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22. I don't really understand what you mean
Mon Aug 24, 2015, 10:38 AM
Aug 2015

by "weaponizing" racism.

I disagree with you about "little individual focus." I think there was quite a bit of focus over those 50 years, just from a more integrated perspective than some want it. I also think that the "little individual focus" you refer to is MORE than you'll find in the record of the other candidates, and I wonder why you are focused on Sanders' perceived weakness, and not the rest.

I agree with you about it being okay to critique a lack of outreach to minorities. I think it's disingenous, though, to hold one candidate to a higher standard than others, to critique a lack of outreach, and then reject that outreach when it happens. To demand something, to get it, and then to reject it tells me that there's something more than just wanting a candidate to listen and respond going on. I'd rather those critiquing be up front and open about that.

I agree with you when you say that a failed message is a legitimate topic for discussion. What I haven't seen are comparisons of that message with other candidates', and discussions of why one is better or more valid than another. Maybe those discussions are happening, and I just haven't been around at the right time. No matter when I AM around, though, I see a hell of a lot of discussion WITHOUT explaining why one candidate's message is stronger or weaker than another's.

I'm a strong Sanders partisan; I've never pretended anything else. That doesn't mean I think he's without flaw. It just means he is the best candidate, on issues and record, for what I want in a nominee and a POTUS. What you see as a weakness on many levels, I see as a learning process for me, and for him. For him? I see that he moved quickly to address that weakness, and I appreciate the fact that he listens, that he's open, and that he reaches out. For me? I realized that I wasn't paying enough attention, and wasn't listening. I'm trying to rectify that. I think I'm making progress. I know that I have not earned the vicious vitriol slung my way because I am a white female Sanders supporter.

I'm okay with people pointing out my candidate's weaknesses. I haven't blamed anyone for doing so. I think there would be more honesty and integrity to that process if it were happening to all the candidates. I also think that some pointing out those weaknesses need to be able to tolerate criticism of their methods to the same degree that you want Sanders partisans to tolerate criticism of Sanders.

I disagree with you when you say "Trying to pretend those weaknesses are the fault of those pointing them out just shows how deeply that weakness penetrates their candidate." Sanders hasn't been trying to pretend anything. If any of his supporters are, that's on them, not him; it's their weakness, not his.

If a message is important, it's important to analyze it, and its delivery, to address weakness, and to strengthen it. This is true for candidates' messages, and it's true for the message BLM is delivering.

