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6. You bet your ass Grayson needs to be back
Thu Jun 21, 2012, 06:31 AM
Jun 2012

I put my modest money where my mouth is for Alan. I've been on a $10 a month plan with him for perhaps the last 6 months, and I'm fucking unemployed right now!

And I live in Connecticut.

Based on the recent Wisconsin results, we all have to be working a bit harder, my DU mates.

They got their fucking gigabucks AND GREED on their side, we have little more than our collective love for Democracy and the vision of what our country could be on our side.

Oh, one other thing, THERE'S 99% OF US AND 1% OF THEM!

If we can't take back our government with those numbers, we'll deserve our more work for less pay lives of economic servitude to our corporate overlords for the rest of our fucking lives.

And the satisfaction our inaction will inflict such a dismal Terry Gilliam's Brazil future on our children!

-90% Jimmy

sanctimoniously preaching to the DU choir, I guess?

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