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Jack Rabbit

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170. We're not even looking at the election the same way
Sun Feb 21, 2016, 06:06 PM
Feb 2016

We Sandernistas see something fundamentally wrong with the American political system (i.e., "it's broken&quot . Democrats, and coincidentally Democrats from the corporatist wing of the party, gladly take money from Big Banking, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Defense, etc., and go out and vote for their interests on the House or Senate floor. Before they do that, they make sure their asses are covered along with their benefactors' asses and pass a law that distinguishes a campaign contribution from bribe. That's very important, mostly because our broken system wouldn't work without making that distinction. Did I just say that a broken system works? How does that happen? Well, making a distinction without a difference is one way.

For us, we are involved in this process to fix what's wrong with it. Over at Camp Weathervane, they seem to think that only Republicans are corrupt and any Democrat who takes money from banksters just can't wait to get into office and stab them in the back. Just like Bill Clinton did when he signed banking deregulation, just like Barack Obama did when he appointed an attorney general who treated Legs Dimon and Pretty Boy Lloyd with kid gloves instead sending them to prison where they belong.

This seems to be a good place to remind everyone that a study from Princeton University concludes that American is now an oligarchy and not a democracy. The politicians we vote for to represent us in legislative bodies at all level listen not to the voters b the donors who contribute bribes to their re-election campaigns. That is a succinct description of how the American political is broken. Until we change it, it's broken.

There is a difference between Republicans and Democrats, but it's not a significant difference at this moment in history. Democrats are more likely to support marriage equality or abortion rights or to decry a cop who blows away a black teenager because . . . well, just because. President Hillary Clinton can fix those problems, but if she doesn't take on Wall Street banks then American will almost certainly be worse off when she leaves office than it is today. The gay couple that gets married today won't think it's as much of a blessing if they can never afford a house together. The woman who gets 100 cents for every dollar a man with a similar job descriptions gets won't really care if her job and the man's are shipped to China.

However, the residents of DU's Camp Weathervane won't be concerned when the income gap widens under President Hillary Clinton because they will still the election of 2016 as a great success as long as she wins in the end. And that's part of the problem. For them, the election is an end. For us, it's just one of many events that will affect the outcome of the struggle to restore American democracy from its destruction at the hands of corrupt corporate oligarchs and their political stooges. Like their candidate, the corporate wing of the Democratic Party is only concerned about the next election. We are concerned about Americans' long term future. We will fight on, regardless of what transpires between now and November, long after to November to right the wrongs that have bee visited upon by every president starting with Reagan and the voodoo economics that each and every one of them regardless of party (yes, you read that right) has advanced.

We certainly cannot depend on our elected representatives, ordinary politicians who are as only worried about keeping their jobs as the rest of us. They're corrupt and listen to their donors, not to us. The prescription to change the system and restore democracy will involve direct action. I would like to emphasize that our foes are the oligarchs and not their political stooges. Once the oligarchs are defeated, all the corrupt politicians who have too little imagination to contemplate a world where they don't just take money from a Wall Street fraud monger or an industrial polluter and do as they say won't know what to do. Perhaps they'll just go away and spend more time with their families. That will be best for all concerned.

No, people. We are the Knights on white horses for whom we have been waiting. Now charge those monsters. You'll discover that they're only paper tigers and windmills.


