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25. She and the rest of the establishment (rich corporate) dems will try to reconstitute it with
Wed May 18, 2016, 10:12 PM
May 2016

rich moderate corporate republicans replacing the traditional democratic voters. As we've seen over the past six years, this is a very effective coalition for the owning class. They will maintain the facade of two parties and "negotiate" a poverty level minimum wage, small increase to our military budget (especially Israel), ridiculous, cosmetic changes to TPP, fracking only on even numbered days, etc. The Clinton supporters who call themselves democrats will cheer all of it, and anyone who protests will be labelled a sexist communist.

Rachel Maddow just did a large segment on this, recommended viewing. nt BootinUp May 2016 #1
Fact based and everything? DURHAM D May 2016 #3
Thanks. No MSM for me but glad they are noticing. oldandhappy May 2016 #83
what hysterical accusations are those sweetie? DURHAM D May 2016 #2
MOTS ... SSDD NurseJackie May 2016 #9
"Sweetie"? Scootaloo May 2016 #31
. NCTraveler May 2016 #44
I always was quite enamored when a particular poster called others opinions boston bean May 2016 #47
I thought that ship sailed a while ago, especially with the Millennials. merrily May 2016 #4
45% of Millennials voted republican 2014 BlueStateLib May 2016 #46
Attracting them may have been good for the future of the Democratic Party. merrily May 2016 #68
Very delayed reaction: I don't think that can be right, but, if so, what is your point? merrily May 2016 #73
More and more every day, elleng May 2016 #5
I haven't heard any hysterical accusations, although be careful, that word is often associated eastwestdem May 2016 #6
Why warn Cali to be careful about sexists comments? notadmblnd May 2016 #17
Thank you for letting us know. hrmjustin May 2016 #7
It just gets worse aspirant May 2016 #32
Recommended! H2O Man May 2016 #8
Does it hinge on the national convention? casperthegm May 2016 #10
Nope. Because it's far too late. jeff47 May 2016 #13
So what's next? casperthegm May 2016 #15
Read up on the Whigs. jeff47 May 2016 #22
That's depressing casperthegm May 2016 #23
That is actually a quite optimistic reading of the situation. The alternative Jemmons May 2016 #86
I wish you'd flesh this out and make it an OP. Fawke Em May 2016 #28
That is quite the impressive estimation chwaliszewski May 2016 #63
They shoved Hillary down our throats mindwalker_i May 2016 #27
Considering Republicans will /never/ support my interests, and third parties are currently pointless VulgarPoet May 2016 #52
Agree, the coming years will get very ugly. Katashi_itto May 2016 #81
It is Sanders himself to needs to the mending. riversedge May 2016 #55
No, he will likely not be the nominee. So it's all on Hillary. Katashi_itto May 2016 #82
Saw a cartoon on the daily cartoons here on DU of two jwirr May 2016 #11
Of course you don't Zorro May 2016 #12
You are correct. ciaobaby May 2016 #14
you nailed it with guilt vote. they discovered that the Exilednight May 2016 #40
They didn't screw up - it's intentional. CanadaexPat May 2016 #16
I think that is their intent. They want to put progressives back on the margins where we have been corkhead May 2016 #18
They have been attacking Bernie supporters from day one. And it hasn't stopped. They jillan May 2016 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author carolinayellowdog May 2016 #24
And I don't think that they should. Maedhros May 2016 #20
Neocon Foreign Policy = Neocon Domestic Policy PADemD May 2016 #93
We will come together. wisteria May 2016 #21
lol pengu May 2016 #66
You don't honestly believe that hogswollop you just posted, do you? Art_from_Ark May 2016 #91
She and the rest of the establishment (rich corporate) dems will try to reconstitute it with Doctor_J May 2016 #25
Our Party is just fine. You can't whine about closed primaries out of one side of your mouth just Trust Buster May 2016 #26
Um... those two issues are the same thing. Fawke Em May 2016 #29
But counting Independents as part of the Democratic Party is not. Trust Buster May 2016 #30
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #59
You don't seem to realize what's happened to the Democratic Party... Peace Patriot May 2016 #35
Your observations of Clinton are really, really insightful. Thanks! reformist2 May 2016 #37
Great post. Dem establishment is playing Game of Thrones as the peasants storm the gates Teamster Jeff May 2016 #39
I am a "Born Democrat". auntpurl May 2016 #41
K&R +1 redstateblues May 2016 #77
I respect your long history as a Democrat. I think it's time to throw Big Money back into... Peace Patriot May 2016 #87
Exactly, exactly right. lumberjack_jeff May 2016 #75
Wow, that's poweful stuff Mike__M May 2016 #84
+1,000 Skwmom May 2016 #85
The kids didn't get their way. Renew Deal May 2016 #33
Ya. That's the problem... think May 2016 #36
and they will blame it on Bernie and his supporters. nt antigop May 2016 #34
The number of people that feel alienated from the Dem Party is only going to increase. nt Bonobo May 2016 #38
I believe that is the wishful thinking of some. NCTraveler May 2016 #42
Bernie's legacy, President Trump BlueStateLib May 2016 #43
Baloney! President Trump will be Hillary's legacy adigal May 2016 #48
When I see exit polls showing that 30% of Bernie's voters plan to vote for Trump BlueStateLib May 2016 #50
Um, really? mac56 May 2016 #51
I wish its was a skewed poll BlueStateLib May 2016 #61
That Hillary hasn't made a case? She needs to get serious about jobs adigal May 2016 #54
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #60
Ralph Nader lite- Many Trump enablers on this site redstateblues May 2016 #78
That ship left the harbor I'm afraid. mmonk May 2016 #45
This is the woman who famously bragged that she told Wall Street to "cut it out." mac56 May 2016 #49
The blame is on Sanders himself and his vile fans! They need to stop the intimidation and riversedge May 2016 #53
Partly agree... Mike Nelson May 2016 #56
people have choice....have trump in charge or a democrat in charge vote or don't vote beachbum bob May 2016 #57
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #62
I don't think the party is busted up. I think some people are just throwing a temper tantrum. boston bean May 2016 #58
Great uniting attitude.... Madam Mossfern May 2016 #67
What accusations? apcalc May 2016 #64
"hysterical accusations" ... coming from a Bernie supporter, that's rich. JoePhilly May 2016 #65
One more gone DI Freighter Watcher May 2016 #69
they have nothing to offer and nothing likeable about them MisterP May 2016 #70
There is little interest in uniting the Democratic Party. JEB May 2016 #71
Can't shoehorn people into the Party that were never part of the Party to begin with. baldguy May 2016 #72
Cali you are right. Only Bernie can do that inside that party or another. ViseGrip May 2016 #74
No he can't AgerolanAmerican May 2016 #76
I don't think it should be put back together. Maedhros May 2016 #79
^ this, 100% ^ Myrina May 2016 #80
They broke it, they bought it. frustrated_lefty May 2016 #88
Post removed Post removed May 2016 #89
Here's the thing. frustrated_lefty May 2016 #90
The Dem party is missing out and excluding a whole generation of people who ... slipslidingaway May 2016 #92
I doubt they can, I doubt they care enough to try to put it back together again. Autumn May 2016 #94
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