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Sat May 18, 2024, 01:42 PM May 18

Anyone really happy on traditional Medicare? [View all]

One of the happiest days was getting my card in the mail. Its nice to go to see a Dr and not pay $60 upfront co-pay. I can't afford a Medigap.

Anyone else so happy with Medicare? Thank you Dems

ETA several Drs warned me about Advantage and keep traditional. I know some here just love their MA plans, that's great, but I'm following my Drs" advice

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I'm very happy with mine. flying_wahini May 18 #1
Me too XanaDUer2 May 18 #3
And ears. Nt leftieNanner May 18 #28
Read where someone is trying to add dental to Medicare vapor2 May 18 #101
I'm very happy with it. Glorfindel May 18 #2
When I worked b4 I became disabled XanaDUer2 May 18 #5
Happy here,,,, KarenS May 18 #4
Could not be any happier. multigraincracker May 18 #6
I've been quite satisfied with it. Ocelot II May 18 #7
Glad too XanaDUer2 May 18 #8
I'm happy with it. Irish_Dem May 18 #9
Due to tmj XanaDUer2 May 18 #12
Yes dental problems are the worst. Irish_Dem May 18 #15
I can't help you with the dental bills, but Give Peace A Chance May 18 #70
Yes Good RX helps, but still my meds are expensive. Irish_Dem May 18 #82
Try singlecare too. Can be cheaper amuse bouche May 18 #84
Costco Ojerly May 18 #96
We have Humana (HMO-POS) babsbunny May 18 #10
Is that gap insurance? XanaDUer2 May 18 #11
Yes yes and yes montanacowboy May 18 #13
We have it with the AARP supplement Freddie May 18 #14
MA is private insurance companies? XanaDUer2 May 18 #21
Yup. soldierant May 18 #88
Yes its all about the Benjamins XanaDUer2 May 18 #90
My wife is a retired RN who did case management her last seven years. Mr.Bill May 18 #92
My mother has traditional Medicare plus a supplement. She loves it. arkielib May 18 #16
I'm sticking with traditional XanaDUer2 May 18 #18
Medicare Parts A, B, D, & G QED May 18 #17
I have MA. MOMFUDSKI May 18 #19
Yup XanaDUer2 May 18 #20
We love our MA here in FL Katinfl May 18 #58
That's great XanaDUer2 May 18 #77
Probably will depend on where you move in NC unc70 May 20 #114
Charlotte area Katinfl May 21 #115
If you are happy, tha's what matters. Personally, I'd be a nervous wreck without a Medigap. Silent Type May 18 #22
I had back surgery by the best in the county MOMFUDSKI May 18 #24
I really can't afford it but I'm thinking of it XanaDUer2 May 18 #25
I don't love paying the premium. Demobrat May 18 #86
Yes I am duckworth969 May 18 #23
Agreed nt XanaDUer2 May 18 #26
I am very happy LetMyPeopleVote May 18 #27
I'm very happy with original Medicare. Lonestarblue May 18 #29
I'm seeking a specialist now XanaDUer2 May 18 #32
Yes. It may be a good idea to let your primary care doctor know so you can share records with a specialist if needed. Lonestarblue May 18 #37
Thanks its the same practice XanaDUer2 May 18 #39
I am very happy. I have the AARP plan G supplement Demobrat May 18 #40
Yes! Very happy. I checked the MA and decided to stay with regular. keithbvadu2 May 18 #30
My MA DownriverDem May 18 #108
Coolblue rwalt May 18 #31
Traditional with supplemental infullview May 18 #33
I'm really going to consider it XanaDUer2 May 18 #34
I have the AARP supplement. You must be an AARP Demobrat May 18 #42
Saw the report recently about a hospital stay. Arne May 18 #35
Wow XanaDUer2 May 18 #41
My friend's colon cancer treatment cost more than that. Demobrat May 18 #43
On traditional? XanaDUer2 May 18 #44
