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2016 Postmortem

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2. Thank you for making this an OP.
Sun Aug 30, 2015, 01:47 PM
Aug 2015

Your response is thoughtful, accurate, and powerful.

I think you nailed something important about the envy. You are responding to statements about the Clintons and Obama, but I think that envy extends to many of their supporters, as well.

Not all, of course. But many. That's why, in my view, there are so many "sour grapes" posts that don't do anything to rebut Sanders on anything, and why so many repeated attempts to mislead, to make something out of nothing, or a mountain range out of a hummock, appear here daily. They're bitter before a primary vote has been cast.

It's not too late. They haven't missed their moment, if they can let go of their own pre-conceived perceptions and conventional "wisdom" about the coming primaries and GE. They can join the revolution, and I think some will. The stronger Bernie gets, the harder it will be to resist.

I've been reading about the changes that Democrats want for 13 years now on DU, and about how they can't ever be achieved because we can't elect those who are best on issues, or because we can't effect change without more Dems in Congress, or...there are always excuses.

This time, there aren't any. The opportunity is before us. We can take it, or reject it, but those who reject it ought not to complain when the nation continues it's staggering journey into fascism.

With the enthusiasm that Sanders is generating, if we get him nominated, I think he'll have some really long coattails in the GE. That's what I'd like people to understand. As he says, it's not about him. It's also not just about the presidency. The political revolution needs to occur, and will occur, at all levels. His leadership is generating the energy and enthusiasm to make that happen, and all of us who want to change the nation's direction need to be on board and busy, taking advantage of this opportunity.

Why Bernie? Why now? [View all] JDPriestly Aug 2015 OP
Thoughtful and well reasoned post. Thank you. peacebird Aug 2015 #1
Thank you. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #4
Thank you for making this an OP. LWolf Aug 2015 #2
Thank you. Great post. Heartfelt. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #3
Change is sometimes painful...THIS. nt LWolf Aug 2015 #10
THIS Armstead Aug 2015 #9
K&R&bookmark JEB Aug 2015 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author R B Garr Aug 2015 #6
I understand that you see Bernie's popularity as unfair. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #7
wrong again. You just wanted to isolate my post because you weren't getting R B Garr Aug 2015 #39
huh? artislife Aug 2015 #8
Some of the comments about Bernie here are positively unhinged. beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #29
This is the most bizarre reasoning I've seen for a long time Armstead Aug 2015 #11
"Sorry, but he reminds me of a booty call type guy. " Le Taz Hot Aug 2015 #12
New Coke or Classic Coke? Armstead Aug 2015 #13
I was thinking more like Alka Selzer Le Taz Hot Aug 2015 #15
"illegitimate son"??? Seriously??? Live and Learn Aug 2015 #16
Someone I love very dearly was born to his mother when she was not married. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #21
No, you've struck ignore. Your post makes no sense. nt Zorra Aug 2015 #17
Oh hell, I was going to say something similar zeemike Aug 2015 #20
Nothing wrong with copying in my view. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #22
What does this "personality critique" have to do with anything? mhatrw Aug 2015 #24
Great post! JDPriestly Aug 2015 #30
Hey, I'm an illegitimate child! AND I like Bernie! StandingInLeftField Aug 2015 #27
Great response to a ridiculous post. TY nt Live and Learn Aug 2015 #14
it's more than just distracting us or seizing the terms of debate: they want to keep discussion MisterP Aug 2015 #18
Berine because... RealistComments Aug 2015 #19
Thank you. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #23
You are very welcome... RealistComments Aug 2015 #35
Here is your thread in the BS group warning others about effective Clinton posters, R B Garr Aug 2015 #25
"not one of the great issues facing our society" mhatrw Aug 2015 #26
Sorry. I don't spam the boards, and I have no personal beef with you. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #31
Ya get the idea they're running out of ideas.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2015 #28
Sanders has always fought to blaze his own path Babel_17 Aug 2015 #32
Thanks. Great post. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #33
Thank you. BillyLeB Aug 2015 #34
Great post, thanks JDPriestly. Scuba Aug 2015 #36
OUTSTANDING come back ! beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #37
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #38
Good post, JD! I've waited these many years for a 'true' populist candidate for president and Bernie dmosh42 Aug 2015 #40
In the meta-sense, I think it is because this is something that needed to happen. hifiguy Aug 2015 #41
I agree. He did not live his life or even the past 20 years in contemplation of the day that JDPriestly Aug 2015 #43
Bernie assumed a burden, much like RFK did. hifiguy Aug 2015 #44
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Aug 2015 #42
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