Unfortunately..... daleanime Feb 2016 #1
Damn SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #28
It's the gap between liberals and moderate conservatives. frylock Feb 2016 #41
Damn, I was wrong again SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #122
Our idealism is pragmatic. It is the only way we see Ed Suspicious Feb 2016 #131
It's not pragmatic when it would result in Dems woolldog Feb 2016 #149
Paranoia. MisterFred Feb 2016 #158
You're certainly entitled to your opinion, sir. woolldog Feb 2016 #164
And to follow up to MrFred SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #179
Wow, really? Beartracks Feb 2016 #251
I have never heard of a Republican anywhere who would vote for her AgingAmerican Feb 2016 #285
Lol. Do the research. cali Feb 2016 #287
I know of two moderate Republicans who are now supporting HRC. And they'd Liberal_Stalwart71 Feb 2016 #299
I think that a lot of Hillary fans are just afraid of change. JDPriestly Feb 2016 #254
The problem is that if big money has a lock on elections, Rebkeh Feb 2016 #197
Unfortunately logic is lost with some people. But willful ignorance? Phlem Feb 2016 #300
Good advice, that. Nt Rebkeh Feb 2016 #302
sadly, HRC is the choice that will lead to Trump -- it's math. anyone can add it up. nashville_brook Feb 2016 #212
Obviously, woolldog Feb 2016 #220
Right concern... daleanime Feb 2016 #219
Did you even read what you wrote before you clicked "Post my Reply"? MattSh Feb 2016 #265
.... woolldog Feb 2016 #290
I could care less what the party designation is if it's not LIBERALS in control. Lizzie Poppet Feb 2016 #305
Too right! I have said from the beginning that Hillary is by far Bernie's toughest opponent. Dustlawyer Feb 2016 #267
There is a gap between pragmatic Democrats and cynical Democrats tularetom Feb 2016 #139
When your wrongs keep adding up, it's time to look at where we are in the most corrupt campaign.. MrMickeysMom Feb 2016 #153
+1 Ed Suspicious Feb 2016 #166
No its a contest between pragmatic traditional Democratic values vs. continued right wing ologarchy LiberalLovinLug Feb 2016 #209
See what they did there? JohnnyRingo Feb 2016 #226
"Pragmatism"= "we don't want to fight the GOP, because we hold the same positions Lorien Feb 2016 #232
Pragmatism is an excuse to accept a corrupt culture that has given us 16 million children living in rhett o rick Feb 2016 #237
+1 applegrove Feb 2016 #241
Your response proves cali's point, I'm afraid RufusTFirefly Feb 2016 #174
Yet TeddyR Feb 2016 #189
Decades of corporate propaganda have paid off RufusTFirefly Feb 2016 #198
Really? timmymoff Feb 2016 #243
Your comment is incorrect based on the popular vote totals already taken. tonybgood Feb 2016 #270
no, here it is most defintely a team thing Skittles Feb 2016 #234
The gap between Dem establishment and the left... HooptieWagon Feb 2016 #185
Welcome Hooptie SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #194
Burn those bridges! HooptieWagon Feb 2016 #208
How wrong do you want to be? SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #211
I did not state my decision, so don't put words in my mouth. HooptieWagon Feb 2016 #213
"They see no difference" SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #215
If you want the lefts votes, you have to earn them. HooptieWagon Feb 2016 #217
Alright Hooptie SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #222
That made me laugh timmymoff Feb 2016 #245
Need to read your history SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #273
I need to learn history? timmymoff Feb 2016 #283
No credible analyst or study SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #284
again. timmymoff Feb 2016 #289
Agree, 100%! chwaliszewski Feb 2016 #228
you might want to delete your post grasswire Feb 2016 #239
What is a "D"emocrat? daleanime Feb 2016 #227
This class war isn't between Democrats and Republicons. The class war is between the rhett o rick Feb 2016 #238
The gap between Sanders and Clinton is far greater than the gap between Clinton and the Doctor_J Feb 2016 #262
What's at stake. Kittycat Feb 2016 #56
I think you may be right... freebrew Feb 2016 #168
Exactly, in will be the SOS! n/t RKP5637 Feb 2016 #187
When Citizens Suffer BDS - The Results Are Completely Predictable cantbeserious Feb 2016 #2
How to do the addition HassleCat Feb 2016 #3
You are making the point. cali Feb 2016 #9
^^^ This. Eleanors38 Feb 2016 #70
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #85
Sounds like a protection racket NowSam Feb 2016 #117