Blah, blah, blah. BillZBubb Aug 2015 #1
Truly, that was going to be my response. Blah blah blah. DisgustipatedinCA Aug 2015 #2
+1 beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #7
Don't you mean ... "La La La" ...? n/t 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #30
Prepare yourself for snark. But your outline demonstrates why Bernie will never win the nomination. leftofcool Aug 2015 #3
Racism is only one of many issues on the 2016 table pipoman Aug 2015 #4
Ayup... boston bean Aug 2015 #5
Using it as a stink bomb to attack opposing Democrats AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #6
OP = "whitesplaining". nt Romulox Aug 2015 #8
But then... HerbChestnut Aug 2015 #9
Yet another long time DUer bites the dust ... Trajan Aug 2015 #10
I reject your premise about Bernie Sanders. aikoaiko Aug 2015 #11
Oh yea, we forgot, he marched with MLK leftofcool Aug 2015 #14
Among other activities, but for some, it will never be enough. aikoaiko Aug 2015 #15
You are correct! It is not enough! leftofcool Aug 2015 #34
But what Hillary has or rather hasn't done is plenty according to her supporters. beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #38
As I wrote below... Garrett78 Aug 2015 #86
The op is speading a meme that she knows is wrong. beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #87
Didn't read it, did you? beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #16
You want the staunchest Hillaryites to READ it ?!??!! Now you've gone too far LondonReign2 Aug 2015 #18
It was right there in the title: "20 examples" beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #21
Sadly ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #33
Divisive misrepresentation bullshit nadinbrzezinski Aug 2015 #63
Watch it. I got a hide today for telling somebody to stop lying. This treads dangerously close! Ed Suspicious Aug 2015 #77
Sorry, had to re-read, I still nadinbrzezinski Aug 2015 #78
I support your cause, but I'm only three hides away from a vacation for joining it. Ed Suspicious Aug 2015 #80
Hey they got 2 to go nadinbrzezinski Aug 2015 #81
There is another choice, we all make a point of NOT POSTING on any of the bullshit nadinbrzezinski Aug 2015 #82
I can find footage of Bernie saying he doesn't "do demographics". KittyWampus Aug 2015 #23
Unless he had a brush in his hand, I don't think literally means what you think it means. aikoaiko Aug 2015 #24
shall we watch the "masterful" Hillary response again? ibegurpard Aug 2015 #12
false claim right out the gate. cali Aug 2015 #13
Bernie's weakness is lack of name recognition. AtomicKitten Aug 2015 #17
whitesplaining of whitesplaining of... cali Aug 2015 #19
So since your first point is absolutely false, need we bother reading to the end of the OP? LondonReign2 Aug 2015 #20
I don't really understand what you mean LWolf Aug 2015 #22
This ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #39
Okay. nt LWolf Aug 2015 #46
Or, at least, that's what I took from it. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #52
At this point, LWolf Aug 2015 #55
In his time in political office he never had a racial problem until.... Rosa Luxemburg Aug 2015 #25
a certain candidate's supporters are starting to seem very underhanded HFRN Aug 2015 #26
I don't like the term "weaponizing" either. But you just used it as a weapon. Armstead Aug 2015 #27
Bravo! beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #29
Bernie's focus is primarily on economic justice. DanTex Aug 2015 #36
I do not have the time to go rumnmaging through the Internets archives again Armstead Aug 2015 #41
No need to rummage. DanTex Aug 2015 #45
True Armstead Aug 2015 #48
No, it's not that sharp, and no Hillary isn't a single-minded pusher of racial justice. DanTex Aug 2015 #49
I don't believe you actually know what Bernie's focus is. As something of a Bernie Fanboy, I can Ed Suspicious Aug 2015 #79
Nailed it LondonReign2 Aug 2015 #58
Well ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #28
'Point out racism/sexism/misogyny/heterosexism on the Left' HFRN Aug 2015 #31
Not all Hispanics are Caucasian. Some are African in origin, some are mixed and some are white. stevenleser Aug 2015 #35
Well ... Hispanics largely term disparate treatment based on their enthicity as racism ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #37
She sure struck a nerve! leftofcool Aug 2015 #32
As I said ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #40
It's win-win with crap posts like the OP.. frylock Aug 2015 #59
The idea of The Left as one distinct group is a false construct Armstead Aug 2015 #42
Okay ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #43
Sorry, but that was an overly broad bush Armstead Aug 2015 #44
I hate to point out the OP's views of LGBT activists seeking equality, but I will for you: Bluenorthwest Aug 2015 #50
Does that, somehow, diminish my point? ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #54
Well, the OP has a long, strong history of that nature. What she says there is the opposite of Bluenorthwest Aug 2015 #61
I think you are grinding an ax here ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #64
And by "weakness" in this context you mean "contrived weakness" Android3.14 Aug 2015 #47
Bottom line: Bernie's record on racial justice is better than Clinton's. Vattel Aug 2015 #51
People of color don't seem to think so. And they are who matters in this context. Nt stevenleser Aug 2015 #67
I know many POC who do think so. And they are correct. Vattel Aug 2015 #69
Your one off experiences are not what matter. Nt stevenleser Aug 2015 #70
LOl, why not just look at the respective records. Vattel Aug 2015 #71
Lol, what people of color think is what matters. Nt stevenleser Aug 2015 #72
POC don't all think the same thing, in case you didn't notice. Vattel Aug 2015 #73
There is an overwhelming amount of support for Hillary vs Sanders among POC. In case you didnt stevenleser Aug 2015 #74
The issue is who has the better record on issues of race, in case you forgot. Vattel Aug 2015 #75
Another sanders-has-a-race-problem widget hits the floor whatchamacallit Aug 2015 #53
Appealing to racists is... MellowDem Aug 2015 #56
like Armstead said upthread, this post is yet another example of that "weaponization" m-lekktor Aug 2015 #57
You're partially correct. Garrett78 Aug 2015 #60
Divisive not wroth of anything more (example of weaponizing) nadinbrzezinski Aug 2015 #62
This is nothing new. The old "CALLING something racist is worse than actually BEING racist" BS has Number23 Aug 2015 #65
And "weaponizing" is the new way of saying playing a "race card" which got too bettyellen Aug 2015 #66
Exactly. Look at the folks applauding that OP. Were any of them a surprise to you? Number23 Aug 2015 #68
That's exactly what it is. nt Bobbie Jo Aug 2015 #84
I don't even know what the hell that means. cherokeeprogressive Aug 2015 #76
You got nothing on Bernie's policies, so you have to make shit up. Thanks for tipping your hand GoneFishin Aug 2015 #83
Keep telling yourself that...meanwhile, in reality noiretextatique Aug 2015 #85
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