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7. To those who voted third party instead of Clinton because of principles I say....
Thu Nov 17, 2016, 12:00 PM
Nov 2016

...I can't afford you principles or your temper tantrum.

When Trump's policies hurt them they get what they deserve.

While I agree with you... LP2K12 Nov 2016 #1
Maybe it would be better to be inclusive Duckhunter935 Nov 2016 #2
That's like telling someone their tire is flat rzemanfl Nov 2016 #3
They attacked. And don't you forget it. They attacked and blew the whole fucking thing up! boston bean Nov 2016 #4
Just pointing out again what throwing away votes results in. yallerdawg Nov 2016 #16
Your suggestion got us dubya and trump. Time to dump those voters who are spoilers Lil Missy Nov 2016 #43
Specious reasoning. DirkGently Nov 2016 #5
Yeah, none of that competent/smart/accomplished shit for us, this time. Paladin Nov 2016 #9
Obama was all those things, AND inspiring. DirkGently Nov 2016 #13
Agreed. Trump was following Reagan's lead with his own simple slogan. guillaumeb Nov 2016 #37
A bad emotional appeal beat a bloodless technocratic appeal. DirkGently Nov 2016 #72
I think part of the problem is that the corporate media has been "defining" the Clintons for years. guillaumeb Nov 2016 #94
They had a choice, and they used it selfishly and stupidly and immorally frazzled Nov 2016 #12
It's the candidate's job to convince voters. DirkGently Nov 2016 #18
Bull frazzled Nov 2016 #20
I support Dems making just arguments that can win. DirkGently Nov 2016 #21
No, your arguments and language show you clearly do not frazzled Nov 2016 #23
Do you have a substantive response to the post? DirkGently Nov 2016 #27
There was plenty of substance in those responses. And your same empty rhetoric was used R B Garr Nov 2016 #41
"Bull." is not substance. And independents didn't beat Al Gore. DirkGently Nov 2016 #48
I clearly remember "independents" being interviewed during that election. R B Garr Nov 2016 #50
What are you going to do, punish the voters for disagreeing with you? DirkGently Nov 2016 #58
But she had already convinced the voters. She was winning, and that's R B Garr Nov 2016 #67
Clinton stayed well past inevitability in 2008 as well. DirkGently Nov 2016 #69
Your statement is not even true and it is out of context. But that is the hallmark R B Garr Nov 2016 #73
Well, no. Clinton was widely criticized for overstaying in 2008. DirkGently Nov 2016 #75
This is self-serving and out of context again, the hallmark of the Clinton bashers. R B Garr Nov 2016 #81
So we agree Hillary stayed in way past viability in 2008. DirkGently Nov 2016 #85
This same tired rhetoric was used about Al Gore. He was picked to death, including R B Garr Nov 2016 #91
Gore was robbed by Republicans and the Supreme Court. DirkGently Nov 2016 #93
Oh, absolutely correct that it was the Bush bro Florida connection and the Supremes R B Garr Nov 2016 #99
I doubt progressive purity drove 3rd party votes. DirkGently Nov 2016 #102
Great points. We know that Obama is a tough act to follow and is almost a once-in-a-lifetime R B Garr Nov 2016 #105
"Anyone else would have been slaughtered". ... no.. one word... Biden Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #63
Yeah Stein really convinced me breaking bread with Putin and Trumps man Flynn in Russia.... Historic NY Nov 2016 #38
HRC was the Democratic nominee. Lil Missy Nov 2016 #106
"That was the choice. It was a choice for the nation, not for your..." jmg257 Nov 2016 #25
oh ye gods DemonGoddess Nov 2016 #30
We're back to voting for the candidate we want to have a beer with mcar Nov 2016 #35
arrrrghhh DemonGoddess Nov 2016 #36
in trumps case... Javaman Nov 2016 #47
At least Hillary drinks beer! greatauntoftriplets Nov 2016 #49
I'd love to have a beer or a glass (or two) of wine with Hillary mcar Nov 2016 #66
That's a rather radical reading of the post. DirkGently Nov 2016 #101
In hindsight Ms Clinton had some obstacles to overcome discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2016 #95
Ah, but they bask in the glow of the pure fire of their anger as it burns down advances made.... Hekate Nov 2016 #6
EXACTLY. thank you n/t DemonGoddess Nov 2016 #31
To those who voted third party instead of Clinton because of principles I say.... hrmjustin Nov 2016 #7
Sorry, but I'm not putting this one on the "third party" candidates. Buzz Clik Nov 2016 #8
No owns "independent" votes. DirkGently Nov 2016 #28
Ahem, an "independent" was running as a Democrat and did nothing but R B Garr Nov 2016 #46