How UnDemocratic & selfish of you, 99th_Monkey Feb 2016 #134
You are right. What was I thinking? nt NowSam Feb 2016 #150
God, I can't wait till Bernie fires DWS!! Elmer S. E. Dump Feb 2016 #293
Holy fucking mother of dog shit... MrMickeysMom Feb 2016 #162
Wow that was a great analysis CorkySt.Clair Feb 2016 #200
I got the same idea a looooong time ago. Wilms Feb 2016 #4
They want her, and those issues are secondary. TDale313 Feb 2016 #5
shape-shifting is definitely what it is. Merryland Feb 2016 #11
You forgot because they own her. KPN Feb 2016 #21
Head to toe, lock stock and barrel. hifiguy Feb 2016 #105
I'm thinking they don't...anymore sammythecat Feb 2016 #298
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #252
It seems to fly in the face of common sense, Merryland Feb 2016 #6
The status quo is very comfortable for some. nt. polly7 Feb 2016 #7
2 days later they're still pushing Huerta: they don't care MisterP Feb 2016 #8
Only because many if not most people still aren't paying attention ... KPN Feb 2016 #22
yeah, what sort of campaign RELIES on people being too broke to donate to anyone else MisterP Feb 2016 #31
Someone trying to take Democratic out of Democracy Matariki Feb 2016 #102
Just because it isnt true doesnt mean its not an important story! Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #260
Actually, I agree with you about corporate money. But, as long as that is allowed by current laws, Hoyt Feb 2016 #10
I don't believe anyone who thinks that's a vital issue, could support cali Feb 2016 #17
Do you care to elaborate or just post your usual BS. If GOPers are taking it, why not our candidate Hoyt Feb 2016 #25
If you resort to a republican style of campaigning tularetom Feb 2016 #52
I've seen campaign tactics like HRH's before. hifiguy Feb 2016 #107
this is an interesting conspiracy theory. too bad you can't elaborate.... bettyellen Feb 2016 #182
Ask Jeb! how important all that PAC money is to winning this election. lapfog_1 Feb 2016 #136
Bernie has proved that people will pay up for something they believe in Armstead Feb 2016 #146
The Polls show Bernie beating ALL Republicans. bvar22 Feb 2016 #221
It is hardly just one discrete election cycle. It is Hillary's.entire disgusting cali Feb 2016 #257
Perhaps there are some who are unaware how long the vetting process is before someone gets here. nolabels Feb 2016 #35
And still a young one term Senator managed to get elected and stay Ed Suspicious Feb 2016 #137
And I was more than proud to contribute to that campaign also nolabels Feb 2016 #157
Sure, and no one who supports peace would ever object to.... ThreeWayFanny Feb 2016 #193
Thank you. (nt) NurseJackie Feb 2016 #39
I believe like you. If you want a level playing field you at least have to play on the same field. Jitter65 Feb 2016 #130
Bingo! The same people who slam Hillary for taking legal corporate $ stopbush Feb 2016 #177
"...so there is no reason to believe Clinton has to, or even will, repay them..." CrispyQ Feb 2016 #280
Well, you are just speculating based upon how you might react. We know for a fact, she got $280K Hoyt Feb 2016 #281
The choice farleftlib Feb 2016 #12
That is my slogan too. truedelphi Feb 2016 #255
The photograph & footage of Bernie being arrested for what he believes tell you all you need to know Merryland Feb 2016 #13
The Primaries are far from over, but Pandora's Box is open and the cat is out of the bag. libdem4life Feb 2016 #14
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Feb 2016 #15
"Never take a knife to a gunfight" oasis Feb 2016 #16
That comment is so puerile it's depressing. cali Feb 2016 #18
The funny thing is that Obama, who overused that phrase, ended up taking a spork to Warren Stupidity Feb 2016 #19
A plastic spork at that. democrank Feb 2016 #23
One of those ones that melts in hot liquids. Warren Stupidity Feb 2016 #24
Is that Old Codger Feb 2016 #74
You got the point, right.? oasis Feb 2016 #109
Apparently you don't Old Codger Feb 2016 #118
I honestly believe this is the way the party 'dies' Joe the Revelator Feb 2016 #20
I think both parties are in their death throes. nt artislife Feb 2016 #32
Would love to see Working Families Party become a national one Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #53
As long as it cherishes poor people and the unable to work. Ed Suspicious Feb 2016 #163
That's a VERY interesting observation; I hadn't looked at it like that before, closeupready Feb 2016 #77
If I vote for Hillary.... democrank Feb 2016 #26
