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20. Oh, very carefully worded there old chap ...
Thu Nov 14, 2013, 09:22 AM
Nov 2013

> (Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner) Hewitt said the police
> position “is that, on balance, it is a more probable conclusion that there was
> no other person present when Gareth died.”

Even putting aside the weasel words ("on balance", "more probable&quot the key
point in this "statement" is the phrase "when Gareth died".

It completes a nice hand-wave over the minutes immediately before he died
in order to project the impression that the entire thing happened while he
was alone.

The coroner was right. The corrupt copper is involved in yet another cover-up.

Don't try that at home. dipsydoodle Nov 2013 #1
DUZZY! marble falls Nov 2013 #9
They think we are stupid??? billhicks76 Nov 2013 #17
This just in: UK Police Cold Case team reports Jackpine Radical Nov 2013 #2
He hurled himself Kelvin Mace Nov 2013 #10
I'm convinced Lincoln died of christx30 Nov 2013 #12
He must have been cleaning the inside of the bag in the shower when he slipped and died. n/t Ian David Nov 2013 #3
Plausible...but how do you explain the lock? KansDem Nov 2013 #4
He was being extra careful! truthisfreedom Nov 2013 #5
He had ADHD, so he locked himself inside so he'd have to finish the job. n/t Ian David Nov 2013 #6
As a parent of a ADD kid (who is also a very high achiever), I find your joke in poor taste. olddad56 Nov 2013 #30
I have ADHD, too, and so does my kid. n/t Ian David Nov 2013 #34
He was a fan of Houdini? nt Mojorabbit Nov 2013 #14
Practicing his magic tricks, no doubt. AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #7
Thats a hell of an accident. marble falls Nov 2013 #8
Apparently he forgot about carrying charges. Historic NY Nov 2013 #11
So he died accidentally trying out a new magic act where he climbs into a gym bag, zips louslobbs Nov 2013 #13
Reminds me of the old joke ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2013 #15
How big are British gym bags anyway? jmowreader Nov 2013 #16
Jeez... Peace Patriot Nov 2013 #18
You are correct on Kelly and I believe you correct on Williams too. Nihil Nov 2013 #21
OMG!! TOTALLY agree with your post! chervilant Nov 2013 #22
''...most probable scenario..... DeSwiss Nov 2013 #31
I hate it when that happens arely staircase Nov 2013 #19
Oh, very carefully worded there old chap ... Nihil Nov 2013 #20
So they're not even going to try? penultimate Nov 2013 #23
Landlady tells of freeing tethered MI6 man after screams for help struggle4progress Nov 2013 #24
... a post-mortem examination .. failed to determine the cause of death ... Pathologists said struggle4progress Nov 2013 #25
... MI6 .. failed to report Williams missing for days after he did not show up at work ... struggle4progress Nov 2013 #26
Reminds me of an old Ron Shock routine on a real news event Benton D Struckcheon Nov 2013 #28
Henry Marshall, died June 1961 at his farm near Bryan, shot five times with a bolt action 22, struggle4progress Nov 2013 #32
Really? That is interesting. n/t Benton D Struckcheon Nov 2013 #33
Sort of sounds like this story of a teen RebelOne Nov 2013 #27
Um . . . okay. Sure. Whatever you say, Inspector! n/t markpkessinger Nov 2013 #29
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