Oh dear. Sorry, but no, it's not Sanders' fault either. DirkGently Nov 2016 #54
Yes, that bandwagon is roling now! HassleCat Nov 2016 #57
Attacking Clinton from March/April when he had no clear path to victory R B Garr Nov 2016 #60
And how did we respond to these "attacks?" HassleCat Nov 2016 #71
It is not ragging on someone to notice that they have no clear path to victory. R B Garr Nov 2016 #78
I know, right? It can't be that Clinton just lost. DirkGently Nov 2016 #68
Well, they did stick to their guns. leftofcool Nov 2016 #61
The margins show exactly what happened, and the third party voters R B Garr Nov 2016 #44
Made possible only by the fact that the Democrat nominee... Buzz Clik Nov 2016 #52
308,000 registered Democrats in Florida 2000 election voted for Bush Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #53
No one ever brings this up? Buzz Clik Nov 2016 #62
I was 9 then, but in university we studied the 2000 elections and I see so much "Nader as spoiler" Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #65
And this year voters left the top space blank. DirkGently Nov 2016 #79
I wonder how many Registered Democrats voted Trump in the swings? Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #82
Found a few anecdotes that may have happened, but nothing more. DirkGently Nov 2016 #89
I know only 4 people here in London who voted Trump. All 4 voted against Hillary Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #90
I was as wrong about Trump as you. DirkGently Nov 2016 #92
The Average US-dwelling American has no idea how much the US foreign policy with the constant Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #96
Yes, Bernie gets his terminology wrong. DirkGently Nov 2016 #100
scheming daemons, I read and see what you're saying ..... LenaBaby61 Nov 2016 #10
Even worse SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2016 #11
Ding! Ding! Ding! Raster Nov 2016 #15
I haven't seen a state where 20% voted for Trump SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2016 #19
Because they're racists! At least in Michigan, I know several Pathwalker Nov 2016 #22
this Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #83
And if my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a wagon. longship Nov 2016 #14
What if we had simply just switched nominees? InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2016 #17
I would blame ALL the people who didn't vote for her, not just 3rd party voters. jmg257 Nov 2016 #24
yep, MILLIONS of Democrats, including my fellow PoC, stayed home Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #45
It's the IDEA of 3d parties that enrages authoritarians. DirkGently Nov 2016 #97
Agree - nitpicking everywhere but where the real problem lies. Ah well. nt jmg257 Nov 2016 #98
I blame Quatar for not hacking Trump's email. Wilms Nov 2016 #26
Good Point! sfwriter Nov 2016 #29
At least they voted. Showed up fulfilled their responsibility. SQUEE Nov 2016 #32
"But...subtract one Kadem..." kenfrequed Nov 2016 #33
Yes mcar Nov 2016 #34
Stein/Johnson voters are added to my basket of dimwit deplorables. oasis Nov 2016 #39
Be honest Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #40
good luck getting 50% of Libertarians to vote for Hillary Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #42
Let's not forget that they're even further to the right of Republicans on the Economy. HughBeaumont Nov 2016 #56
K&R CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #51
I'm getting a little tired of this. HassleCat Nov 2016 #55
this!!! Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #59
I detest these people. I really do. Look where we are now. onecaliberal Nov 2016 #64
Most of those that voted for a third party... Else You Are Mad Nov 2016 #70
How the hell does adding half of Johnson voters change anything? DemocraticWing Nov 2016 #74
Exactly. Else You Are Mad Nov 2016 #77
And switch some votes from Democrats. HassleCat Nov 2016 #76
There is a problem with the whole logic of this. Scruffy1 Nov 2016 #80
Because every snowflake is special. NurseJackie Nov 2016 #84
"Shit in one hand, and Wish in the other...." BlueProgressive Nov 2016 #86
So how are you so sure some DU INdemo Nov 2016 #87
I didn't say any DU members did. scheming daemons Nov 2016 #88
I don't see libertarians (T party Jr.) voting Hillary Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #103
Meh. It's the hundreds of thousands of registered Democrats that didn't bother to vote that we progressoid Nov 2016 #104
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