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53. True Story Albuquerque, 1986
Sun Jul 8, 2018, 12:45 PM
Jul 2018

I was in my girlfriend’s back yard and a restaurant owner friend was visiting. We noticed a large sphere above us. Its surface was opaque and shimmering, at about 10,000 feet, as high as the Sandia mountains. It hovered and oscillated there about fifteen seconds. Then it shot northeast toward Placitas, turned on a dime, at about 60 degrees, and disappeared over the mountains in about two seconds. 12 miles in two seconds! Speed estimated at over 20,000 m.p.h.

I never have. Can I now claim to be a victim of "white guys who have have not seen UFO's?" dameatball Jul 2018 #1
I suppose if you need that moniker... Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #8
or underwater....or underground.....:) dameatball Jul 2018 #11
Heh heh. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #19
Probably not exactly what you're looking for... quickesst Jul 2018 #2
I HAVE THAT ON DVD!! Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #9
Good good for you quickesst Jul 2018 #29
I was wondering what to watch tonight, I'm going to go find this! pnwest Jul 2018 #33
I first saw it years ago.... quickesst Jul 2018 #36
If you found it.... quickesst Jul 2018 #78
Here: dixiegrrrrl Jul 2018 #86
Thanks for the recommend quickesst! Watched "Out of the Blue" last nite on youtube. Va Lefty Jul 2018 #45
You're very welcome quickesst Jul 2018 #77
Unfortunately "Out of the Blue" PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2018 #83
The Phoenix Lights debunked quickesst Jul 2018 #87
'I Know What I Saw' FULL SHOW Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #95
Exactly quickesst Jul 2018 #96
My thoughts as well. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #97
Debunked? When did that happen? Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #93
A simple on-line search shows many debunkings. PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2018 #98
Nah Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #99
By the same token, PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2018 #100
As an aside, for any/all you non-believers out there... ADX Jul 2018 #3
I saw that as well. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #13
I haven't but would love to... wcmagumba Jul 2018 #4
Tonight sounds like a blanket in the yard night...for old times? I have to bring out binoculars Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #14
A great banket in the yard night East to West Mars Saturn Jupiter Venus IADEMO2004 Jul 2018 #30
Is the moon canetoad Jul 2018 #39
On a side note... wcmagumba Jul 2018 #5
Very interesting. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #15
This is from CSPAN -In-Depth April 2, 2017 Upthevibe Jul 2018 #82
I have Lunabell Jul 2018 #6
Wow! Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #16
Years ago when I was young... Kaleva Jul 2018 #7
Hmm. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #17
Have no idea. Kaleva Jul 2018 #40
Yes. I previously wrote all about it in this thread Downtown Hound Jul 2018 #10
That is So cool! Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #20
I don't remember exactly what time of evening it was Downtown Hound Jul 2018 #46
An incredible recounting. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #47
AND Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #49
I think we might also ask....."Do you want to see one." I think I would. dameatball Jul 2018 #12
Rim Shots?? Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #18
Thought we did one time @ 40(?) years ago BUT rurallib Jul 2018 #21
Ahhh ha. Good story. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #23
One of my first memories ever was of a silver flying saucer. Laffy Kat Jul 2018 #22
Freaky! Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #24
No, I didn't draw a picture. Laffy Kat Jul 2018 #27
Nobody uses spacecraft larger than a grain of sand. hunter Jul 2018 #25
That's some crazy shit right there!! Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #26
Yes... Mike Nelson Jul 2018 #28
Nutty. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #41
Given all of these sitings from the pre-tech era lordsummerisle Jul 2018 #31
Not really Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #65
Or maybe the aliens have sensed all of the cameras out there lordsummerisle Jul 2018 #76
I think you hit upon the issue qazplm135 Jul 2018 #81
In Aug 2015 while flying over JoeOtterbein Jul 2018 #32
Vortex Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #42
I saw a shape-changing UFO, while I was on my bicycle. Archae Jul 2018 #34
Yes Lake Berryessa California August 1970 kimbutgar Jul 2018 #35
Do tell! Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #43
I was with 6 others sleeping in a cabin with an outside screened sleeping deck at night time kimbutgar Jul 2018 #50
I hope you write down your sighting. I encourage folks to paint or draw a picture of it. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #52
I saw something odd MFM008 Jul 2018 #37
What was it you think? Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #44
1980 MFM008 Jul 2018 #57
Hmm. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #66
All my friends saw spaceships and martians LeftInTX Jul 2018 #38
I thought it was a dream. peekaloo Jul 2018 #48
Indeed! Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #67
I wish I could TEB Jul 2018 #51
True Story Albuquerque, 1986 Ponietz Jul 2018 #53
Could you estimate the size? Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #68
50' diameter Ponietz Jul 2018 #88
welcome to DU gopiscrap Jul 2018 #89
Much appreciated, what a great resource! Ponietz Jul 2018 #90
saw the classic flying saucer NJCher Jul 2018 #54
Uniquely satisfying it sounds like. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #69
My old man and I saw one, and coincidentally, it was truly blue. Decoy of Fenris Jul 2018 #55
My gods Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #70
Yeah, both the object and the lack of -emitted- light was way weird. Decoy of Fenris Jul 2018 #73
Right on. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #84
I have... Trueblue Texan Jul 2018 #56
What as your experience?? Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #71
Out Of The Blue video left-of-center2012 Jul 2018 #58
Years ago we were at my mother's house that sits in the middle of a big field. shraby Jul 2018 #59
O...M...G!!! Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #72
Too bad we were so busy asking each other what it was instead of grabbing the camera. shraby Jul 2018 #74
No. Why do you ask, make that a blue margarita, please. marble falls Jul 2018 #60
Yes. Its hiding out at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, DC. marble falls Jul 2018 #61
Marg Moregarita, por fovor. marble falls Jul 2018 #62
Yes I have. Kingofalldems Jul 2018 #63
Nope ailsagirl Jul 2018 #64
I've seen flying objects that I couldn't identify. Iggo Jul 2018 #75
My husband is an investigator for MUFON Beaverhausen Jul 2018 #79
That's a fact. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #85
I had a blind date with a girl who had seen a UFO. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jul 2018 #80
I now live near Roswell and White Sands missle range MosheFeingold Jul 2018 #91
My guess is we Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #92
Not a UFO but I've had night terrors where I'm paralyzed and surrounded by what appears to be Floyd R. Turbo Jul 2018 #94
I never have, but my husband and a few friends who were hiking into sycamore canyon notdarkyet Jul 2018 #101
I'm bookmarking this thread so I can look up other videos to watch after I see "Out of the Blue." NBachers Jul 2018 #102
I have several others if you run out of dvds. All pretty in depth. Thanks for the bookmark. Crutchez_CuiBono Jul 2018 #103
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