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4. Rich bastards
Sun Apr 22, 2012, 08:03 PM
Apr 2012

I'm not jealous or envious of rich people. I could give a rats ass about all their stuff.

What pisses me off is the concentration of wealth and how they have used their money and power to simply extract the money out of every enterprise they end up owning.

Vulture Capitalists, Predatory Capitalists. Sociopaths that gladly wipe out a company town in the name of ever more profits above all else.

The distribution of wealth figures for the last thirty to fifty years clearly show that their ever increasing slice of the pie is being taken from the share of the bottom 99%. Middle class income has grown 2-3% in the last 30 years while the wealthiest has seen their incomes grow in the neighborhood of 50-100% in the same time period.

They're already wealthy and want even more and have figured out a way to take it from working people.

Thom Hartmann has a clear understanding of how this came to be. Progressiveism and Progressive Taxation is the way out of this and all us lefties should school up on the principles of progressiveism as it relates to tax policy.

A return to progressive taxation will be welcome for all of us in the bottom 99%.

And it's due. Like Rachel says on her radio commercials - Trickle Down Economics has had a generation to work, and it simply DOESN'T! Enriching the already rich is asinine and stupid and hurts our country and our people..

And we now have one of the most outstanding Vulture Capitalists running for President and he's actually beating Obama in an occasional poll!

Just how fucking stupid are us average Americans, anyway? There should be riots in streets all over America from the filibuster of the Buffet Rule last week. I would guess 90% of Americans don't even know it came and went.

I really can't fathom why the Presidential race is even close. Romney should be utterly repellant to all but millionaires.

-90% Jimmy

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