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32. If this keeps up
Sat Jan 25, 2014, 01:58 PM
Jan 2014

there'll be enough for a calendar - call it "365 days of Schools, Malls, Parking Lots and Homes - Life in the NRA's America"

BREAKING: 3 killed at Maryland mall [View all] charlie and algernon Jan 2014 OP
Oh cripes, another one LiberalEsto Jan 2014 #1
Maryland? yeoman6987 Jan 2014 #5
I get it, but this is not the time. nt Demo_Chris Jan 2014 #6
Sorry yeoman6987 Jan 2014 #8
Why so many shootings - over 20 shot in Baltimore City already now Columbia Rosa Luxemburg Jan 2014 #24
I have too yeoman6987 Jan 2014 #43
It's a nation of 300 million people CFLDem Jan 2014 #125
This is not the time to be pissed that people disobey the law? OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #69
It is not about people or laws, it all about gunz. hack89 Jan 2014 #73
Well, I think it is the time to be pissed no matter what. OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #76
Excellent time to be pissed. Nt hack89 Jan 2014 #81
It's time to get acclimated to the new normal. Crunchy Frog Jan 2014 #115
When is the time? Sheldon Cooper Jan 2014 #91
Crazy people aren't stopped by signs, unfortunately LiberalEsto Jan 2014 #7
Crazy people will not be stopped by metal detectors. former9thward Jan 2014 #48
Hope So otohara Jan 2014 #101
I think they break the laws to promote gun ownership personally. glinda Jan 2014 #11
I totally agree…the thrill isn't just in killing, it is in hopes of getting their way. Tikki Jan 2014 #19
Same reason they are killing wolves, etc.... glinda Jan 2014 #146
A sign isn't going to Keefer Jan 2014 #13
What the fuck are you on DU for? dbackjon Jan 2014 #45
Why should "the little people" obey the law? mindwalker_i Jan 2014 #62
Well said! Many horrific travesties go on each day by the monied and RKP5637 Jan 2014 #64
And by playing accoring to the rules mindwalker_i Jan 2014 #82
It's immoral to follow the law? OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #72
By following the law mindwalker_i Jan 2014 #80
You are 100% wrong. OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #86
The TPP has everything to do with this post mindwalker_i Jan 2014 #104
I as an individual person am not allowing any of this to keep happening. OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #112
I will NOT stop bringing the TPP into this mindwalker_i Jan 2014 #117
The TPP won't change the fact OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #120
Let me take each of these in turn... mindwalker_i Jan 2014 #126
I will. OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #135
"To quote you" mindwalker_i Jan 2014 #139
Gun Free Zones, and their ilk, ZombieHorde Jan 2014 #78
i don't understand shireen Jan 2014 #138
Sadly, shotguns are much more easily concealed than most people realize onenote Jan 2014 #156
I doubt somebody who isn't concerned about the laws regarding murder magical thyme Jan 2014 #140
From WRC-NBC4 DC LiberalEsto Jan 2014 #2
I'm starting to wonder if this isn't copy cat actions based on media attention. NutmegYankee Jan 2014 #3
Maybe. The cynic in me sees these as possible planned diversions to valerief Jan 2014 #10
I just hate how the media focuses on the killer. NutmegYankee Jan 2014 #15
I quite agree. Ours is a celebrity culture, and Anything qualifies. Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #54
So you're blaming President Obama...classy brooklynite Jan 2014 #33
Alex Jones bullshit. ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #53
"Possible planned diversions to keep the other stuff out of the headlines"? red dog 1 Jan 2014 #58
That's "aliens are in charge of the government" crazy you're peddling there muriel_volestrangler Jan 2014 #94
Why would they? ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #110
It certainly 2naSalit Jan 2014 #4
But aren't you billh58 Jan 2014 #14
Actually 2naSalit Jan 2014 #35
I should have billh58 Jan 2014 #41
CNN now saying 3 are dead charlie and algernon Jan 2014 #9
Msnbc says 3 dead. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #12
Hey America, HAD ENOUGH YET????? calimary Jan 2014 #16
"The suspect was found dead near a gun an ammunition, police said." LiberalEsto Jan 2014 #17
Damn, this is getting to be a daily event. Yet another WTF. I often wonder if this RKP5637 Jan 2014 #18
No place is safe spinbaby Jan 2014 #55
Just another day in America. Crunchy Frog Jan 2014 #20
the practical question that remains unanswered is, Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2014 #21
I think we need to assume the open carry activist is a crazed gunman Bjorn Against Jan 2014 #23
Excellent comment. There is no way to tell. GoneOffShore Jan 2014 #29
Awful beyond words ...AGAIN. This one hits home too abq e streeter Jan 2014 #22
In order to guarantee a well-regulated militia and countless homicidal maniacs? Divernan Jan 2014 #25
Maybe it needs to be rewritten to encompass the homicidal maniacs Crunchy Frog Jan 2014 #47
The expected NRA response... durablend Jan 2014 #26
Maryland has very strict gun laws bluestateguy Jan 2014 #27
LOL. tabasco Jan 2014 #31
This is true, some states may have some common sense regulation but no state is very restrictive Bjorn Against Jan 2014 #37
And while MD has very strict laws bluestateguy Jan 2014 #122
It is true that VA and WV have more lenient laws but it is easy to legally get guns in all 50 states Bjorn Against Jan 2014 #124
I hope no Holy Guns were hurt jpak Jan 2014 #28
The well-regulated militia strikes again! tabasco Jan 2014 #30
If this keeps up LiberalElite Jan 2014 #32