Since I have to live with myself 840high Feb 2016 #34
Then you are saying that you can live with a Trump, Cruz, or Rubio presidency onenote Feb 2016 #42
No, sorry. Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #54
That's too bad. But if you can live with one of those maniacs as President onenote Feb 2016 #73
At that point, I'll have to turn my attention to trying to survive (nt) Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #76
Try surviving in a Cruz theocracy, longship Feb 2016 #192
So will I Autumn Colors. peacebird Feb 2016 #195
If Bernie does not get the 840high Feb 2016 #63
Please at least vote Green Party then (nt) Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #79
good suggestion. indivisibleman Feb 2016 #89
onenote greymouse Feb 2016 #67
Yes. 840high Feb 2016 #72
If we don't stop the repubs, a lot fewer people will have a choice onenote Feb 2016 #78
We have a choice of forming a new party AFTER this election Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #82
What you fail to realize is that... Nacho-_-Bandito Feb 2016 #140
"This scare tactic doesn't work anymore because we HAVE ALREADY reached the point........... DJ13 Feb 2016 #242
Spot on Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2016 #135
Slow boil, fast boil - we're dead either way bread_and_roses Feb 2016 #271
I'll only vote for her if my state is actually in play. Lizzie Poppet Feb 2016 #272
Neither can I. n/t PonyUp Feb 2016 #47
I'm a Hillary supporter, but I'll vote for Bernie, if it comes down to it. Paladin Feb 2016 #61
But if Hillary wins the nomination... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #114
President Trump? Thanks for nothing, "believers." Paladin Feb 2016 #154
Glad its Contagious to you. LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #155
If I vote for Hillary in the general, I'm voting against the republican nominee bhikkhu Feb 2016 #37
I don't think the party is really a "big tent" anymore. it does not want to be newthinking Feb 2016 #58
! appalachiablue Feb 2016 #147
Voting is starting to seem like a useless act. mainer Feb 2016 #27
This Gen-Xer is starting to feel the same. frylock Feb 2016 #46
That makes two of us.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #115
You're right, kid... ThreeWayFanny Feb 2016 #202
Gee. Thanks, pops. frylock Feb 2016 #203
As my son likes to say... ThreeWayFanny Feb 2016 #216
I'm a boomer who's voted Dem. in every election since 1980 Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #60
Same here. indivisibleman Feb 2016 #93
Good for you! And don't worry .... ThreeWayFanny Feb 2016 #218
Eeyup. hifiguy Feb 2016 #111
Yo that. appalachiablue Feb 2016 #148
and then you'll blame Hillary for losing the election Skittles Feb 2016 #233
Nope. Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #235
Boy, do I ever hear you. truedelphi Feb 2016 #256
Winner!!!! tazkcmo Feb 2016 #269
I also think it is unbridgeable pengu Feb 2016 #29
For me it quit working 840high Feb 2016 #36
I agree. Ed Suspicious Feb 2016 #30
Next to environmental issues, you are right, logosoco Feb 2016 #33
Unbridgeable. Juicy_Bellows Feb 2016 #38
Agree completely. HooptieWagon Feb 2016 #40
I live in the real world..idealist don't beachbumbob Feb 2016 #43
Enjoy your real-world general election beat down. frylock Feb 2016 #48
exactly ^^^^ n/t indivisibleman Feb 2016 #98
Yep and .....This^^^^^ LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #116
this thread is much too depressing. it needs cheering up griloco Feb 2016 #44
We used this song in a local Maryland film festival trailer Merryland Feb 2016 #64
i wish I coulda been there. griloco Feb 2016 #110
It was a total coincidence. Merryland Feb 2016 #159
You're right. It's unbridgeable. qwlauren35 Feb 2016 #45
For example, I saw a list of the things that Hillary does or doesn't support and I was okay with it. AlbertCat Feb 2016 #55
Some things I don't think she'll flip-flop on. qwlauren35 Feb 2016 #106
So what is her stance on "childhood education"? Art_from_Ark Feb 2016 #246
I'll vote for either in November for similar reasons DemocraticWing Feb 2016 #253
Good grief. cheapdate Feb 2016 #49
He also said, if you're in a blue state vote green. n/t TIME TO PANIC Feb 2016 #68
I am and probably will Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #71
Unfortunately, I live in a swing state, North Carolina. n/t TIME TO PANIC Feb 2016 #86
You aren't alone. Sigh nt Duval Feb 2016 #138
I'm in NC too ms liberty Feb 2016 #186
