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78. Clearly, he's a power mad megalomaniac who loves getting punched?
Fri Sep 4, 2015, 01:45 AM
Sep 2015
Wants to get a role in the remake of Rocky?

Wait, doesn't work either,. Stallone probably has a copyright on that.

One of my favorites...

Okay, I got nuthin'

It takes a special person to be president. Apparently you need to be willing to sacrifice every PatrickforO Sep 2015 #1
Ambition is a strange force, my dear WillyT... CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2015 #2
I used to say, "anyone who badly wants to be a police officer probably shouldn't be one". HappyPlace Sep 2015 #3
I feel about the same. LuvNewcastle Sep 2015 #67
The desire for power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Tierra_y_Libertad Sep 2015 #4
This. +1. It is an incurable fever of the brain. nt hifiguy Sep 2015 #99
She wants to keep working and serving. No one told Carter to go enjoy his grandkids. MADem Sep 2015 #5
She Has Served... WillyT Sep 2015 #10
Well, golly, now I'm all confused. I thought since she was "just the wife" that all that work she MADem Sep 2015 #19
She is not done. sheshe2 Sep 2015 #46
+1,000! nt MADem Sep 2015 #58
LOL MADem. senz Sep 2015 #70
I'm not the one who wanted her to go all "Aunt Bea" over the kid, mind you. MADem Sep 2015 #74
No, I can't imagine her doing it either. senz Sep 2015 #75
+1 SouthernProgressive Sep 2015 #84
Yep, Bernie is OLDER and he has MORE GRANDCHILDREN. MADem Sep 2015 #91
Well if it makes ya feel any better she doesn't appear to be enjoying it herself tularetom Sep 2015 #6
But That's My Point... Why ??? WillyT Sep 2015 #9
Somebody keeps pushing her? tularetom Sep 2015 #11
Yes, like a good woman she does what her husband tells her. zappaman Sep 2015 #13
Bill Clilnton always said she was the smarter of the two. I rather doubt he "pushes" her to do MADem Sep 2015 #24
omg! wendylaroux Sep 2015 #17
Bill's Re-election...No one mentions what role he will play as the "First Man" KoKo Sep 2015 #28
Looking back on all of Bill's "accomplishments" hifiguy Sep 2015 #100
This is true. I think she'd rather dispense w/the campaign and just "be president." senz Sep 2015 #72
It's fascinating what one "hears". OilemFirchen Sep 2015 #93
Ah. So if any unflattering talk was untrue, then all unflattering talk is untrue? senz Sep 2015 #95
Well, THAT "unflattering talk" is a fabrication. OilemFirchen Sep 2015 #97
For someone as reluctant as you imagine she is, she sure has a full schedule. MADem Sep 2015 #92
Keep clinging to the IT guy! The story's going to break wide open soon!!! Metric System Sep 2015 #7
Well Andy823 Sep 2015 #8
Clinton is 67, Biden 72, Bernie 73. There really isn't much difference in age there. Ed Suspicious Sep 2015 #53
So they should all retire? Thor_MN Sep 2015 #71
Why is Bernard Hopkins still boxing at 50? DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2015 #12
Clearly, he's a power mad megalomaniac who loves getting punched? freshwest Sep 2015 #78
You do not get it? I agree. Full stop. Fred Sanders Sep 2015 #14
it is sexist. did you say the same about ted kennedy ? JI7 Sep 2015 #15
Like I Said... It's About Ambition... And I Don't Get It... WillyT Sep 2015 #18
anyone who runs for president is ambitious so why do you only have a pRoblem with hillary ? JI7 Sep 2015 #20
Of Course You Are Correct... But She Has Served As First Lady, Senator, SoS... WillyT Sep 2015 #22
And with all the hell she's gone through already BuelahWitch Sep 2015 #39
And that woman you were claiming to support, Senator Warren is a very wealthy woman. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #47
Thank you. sheshe2 Sep 2015 #69
I think the point is about the bull she has to put up jwirr Sep 2015 #21
That's Kinda Where I've Landed... But I Still Don't Get It... WillyT Sep 2015 #23
Oops should have read down a bit further before I posted! BuelahWitch Sep 2015 #43
Robert Byrd. Strom Thurmond. MADem Sep 2015 #26
She certainly has the ambition, but sadoldgirl Sep 2015 #16
+10 840high Sep 2015 #30
You could say the very same things about Senator Sanders. Raine1967 Sep 2015 #25
