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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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38. I Hope Bernie Makes a Golden Middle Finger
Sat Oct 5, 2019, 06:53 AM
Oct 2019

A big $25 million one, and points it towards the beltway and all the establishment who tried to silence voices of dissent as they handed the $1.9 TRILLION keys to Iraq to George W. Bush.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
All I believe is that Bernie should take care of himself, but MAKE THAT DECISION HIMSELF. hlthe2b Oct 2019 #1
His health has become his biggest issue now PJMcK Oct 2019 #37
I don't know enough to make that judgment, but I will say Clash City Rocker Oct 2019 #2
Empathy toward people in general. No one, not matter gender, wants anyone to be sick/hurt. Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2019 #4
That was republicans saying Hillary should drop out not democrats. vsrazdem Oct 2019 #5
Actually, Donna Brazille considered unilaterally dropping her from the ticket and naming Joe Biden StevieM Oct 2019 #21
Hillary, every time she sneezed--it was wishful thinking StClone Oct 2019 #6
Not a Sanders fan, but he needs to make that decision. He also adds Hoyt Oct 2019 #3
I want him to take care of himself. Polly Hennessey Oct 2019 #7
Surgery for a Brain Aneurysm back in '88 did not stop Biden, all these years later. JoeOtterbein Oct 2019 #8
The median survival for someone Sanders's age who's had a heart attack pnwmom Oct 2019 #14
Those are some GRIM numbers. It doesn't look good, does it? NurseJackie Oct 2019 #36
Biden was 45/46 when he had the aneurysm. BlueStater Oct 2019 #15
Well, if anyone uses THAT against Biden, I note the famed Game of Thrones actress had TWO hlthe2b Oct 2019 #43
Disagreed. Tiggeroshii Oct 2019 #9
Unfortunately for him, the health scare is going to disqualify him for many people. BlueTsunami2018 Oct 2019 #10
Cutting-and-pasting my reply to an earlier post. TomSlick Oct 2019 #11
If people are concerned about his health, he won't win the primary so stop worrying about vsrazdem Oct 2019 #12
It's a different group of voters. TomSlick Oct 2019 #17
Sanders wasn't going to win the nomination anyway. Garrett78 Oct 2019 #24
Nope. HIS decision alone. Jirel Oct 2019 #13
Yes. boomer_wv Oct 2019 #16
It is Bernie's decision susanr516 Oct 2019 #18
It will depend on how well he performs in upcomig debate ritapria Oct 2019 #19
yes... comradebillyboy Oct 2019 #20
Bernie just hauled in $25M, he's not going anywhere Baclava Oct 2019 #22
Absolutely. MrsCoffee Oct 2019 #23
That's such a personal decision. musicblind Oct 2019 #25
He should take his campaign war chest exboyfil Oct 2019 #26
If he drops out, will he leave the Democratic Party again? Will he Doodley Oct 2019 #27
Other candidates criticized Joe Biden Eric J in MN Oct 2019 #31
He's not loyal to the party. He dithered about endorsing Hillary. Why shouldn't he be criticized? Doodley Oct 2019 #47
Bernie Sanders waited for policy changes for more healthcare and more free tuition Eric J in MN Oct 2019 #48
Bernie Sanders filed to be a candidate for the Senate in 2024 -- as an independent. Celerity Oct 2019 #33
If Bernie really cared about his issues he would drop out and throw his support to Warren aeromanKC Oct 2019 #28
Thank you everyone for the responses Delph Oct 2019 #29
I wish him well, but from this beginning of this campaign, I've thought he was too old. Thirties Child Oct 2019 #30
Pretty thin belief system. GeorgeGist Oct 2019 #32
If I were a Bernie supporter I'd want him to drop out. betsuni Oct 2019 #34
The candidate I support should be able to serve EIGHT YEARS... NurseJackie Oct 2019 #35
I Hope Bernie Makes a Golden Middle Finger DrFunkenstein Oct 2019 #38
Unlikely. Bernie was just reported to be top fundraiser among the candidates. FailureToCommunicate Oct 2019 #39
I don't support him at all but no reason why he can't get right back out there. Chemisse Oct 2019 #40
Bernie can take care of himself and still campaign AND STILL WIN! tberry65 Oct 2019 #41
Is that really all you believe? Really? aikoaiko Oct 2019 #42
If Bernie feels well and his Doctors agree Falcata Oct 2019 #44
He will know immediately if he's pushing his luck lettucebe Oct 2019 #45
The polling results will tell whether people think he shouldn't MineralMan Oct 2019 #46
I wish him good health and he can do whatever he wants, but his campaign is over. MrsCoffee Oct 2019 #49
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