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15. The difference is that science is self correcting, to account for human fallibility...
Fri Dec 30, 2011, 04:04 PM
Dec 2011

religion is not. Yes, individuals of both groups are susceptible to dogmatism, however, unlike in religion, science doesn't develop "followers" without hard evidence to back up theories and ideas. Those in the profession who are dogmatic end up being discredited sometime in the future if their ideas don't match with the evidence.

Generally, over time, the scientific method leads to wide reaching consensus with the repeatability of experiments and the conclusions drawn from observation, religion goes in the opposite direction, leading to further fragmentation and discord. Think of the many denominations of Christianity alone, all drawing inspiration from a single book, yet there are tens of thousands of these groups that, in many cases, simply don't agree on some of the most basic of doctrines.

I also don't really agree with your definition of faith, the problem is the inexact nature of that use, I have confidence in things such as the gravitational constant, speed of light in a vacuum, etc. but I certainly don't have faith that those constants are constant, I have evidence and observation to back it up.

The point of skeptical inquiry is to keep an open mind, but also to withhold judgement until evidence comes in to support an idea, theory, or proposition. The question of a deity is a classic one, withholding judgement means not believing the claims made by others without evidence, that doesn't mean a deity is impossible, just unlikely, and certain definitions of deity are internally inconsistent and can't exist.

Setting human limitations... [View all] Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 OP
Thanks tama Dec 2011 #1
I view religion as a mental phenomenon... Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 #2
Mental and social phenomena tama Dec 2011 #3
The difference is that science is self correcting, to account for human fallibility... Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 #15
Self correcting tama Dec 2011 #20
And that's why I don't use faith to describe my confidence in those things... Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 #25
Based on previous experience tama Dec 2011 #27
Science can't answer everything... Eliminator Dec 2011 #4
Clearly religion can never replace science. rrneck Dec 2011 #6
I don't think science will replace religion... cleanhippie Dec 2011 #9
Absolutely. rrneck Dec 2011 #13
+1 cleanhippie Dec 2011 #8
which is why it's the God of the gaps deacon_sephiroth Dec 2011 #10
God of the gaps tama Dec 2011 #14
Glad to see the name Henry Drummond mentioned in this forum a quite amazing man. Leontius Dec 2011 #21
In your attempt to discuss human limitations you raise 2 spurious issues: fear and religion. Jim__ Dec 2011 #5
Plato's Sophist tama Dec 2011 #16
Well, apparently, we can understand the world we live in through "other ways of knowing" cleanhippie Dec 2011 #7
and I think that's the point of the day (week? month? century?) deacon_sephiroth Dec 2011 #11
Many examples have been given tama Dec 2011 #18
I am really confused here. cbayer Dec 2011 #19
Since we seem able to design machinery to significantly expand the ability of the brain rrneck Dec 2011 #12
I think the only limits on our capabilities are those imposed on us by the laws of physics... Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 #17
I'd like to join your "cautiously optimistic" view of the world, and MarkCharles Dec 2011 #22
I don't think religion will go away, rather I think its influence on society will steadily... Humanist_Activist Dec 2011 #23
Good thoughts there! I don't object to people getting together on Sundays MarkCharles Dec 2011 #24
I agree wholeheartedly how dare someone think they are right the arrogant bastards Leontius Dec 2011 #26
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