I'm in North Raliegh and you're right, there's no way Hillary can take NC in the general. TIME TO PANIC Feb 2016 #206
Yes, the premise being that such a vote in a safe blue state cheapdate Feb 2016 #97
Might as well, if a Democrat doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. n/t TIME TO PANIC Feb 2016 #125
My state is as blue as the sky in presidential elections hifiguy Feb 2016 #178
Living in a purple state sucks. TIME TO PANIC Feb 2016 #190
So has Bernie said anything about the RW SuperPacs putting up anti-Hillary ads ucrdem Feb 2016 #50
That is such a red herring. Silly same playing seems to be the cali Feb 2016 #69
In your OP you called it "the most urgent problem we face." So make up your mind. nt ucrdem Feb 2016 #99
I didn't contradict myself. Let me be clear: Hill SuperPacs are no better than Rubio cali Feb 2016 #288
Have the Dems ever deliberately jettisoned and alienated the left before, and won? delrem Feb 2016 #51
see 2010 and 2014 and you have your answer...shit, in their wisdom islandmkl Feb 2016 #87
If I quit working, I can go back to indigent care at the county hospital. As I am working, I am DhhD Feb 2016 #119
Excellent Summary of What Many Loathe McKim Feb 2016 #205
HRC needs to pick Lloyd Blankfein as her VP. That way everything will be on the Up and Up. LiberalArkie Feb 2016 #57
it doesnt matter to them restorefreedom Feb 2016 #59
Yes. Correct. closeupready Feb 2016 #83
Yep. They will continue lining their pockets hifiguy Feb 2016 #184
Hell yeah, Cali! On everything you said. dinkytron Feb 2016 #62
Corruption, or Uh, Clinton Wins, Again! mckara Feb 2016 #65
The Princeton Study is my touchstone Beowulf Feb 2016 #66
Yes, it's sort of like proof that we aren't the crazies. They are. cali Feb 2016 #75
And they expect us to offer freely our support for their candidate, Beowulf Feb 2016 #91
The sociopath is a word or idea you might want to get to understand better nolabels Feb 2016 #108
I think normal is bullshit and I think the label sociopath cali Feb 2016 #127
Yep, I do too, to a point nolabels Feb 2016 #207
Agreed...and it doesn't really represent actual sociopathy very well. Lizzie Poppet Feb 2016 #275
"Unbridgeable" my ass. Paladin Feb 2016 #80
Not light-years. indivisibleman Feb 2016 #101
This Argument is Old.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #121
I'm 100% with you CanonRay Feb 2016 #81
We are talking different languages indeed, by design. Watch the way they twist the silvershadow Feb 2016 #84
I'm sorry if someone else said this - OhZone Feb 2016 #88
Bear in mind that a million for Bernie is like 5-7 million superpac money for others. Lucky Luciano Feb 2016 #169
Here is some math for you. Yuugal Feb 2016 #236
I'm with you Cali Matariki Feb 2016 #90
I'm beginning to surmise it as well Populist_Prole Feb 2016 #92
I'm beginning to surmise Matariki Feb 2016 #104
Is that what they call paid trolls and ratfuckers these days? hifiguy Feb 2016 #188
It's a wierd thing. Bangbangdem Feb 2016 #94
Maybe this? Populist_Prole Feb 2016 #129
I Didn't Leave the Democratic Party; Chasstev365 Feb 2016 #95
I may be headed to the door soon. davidpdx Feb 2016 #248
But...but...Clinton is against corporate funding...sometimes...maybe..a little bit..when convenient. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2016 #96
The thought of Wasserman Schultz being rewarded with a cabinet level position Matariki Feb 2016 #100
It makes me want to heave davidpdx Feb 2016 #249
Bravo! Bravissimo!! hifiguy Feb 2016 #103
Maybe you should actually study the issue of inequality... Sancho Feb 2016 #112
And the Princeton study disagrees with your concluslions cali Feb 2016 #124
Why do you feel your links support your claim? One of them is a book review that does not Jefferson23 Feb 2016 #126
Ok..follow the links for one simple example.... Sancho Feb 2016 #167
With all due respect, your conclusions continue to point to a polluted electoral system. Jefferson23 Feb 2016 #196
Oh get off it....Save your powder till the fall when it is needed against the GOP Armstead Feb 2016 #176
Being treated the way he has by the Democratic Establishment, I hope Bernie andrewv1 Feb 2016 #113
I know he said he'd never do that Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #133
this election exposes a huge weakness among liberals. SleeplessinSoCal Feb 2016 #120
Uh Huh.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #123
Well, I'm with you, cali, on this. Duval Feb 2016 #128
I just saw a post on FB Bjornsdotter Feb 2016 #132