Awww, but he's in the boy's club, doncha know!!! MADem Sep 2015 #27
I cannot disagree. Raine1967 Sep 2015 #34
Right on the money. nt MADem Sep 2015 #36
Nailed it. Agschmid Sep 2015 #42
No you can't say the same thing about Bernie in_cog_ni_to Sep 2015 #31
I can, and I did. Raine1967 Sep 2015 #32
Allow me to piggyback on your comment. Juicy_Bellows Sep 2015 #52
the Clintons ushered in a cottage industry of media opportunism bigtree Sep 2015 #90
If Warren had run I doubt Sanders would have. hifiguy Sep 2015 #101
Bernie? "every Senator looks in the mirror in the morning and sees a President. Yawn..." nt msongs Sep 2015 #29
Bernie Did Not Want It... He Said He Would Only Do It With Grassroots Support... I Think... WillyT Sep 2015 #33
No one decides to run for President if they don't want it. Raine1967 Sep 2015 #35
True... I Assumed... And You Know What Happens Then... WillyT Sep 2015 #38
Thanks for the response Willy. Raine1967 Sep 2015 #61
Do you include Trump in that? sadoldgirl Sep 2015 #41
Trump had to run rpannier Sep 2015 #57
I don't care about Trump. he's not part of this conversation. Raine1967 Sep 2015 #60
Of course he wants it. Agschmid Sep 2015 #44
It's pretty obvious, and if I am right, a sad thing Hydra Sep 2015 #37
So, if you disagree seriously with sadoldgirl Sep 2015 #45
No, I personally don't think so Hydra Sep 2015 #63
Still kind of ist, imho. demmiblue Sep 2015 #40
Well, WillyT... sheshe2 Sep 2015 #48
Not happy with one foot in mouth MyNameGoesHere Sep 2015 #49
Indeed your critique has a tinge of sexism bluestateguy Sep 2015 #50
Yeh, you're right. You totally don't get it. HERVEPA Sep 2015 #51
Yeah Willy, you don't get it because you have a willy! Juicy_Bellows Sep 2015 #54
She wants to go down in history as the first woman president. tblue37 Sep 2015 #55
Perhaps, it's not your understanding of "ambition"; but rather, ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2015 #56
Well, sheshe2 Sep 2015 #79
It's her calling. That's what you don't get. oasis Sep 2015 #59
Have a theory about her zentrum Sep 2015 #62
It's not a bad theory Hydra Sep 2015 #65
Oh right. zentrum Sep 2015 #68
What happened to all the PUMAs? Are they still out there? nt kelliekat44 Sep 2015 #64
Willy sheshe2 Sep 2015 #66
Uh oh. Now you got me wondering what he's doing. senz Sep 2015 #73
Addiction meet power. Power meet addiction. leveymg Sep 2015 #76
She has explained it many times. lovemydog Sep 2015 #77
Why are you saying Hillary needs to go home and play with her granddaughter? This is a problem Thinkingabout Sep 2015 #80
Some people simply can't wrap their head around the fact that women can be ambitious. SouthernProgressive Sep 2015 #81
There is no dignity in being a quitter DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2015 #82
Tedious. nt Bobbie Jo Sep 2015 #83
Bernie is rich, has been in govt 30 years, and has grand kids too. SonderWoman Sep 2015 #85
"Bernie is rich" LMFAO ...and then there are facts. L0oniX Sep 2015 #86
LOL. $330,000 year is RICH. Yes, it is. SonderWoman Sep 2015 #88
$330,000 is his net worth not his yearly questionseverything Sep 2015 #103
Yer wasting your keyboard. Some people will never accept the facts. L0oniX Sep 2015 #105
Bernie makes $175,000 a year...not a working class amount brooklynite Sep 2015 #107
And yet he has spent his entire life fighting for the working class. senz Sep 2015 #109
Yeah he's a regular at 940 Park Ave. L0oniX Sep 2015 #104
she should just stay home and bake cookies? bigtree Sep 2015 #87
Ambitious women are so silly. Its just makes no sense! JoePhilly Sep 2015 #89
Most of us love Elizabeth Warren & wanted her to run. senz Sep 2015 #94
Yet men rarely get criticised for daring to WANT to be President. JoePhilly Sep 2015 #96
Do you hear such criticisms of Carly Fiorina? senz Sep 2015 #108
The OP speaks of wealth and grandchildren, Warren is also a multi millionaire with 3 grandkids. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #106
She has been running for POTUS non-stop for 15 years. hifiguy Sep 2015 #98
History. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2015 #102
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