 2013 #16
You just gave me a flashback to a particular scene in Vietnam, 1967. Jackpine Radical Sep 2013 #27
Sorry about that . . . really ConcernedCanuk Sep 2013 #29
Ambassador Rapp reminds me of major league baseball getting its knickers all in a indepat Sep 2013 #13
al asad novapress Sep 2013 #14
obama haters say there is no proof Cryptoad Sep 2013 #15
Glad you brought up Obama. RC Sep 2013 #28
So should every war criminal. Hubert Flottz Sep 2013 #17
How about Bush and the rest of his criminal pals ( Cheney, Rice Rumsfeld etc) on point Sep 2013 #18
He can get in line behind Bush, Cheney, ect. L0oniX Sep 2013 #20
absolutely, if the evidence is there then prosecute him. right after Bush, Cheney, Wolfie magical thyme Sep 2013 #25
Defenitely. Bradical79 Sep 2013 #30
I agree. We need an International Tribunal asap. Sunlei Sep 2013 #31
People would do well to read the article. The trial would be conducted in Syria by Syrians. nt stevenleser Sep 2013 #38
As should Kissenger dipsydoodle Sep 2013 #43
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