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35. Not to worry. My massive ego actually enjoys being bested! At least when it's for such a grand
Sun Nov 16, 2014, 11:31 PM
Nov 2014

cause as support of President Barack Hussein Obama. I dunno.... maybe I can skate or skip rope or mop floors or chew gum or SOMETHING! better than you, dear heart. But when it comes to more important matters, you and Sheshe are peerless.

great pics and great post, as always Cha ! steve2470 Nov 2014 #1
Koalas are cuddly, steve.. :) As an aside the President gave Cha Nov 2014 #3
gotta love those marsupials . . . ucrdem Nov 2014 #2
Koalas sleep 22 hours a day.. maybe that's why these are so perky!? Cha Nov 2014 #5
I'm lucky if I get that much sleep in aweek lately~ sheshe2 Nov 2014 #13
Yeah, you have a job, she.. the Koalas and I are Retired.. And, do we ever! Cha Nov 2014 #14
Obama's speech in Brisbane ! steve2470 Nov 2014 #4
Mahalo Steve.. just what this thread needed! Cha Nov 2014 #6
mahalo Cha, all the best to you and your family ! steve2470 Nov 2014 #7
The best to you and your fam, steve.. I put the link to your Vid post in the OP with Cha Nov 2014 #9
Ooh! Thanks! freshwest Nov 2014 #23
Thanks, Cha, for this perfect ending to my busy day. lamp_shade Nov 2014 #8
Aloha, lamp_shade! So glad you got to see this Cha Nov 2014 #10
I hadn't seen some of those. CBHagman Nov 2014 #11
You're quite Welcome, CBHagman! Cha Nov 2014 #12
I just got home and have not had a chance to watch the speech. sheshe2 Nov 2014 #15
Mahalo She.. the Students who heard it.. evidently, by their Tweets thought is was Cha Nov 2014 #16
Great pics, Cha! ReRe Nov 2014 #18
Hey~LOL~ sheshe2 Nov 2014 #19
LOVE this! montana_hazeleyes Nov 2014 #24
Oops. meant to reply to OP. montana_hazeleyes Nov 2014 #25
No problem! Cha Nov 2014 #33
Glad you love it, montana_hazeleyes! Cha Nov 2014 #27
From what I've read, koalas are not the coziest creatures on the planet either. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #37
As usual Cha, you never disappoint. What a great thread. Has our media mentioned his great monmouth4 Nov 2014 #17
American media are busy protecting the Republican lies that are rapidly catching up to them, so, no Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #20
Exactly Fred Sanders! "so of course they will ignore this magnifient speech concentrating on Cha Nov 2014 #30
I haven't watched American media since Nov 2002, monmouth.. but, I've heard things on DU Cha Nov 2014 #28
Thank you Thank you This made my day. oldandhappy Nov 2014 #21
Mahalo to you, oldandhappy.. for Appreciating it! Cha Nov 2014 #29
Obama: The Koala Whisperer! And LOL at Australia vs. Canada for first dibs. Good stuff. freshwest Nov 2014 #22
I like that, freshwest! "Obama: The Koala Whisperer"! Thank you for watching the speech, fresh! Cha Nov 2014 #31
Oh, Cha! The first time in ages I thought of a BOG OP and you scooped me! IrishAyes Nov 2014 #26
Oh IrishAyes! I'm sorry! I know you feel about getting all ready to do an OP and it's Cha Nov 2014 #32
Not to worry. My massive ego actually enjoys being bested! At least when it's for such a grand IrishAyes Nov 2014 #35
I know.. you can most certainly write better than I, IrishAyes! Such vivid detail! Cha Nov 2014 #38
You're too kind. Perhaps not entirely correct, but kind nonetheless. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #40
Just being factual, imv.. You deserve Props, Irish! Cha Nov 2014 #42
"Wham Bam" Front Page of Sunday Mail in Australia! Cha Nov 2014 #34
Yes, I heard him say how much he likes that expression. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #36
Leave it to the Aussies, Irish! A whole other language.. :) Cha Nov 2014 #43
Like kids, koalas just know treestar Nov 2014 #39
Kids and Koalas, treestar! They just know.. Cha Nov 2014 #41
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