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5. Talk about an understatement!
Sat Jun 16, 2012, 07:56 AM
Jun 2012

"I could go on, but the media does not favor the Democrats at all"

Forgive the hyperbole, but that's kind of like saying the Nazi party of the late 30's did not favor the Jewish community.

I'm not in any way critical of your post. I agree with it, it's just that we Democrats/Liberals/Progressives have been demonized all over the place in our "liberal media" for so long, the "Liberals want to give your hard earned money to the lazy" meme is now accepted as fact in the collective American Consciousness.

The meme that we even have a "Liberal Media" is also infuriating!

These wealthy that have purchased our Democracy so they can be even more greedy have certainly done a great job over the last thirty years, haven't they? To what end?

My bumper sticker once again


Thom Hartmann's been discussing this lately; We have human history, like the American Indians, that prove PROVE PROVE that humans can construct a just and fair and WAR-FREE society!

It is within our capacity as human beings to create a society where the opportunities for LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS are within the grasp of everyone! The current "I got mine and screw you" norms of modern America is not really the way we humans were designed to be! We're more social animals than predators, but the predatory class has taken over all our Institutions!

-90% Jimmy

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