that would make barbtries Jan 2014 #97
We must start a national discourse godevil10 Jan 2014 #34
Other countries seem to be able to deal with guns the USA cannot Rosa Luxemburg Jan 2014 #40
The right-wing NRA billh58 Jan 2014 #46
Well stated! red dog 1 Jan 2014 #65
I'm sorry.. cilla4progress Jan 2014 #66
The right wing terrorist organization mus tbe stopped Rosa Luxemburg Jan 2014 #137
Bullshit. NYC_SKP Jan 2014 #145
We cannot just put guns on the table. godevil10 Jan 2014 #92
While we can talk about everything, we can not pretend that all factors are equal Bjorn Against Jan 2014 #42
Yes and behind those guns that murder in this fashion is godevil10 Jan 2014 #95
That violent person killed because they got their hands on a gun Bjorn Against Jan 2014 #102
That violent person killed because godevil10 Jan 2014 #105
Okay, let's assume that billh58 Jan 2014 #109
Bill, I for one would be willing to discuss any and all possible remedies. godevil10 Jan 2014 #148
You are, of course, correct billh58 Jan 2014 #152
Yes. We must obfuscate the gun violence issue Crunchy Frog Jan 2014 #51
Look, I don't believe for one minute godevil10 Jan 2014 #98
Okay. Obfuscation. Crunchy Frog Jan 2014 #100
Yes by all means let's not spend any godevil10 Jan 2014 #106
MSNBC: One dead person found near gun, ammunition brooklynite Jan 2014 #36
The strict gun law in Maryland means nothing when you have surrounding states that Lint Head Jan 2014 #38
Well said n/t brentspeak Jan 2014 #49
shooter is probably a teabagger AngryAmish Jan 2014 #39
best post ever sweetapogee Jan 2014 #153
Do you still think that? onenote Jan 2014 #154
Another day, another mass killing in America.. workinclasszero Jan 2014 #44
My sister's FB post: HughBeaumont Jan 2014 #50
This country is descending into madness. yuiyoshida Jan 2014 #77
This is what we have accepted. ForgoTheConsequence Jan 2014 #52
Yup gotta water that liberty tree workinclasszero Jan 2014 #150
But there hasn't been a single gun shooting at a school today (yet). BlueStreak Jan 2014 #56
Cue Gundamenralists saying it wasn't the gun in 5. . .4. . .3. . .2. . .1. . . Nanjing to Seoul Jan 2014 #57
Gun culture taking a break from shooting up schools. nt onehandle Jan 2014 #59
well it is the weekend after all pothos Jan 2014 #61
Time for Retail and mall lobby to battle the NRA. ErikJ Jan 2014 #60
Excellent point. OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #75
The only firearms Walmart and K-Mart sell are rifles, sked14 Jan 2014 #83
So? OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #89
We don't have a mall in this city that is anchored by a Walmart. ScreamingMeemie Jan 2014 #87
Your city isn't "every city" OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #93
Let me rephrase it (my post makes quite a bit of sense). ScreamingMeemie Jan 2014 #96
Yes, you know all about malls. Not. OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #103
Never said I did. I stick by my original statement. It's an oddity, not a regular thing. ScreamingMeemie Jan 2014 #107
You keep saying you're going to end the conversation, then you keep responding. OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #111
We have a WalMart smack dab in the middle of the local mall.(suburban Pittsburgh) Divernan Jan 2014 #119
sounds like *another* public suicide Sunlei Jan 2014 #63
If only everyone was packing these things wouldn't happen doc03 Jan 2014 #67
Look folks! Wayne LaPierre on DU! n/t durablend Jan 2014 #90
K&R...Thanks for posting. red dog 1 Jan 2014 #68
UPDATE: 4 others injured including one shot in foot NBC4 DC LiberalEsto Jan 2014 #70
Too close to home. Husband called at 11:50am to tell me he was fine (at work at mall complex) Neurotica Jan 2014 #71
Appears the weapon was a shotgun hack89 Jan 2014 #74
I have a friend who lives one mile from there. Lasher Jan 2014 #79
Good Lord shenmue Jan 2014 #84
Domestic dispute seveneyes Jan 2014 #85
Mass shootings - as American as apple pie! Dash87 Jan 2014 #88
Good grief Aerows Jan 2014 #99
No, actually you do not... Demo_Chris Jan 2014 #128
Uh, sure Aerows Jan 2014 #133
It really does not matter where you or I fall on the issue... Demo_Chris Jan 2014 #142
The answer is more guns. Everyone should carry a gun. Beacool Jan 2014 #108
Might help with the unemployment problem. OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #113
Child labor? Beacool Jan 2014 #123
Try reading my post again. OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #129
I know what you meant. Beacool Jan 2014 #131
OK, good! OrwellwasRight Jan 2014 #136
We are on the same page. Beacool Jan 2014 #143
Another UPDATE: 2 victims worked in the mall LiberalEsto Jan 2014 #114
Sounds like a jealous lover targeted his ex and new lover seveneyes Jan 2014 #116
It was a domestic situation and the guy who was jilted got even warrant46 Jan 2014 #130
Edited. Apparently there's an update. ScreamingMeemie Jan 2014 #132
Brianna Benlolo, 21, of College Park, Md warrant46 Jan 2014 #134
Do you have a link to back that up? onenote Jan 2014 #155
Instead of fire drills, employers/schools can have effing-crazy-gun-nut drills. Divernan Jan 2014 #118
Post removed Post removed Jan 2014 #121
har har so funny Skittles Jan 2014 #141
Post removed Post removed Jan 2014 #144
I was there just a couple of weeks ago. DCBob Jan 2014 #127
You know, crim son Jan 2014 #147
well you are wrong Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #151
Some final thoughs to go along with my other comments on this. godevil10 Jan 2014 #149
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