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9. Bart Ehrman does a great job of explaining Revelation.
Sat Oct 14, 2023, 10:16 AM
Oct 2023

I've watched several of his You Tube videos but have not read his books. He explains the use of 666 in Revelation, along with the imagery.

Elaine Pagels, another prominent scholar on Biblical history, has also written about Revelation in a book by the same name, but in the plural, Revelations. It covers and compares religious "revelations." I have not read it, but I have seen her discuss it on You Tube.

Ehrman has talked about how he went from being a Christian literalist to becoming an atheist through his studies. He uses humor often when pointing out historical facts vs. religious teachings, but in his You Tube interviews and seminars, he is not hostile to religion in general. He does speak out, though, about the political ones that use religion to attack "the other." I have only watched his free interviews and talks as a guest at various places, which are also free. He also does online seminars that he charges a moderate fee for, but donates the fees to charity.

Pagels is a historian who puts facts above beliefs and doctrines, and could be called "spiritual but not religious." She does not call herself an atheist, but also is not a doctrinaire religionist. Like Ehrman, she has a good sense of humor regarding facts vs. teachings and beliefs. Her humor is dryer and more subtle than Ehrman's, often expressed in just a facial expression when asked certain questions in interviews. She comes across as a humble, sincere, caring person with scholarly integrity.

I know how you feel, BlueKota. arkielib Oct 2023 #1
It's hard to walk away from something that was a part of your life BlueKota Oct 2023 #2
Same with the Baptists and other evangelicals. They have lost all credibility. arkielib Oct 2023 #3
In some ways, that kind of teaching in Catholicism wnylib Oct 2023 #15
I always had the feeling that what they taught in the school BlueKota Oct 2023 #16
Early childhood teachings are hard to break away from. wnylib Oct 2023 #17
Joseph Campbell with whom Bill Moyers held a series of discussions on The Power of Myth, summer_in_TX Nov 2023 #23
An Orthodox ☦️ priest reminded me a long time ago that after we are afforded the sprinkleeninow Oct 2023 #4
Thank you! BlueKota Oct 2023 #20
Well, in the Lutheran church that I grew up in, wnylib Oct 2023 #5
Thank you so much. BlueKota Oct 2023 #12
Have you read Armageddon by Bart Ehrman? tanyev Oct 2023 #6
This sounds fascinating. ShazzieB Oct 2023 #7
He's written quite a few books in a similar vein. tanyev Oct 2023 #8
I recommend looking up Bart Ehrman on You Tube. There are wnylib Oct 2023 #11
Bart Ehrman does a great job of explaining Revelation. wnylib Oct 2023 #9
I have not read it yet BlueKota Oct 2023 #13
It's true that mankind's ability to destroy has far outpaced the ability tanyev Oct 2023 #19
Many years ago -- more years than I care to admit -- I read a theory that Revelations was actually shrike3 Oct 2023 #18
Does God change His mind? WDLAL Oct 2023 #10
Thank you! BlueKota Oct 2023 #14
Some very different thoughts on Armageddon: progressive, sensible, Biblical, anti-war hvn_nbr_2 Nov 2023 #21
Fascinating - and different from any interpretation I've heard before. summer_in_TX Nov 2023 #22
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