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Bertha Venation

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7. I would like to see that oboe.
Mon Mar 30, 2015, 05:08 PM
Mar 2015

I can picture her attack. Were you wounded by the reed when she hit the oboe?

Hildegard OriginalGeek Mar 2015 #1
OG, I wish I had known her. Bertha Venation Mar 2015 #2
Yes she did and she was. OriginalGeek Mar 2015 #4
Dachshunds are really police dogs in disguise. Laffy Kat Mar 2015 #22
them strangers needed bitin'! OriginalGeek Mar 2015 #25
Yep. And they weren't just little nips either! nt Laffy Kat Mar 2015 #28
My Siamese cat, Yum Yum, who loved me unconditionally yet hated everyone else catbyte Mar 2015 #3
I would like to see that oboe. Bertha Venation Mar 2015 #7
No, but she was ferocious in attacking the bell, lol. Tiny little teethmarks all around it. catbyte Mar 2015 #10
My late feline niece Morgan 47of74 Mar 2015 #5
Cantankerous pets get into our hearts Bertha Venation Mar 2015 #8
Towards the end of her ninth life, Kwan Yin gave me a solid 45-minute lick fest! KamaAina Mar 2015 #6
KA, that does hurt. A lot. Bertha Venation Mar 2015 #9
One of my sweet kitty boys (gone for a few years now) liked to lick my hand... Arugula Latte Mar 2015 #32
This guy, Charles (R.I.P., 1974-1995): The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2015 #11
was a sweet looking boy fizzgig Mar 2015 #29
Charles looks a lot like our Moose. Bertha Venation Apr 2015 #39
He wasn't huge, but substantial; maybe 12-13 lbs. The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2015 #44
That's sweet. Bertha Venation Apr 2015 #47
Max, our second German Shepherd trof Mar 2015 #12
I have a dog I named Maximillian Lil Missy Mar 2015 #14
OMG he's adorable. Laffy Kat Mar 2015 #24
He's beautiful, Trof. Bertha Venation Apr 2015 #40
Our black cat Fudgie... mithnanthy Mar 2015 #13
How sweet! Bertha Venation Apr 2015 #41
When I was a kid, we had a dog Nemo cloudbase Mar 2015 #15
What kind of dog was Nemo? n/t Bertha Venation Apr 2015 #42
He was what we called a "Heinz." cloudbase Apr 2015 #52
Dh and I got a puppy MissB Mar 2015 #16
That's odd. I wonder what it was Bertha Venation Apr 2015 #43
Most of the time MissB Apr 2015 #61
My dog, a 65 lb retriever, cat, bunny and turtle were all friends. I have a photo of them all Dont call me Shirley Mar 2015 #17
Bunny-herding cat -- ha! Bertha Venation Apr 2015 #48
When our first bunny died, our cat herded a stray Californian Rabbit home. He Dont call me Shirley Apr 2015 #56
Our only dog was a Dalmation we named "Meson." Anyone knowing any physics can figure that one out! CaliforniaPeggy Mar 2015 #18
Did she get her name because she was unstable? The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2015 #19
Nope! CaliforniaPeggy Mar 2015 #20
They are also inherently unstable. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2015 #21
OK. CaliforniaPeggy Mar 2015 #23
LB, solid black cat back in Austin Skittles Mar 2015 #26
Wow! Bertha Venation Apr 2015 #49
it was wood Skittles Apr 2015 #55
OMZ, how much time you got?!1 The most recent was a few minutes ago UTUSN Mar 2015 #27
A true watchdog. Bertha Venation Apr 2015 #50
he's cute! nastynaven Mar 2015 #30
He really was, nastynaven. Bertha Venation Apr 2015 #51
i've got a few sweet boys that i miss especially fizzgig Mar 2015 #31
I have so many. Pets who were memorable because they were good, and pets who were horrible. hunter Mar 2015 #33
I miss petting my dog Keisha's tummy shenmue Mar 2015 #34
We had a cat named Clancy who had a habit of vanlassie Mar 2015 #35
I have a million of them... lunamagica Apr 2015 #36
This one used to dance with me on his hind legs. Died suddenly in 2004 sinkingfeeling Apr 2015 #37
OMG he looks like a stuffed toy Skittles Apr 2015 #46
Our Emily. murielm99 Apr 2015 #38
hey Bertha Skittles Apr 2015 #45
what a fine looking brood fizzgig Apr 2015 #53
I miss the old guy Skittles Apr 2015 #54
My dog Tessa would always be waiting for me at the foot of the hill coming home from school. bluedigger Apr 2015 #57
Cyan, little light blue parakeet with a huge personality. Xyzse Apr 2015 #58
A few of mine. Tommy_Carcetti Apr 2015 #59
For me it's a toss up mythology Apr 2015 #60
My cat was a firefighter IrishEyes Apr 2015 #62
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