Under ideal circumstances Turbineguy Feb 2016 #141
Cognitive dissonance is the perfect term pdsimdars Feb 2016 #142
I try to understand Clinton supporters perspective but I admit it is more than difficult for me. Jefferson23 Feb 2016 #143
This isn't about Sanders v. Clinton. It's about what happens after the nomination is settled. onenote Feb 2016 #151
The OP is about corruption in politics and who is best placed to confront it. The primary is Jefferson23 Feb 2016 #171
Public financing of campaigns. blm Feb 2016 #144
We have been disenfranchised. frustrated_lefty Feb 2016 #145
Yea the willingness to overlook corruption DemocraticSocialist8 Feb 2016 #152
Hillary supporters have established themselves as the opponents of progressive policy. Maedhros Feb 2016 #156
It's weird, I agree. n/t Jefferson23 Feb 2016 #201
So the world doesn't conform to your ideological standards Cary Feb 2016 #160
I just can't do it TrueDemVA Feb 2016 #161
I was just saying to someone this morning Rebkeh Feb 2016 #165
We're not even looking at the election the same way Jack Rabbit Feb 2016 #170
Your OP parrots Bernie' one-note view of the world to perfection. stopbush Feb 2016 #172
I think your OP is completely unfair GitRDun Feb 2016 #173
The fact that her supporters make excuses after excuses about how it's ok for her to take davidpdx Feb 2016 #247
Sorry, I'm sure there are exceptions built most Hillary supporters cali Feb 2016 #258
OK well too broad brush for me...no worries. eom GitRDun Feb 2016 #303
K&R. JDPriestly Feb 2016 #175
The majority of Americans are NOT part of the wealth of this country. Even if you make a couple RKP5637 Feb 2016 #180
I just don't understand Hillary Clinton supporters Don Draper Feb 2016 #181
As hillary says... ThreeWayFanny Feb 2016 #210
Any that aren't 1%'ers make no sense to me, either. Lizzie Poppet Feb 2016 #274
Now you say you don't understand us, when half your posts say you know exactly what we think CreekDog Feb 2016 #304
Never give up warrprayer Feb 2016 #183
True in politics and life rufus dog Feb 2016 #191
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Feb 2016 #199
The purpose of a bridge is to get from point A to point B. world wide wally Feb 2016 #204
Can't Bridge the Gap to War McKim Feb 2016 #214
My wife and I each donated $27 to Hillary's campaign Chico Man Feb 2016 #223
And that has absolutely nothing to do with it. cali Feb 2016 #231
K&R! I would love to see this receive several hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast Feb 2016 #224
Agreed. blackspade Feb 2016 #225
I'm with you, but... zentrum Feb 2016 #229
We can't change any issue for the better without getting money out of politics first Lorien Feb 2016 #230
I'm not sure what I'll do if Clinton wins nom but I've been thinking Nanjeanne Feb 2016 #240
There was an entry poll LittleBlue Feb 2016 #244
Allow me to speak your language. Third Way Speak twists my tongue into a fork. eom Betty Karlson Feb 2016 #250
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Feb 2016 #259
I'm almost thinking we need a Progressive Underground and leave Elmer S. E. Dump Feb 2016 #261
I agree (nt) Autumn Colors Feb 2016 #263
It's identity politics whirlygigspin Feb 2016 #264
I don't see anything or anyone holding you back. Just make a choice & do it. EV_Ares Feb 2016 #279
Kick cali Feb 2016 #266
The divide is clear. One finds a friend in multi-national corporations. raouldukelives Feb 2016 #268
imo we have gone beyond the point where truebluegreen Feb 2016 #276
Given the Proportional Distribution of delegates on the Dem side, in a two-way race it either has JCMach1 Feb 2016 #277
Another bitter post from same poster trashing Clinton. Poor loser. EV_Ares Feb 2016 #278
"We have built a culture around pretending our government isn't really corrupt." Smarmie Doofus Feb 2016 #282
Thank you very much. cali Feb 2016 #286
Bottom line--GE will be the ins vs. the outs randr Feb 2016 #291
It has been unbridgeable for a few years nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #292
Please don't get discouraged about the gap! TygrBright Feb 2016 #294
She doesn't have a penis. Thus, she's worthy of all our votes. MadDAsHell Feb 2016 #295
A significant chunk of this baffling cognitive dissonance, sammythecat Feb 2016 #296
Totally agree. We are not only talking different languages but jwirr Feb 2016 #297
Word. It can't be fixed by an effective ad or an impressive debate performance RufusTFirefly Feb 2016 #301
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