Yes, I updated my post. Demobrat May 18 #45
Happy for him XanaDUer2 May 18 #46
I don't either. My sister has a Humana Advantage Plan. Demobrat May 18 #51
This is what I fear XanaDUer2 May 18 #52
Yes but it could be improved and expanded to everyone. Voltaire2 May 18 #36
Agreed 1000% XanaDUer2 May 18 #38
Agreed moose65 May 18 #55
I see that, too XanaDUer2 May 18 #60
Advantage Plans are fine Demobrat May 18 #83
"If the insurance company agrees" you need the care XanaDUer2 May 18 #87
I wouldn't count on it. But that's just me. Demobrat May 18 #89
Nor mine XanaDUer2 May 18 #91
Yes, very happy! Timeflyer May 18 #47
Hell yes! Medicare and Medigap Plan G! Auggie May 18 #48
I have the same. llmart May 18 #59
Plan G is the main reason I'm waiting to collect Social Security until 70 Auggie May 18 #100
$70K with advantage? dpibel May 18 #105
I don't remember me ever saying a thing about Medicare Advantage. llmart May 18 #111
So you're comparing with no coverage? dpibel May 18 #112
The thread is actually asking is anyone happy with traditional Medicare. llmart May 19 #113
The problem with traditional Medicare DownriverDem May 18 #49
Yup XanaDUer2 May 18 #50
I am. elleng May 18 #53
Wonderful XanaDUer2 May 18 #54
Love the Traditional Medicare Dan May 18 #56
My Mother is happy with Medicare kwijybo May 18 #57
Traditional Medicare with a supplement and Silver Script for Rx. Good RX or pharmacy discount plans are much better, nature-lover May 18 #61
My pharmacy rund goodrx XanaDUer2 May 18 #62
If mine is a refill, I get the discount. If it is a new one or I am out of refills, I have to ask. nature-lover May 18 #99
Kick for saving..i face a choice in 2 years Demovictory9 May 18 #63
Here's something XanaDUer2 May 18 #64
Yes. No more astronomical deductibles MaryMagdaline May 18 #65
My wife has had many medical bills lately--very happy and.............. NGeorgian May 18 #66
Happy with mine Tree Lady May 18 #67
Very happy just wish it was free ampm May 18 #68
Just went to a doctor appointment with a friend who is on regular Medicare. Hope22 May 18 #69
I have seen the receptionist's eyes light up Demobrat May 18 #95
Happy, but snowybirdie May 18 #71
The only thing wrong? Republicans hate it Bobstandard May 18 #72
I'm pro anything theyre against XanaDUer2 May 18 #75
If you can't afford a Medigap plan plus a standalone Part D plan, and a dental and vision plan, dlk May 18 #73
Absolutely. Susan Calvin May 18 #74
I have to have Medicare supplemental or I get fined Quanto Magnus May 18 #76
Happy here Turbineguy May 18 #78
It is for too many ppl nt XanaDUer2 May 18 #79
i think biden wants to et tu May 18 #80
You know whos XanaDUer2 May 18 #81
I've worked in the insurance field soldierant May 18 #85
From an article I read Ojerly May 18 #93
There is an fb group Labor for Traditional Medicare mahina May 18 #94
After reading up on it, MA is more of a HMO and it was less risky to pay the Part B for better coverage. keithbvadu2 May 18 #97
Thank. You nt XanaDUer2 May 18 #98
medicare pamdb May 18 #102
All good with traditional. kairos12 May 18 #103
100% vapor2 May 18 #104
Until we improve traditional Medicare -- assuming that is even in cards -- talk of banning MA is unfair to the 51% of Silent Type May 18 #106
I didn't say it should be banned XanaDUer2 May 18 #107
Thanks for bringing up this topic, XanaDUer2. I am looking into this now. SupportSanity May 18 #109
Very happy with A B D and G supplemental Desert grandma May 18 #110
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