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5. Error in wiring, doesn't allow the flexibility needed...
Tue Jun 28, 2022, 01:12 PM
Jun 2022

to adjust to new and changed conditions.

IMO that's a description of how the strict constructionist/republican/conservative brain functions, or dysfunctions if you will. And in a Black man it's quite ridiculous as it's glaringly obvious that a Black man insisting on the so-called original interpretation of the Constitution should've never accepted his nomination to the Court back in the '90s as he well knows that he would've been only three-fifths of a person to his mentor Justice Scalia, the one jurist he still refers to and the one jurist most responsible for extolling the etched-in-stone mindset of originalism, and he certainly should know that Scalia would not have considered him worthy of sitting next to him on the SCOTUS bench back when the Constitution was written.

So Uncle Clarence should cease with the pretend cosplay and step the fu_k down, or at least break the mind shackles and step out of the darkness of the right and move into the light.

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