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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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55. Harris was my original choice for prez, but I'd love either for VP.
Sat Feb 29, 2020, 10:45 PM
Feb 2020

My only reservation with Warren is that given Biden's age, maybe a younger veep would be better, but on other hand, Warren could possibly be more unifying (except for the B or Bust-ers).

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Excellent tweet from Jon Cooper: [View all] Kingofalldems Feb 2020 OP
Count me in! MontanaMama Feb 2020 #1
How long do I have to keep my hand in the air ? Haggis for Breakfast Feb 2020 #58
+1! honest.abe Feb 2020 #2
Here for it! K&R PunkinPi Feb 2020 #3
We need a VP candidate that can take on Pence in a credible way. Renew Deal Feb 2020 #4
Our cat "could take on Pence in a credible way." rzemanfl Feb 2020 #7
Your cat would have him with just one question. sarge43 Feb 2020 #19
Naps are definitely allowed. Pence has been sleepwalking for 3 years. hay rick Feb 2020 #20
I doubt that there will be debates grantcart Mar 2020 #61
And then president Harris is 4 years! docgee Feb 2020 #5
Indeed. Harris was my first choice. paleotn Feb 2020 #6
I would enthusiastically support that ticket griffi94 Feb 2020 #8
Perfection Native Feb 2020 #9
Kamala was my first choice. LeftofObama Feb 2020 #10
That would suit me just fine! Glorfindel Feb 2020 #11
No problem there. warmfeet Feb 2020 #12
Sounds intriguing to me. calimary Feb 2020 #13
Yes, that combo absolutely would! MoonRiver Feb 2020 #14
Sounds good to me n/t dajoki Feb 2020 #15
I'll vote early and often! n/t chimpymustgo Feb 2020 #16
I would very much like to see Harris on the ticket. Mister Ed Feb 2020 #17
Hear, hear! nt pazzyanne Feb 2020 #18
Only on days that end with a y. tavernier Feb 2020 #21
I could live with that...nt Wounded Bear Feb 2020 #22
K&R n/t Kitchari Feb 2020 #23
Harris was my first choice. This is the Golden Ticket. NBachers Feb 2020 #24
Biden-Warren or Warren-Biden would be a 1-2 punch against tRump-Pence. Harris would be good too. Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2020 #25
+ 1 musette_sf Feb 2020 #26
I wish Biden would do this BEFORE super Tuesday: Announce Kamala as his Squinch Feb 2020 #27
... SunSeeker Feb 2020 #28
Oh heck yea onetexan Feb 2020 #29
I've been torn for a while on this. WinstonSmith4740 Feb 2020 #30
This is a good match up, I think. abakan Feb 2020 #31
i was hoping for Biden and Booker but will take this any day! demigoddess Feb 2020 #32
Harris is awesome. I was bummed to see her drop out. ramen Feb 2020 #33
How about Bernie and Kamila... dominic savio Feb 2020 #34
Sanders plans are unattainable. There will be no change, Sanders does not compromise, so success LizBeth Feb 2020 #35
Because he may be the nominee? nt ramen Feb 2020 #44
So may others who are more qualified. (nt) ehrnst Mar 2020 #59
I would love this ticket Gothmog Feb 2020 #36
that would be beautiful!! subana Feb 2020 #37
I called it 1 1/2 years ago! BigmanPigman Feb 2020 #38
Yes Catch2.2 Feb 2020 #39
.. Cha Feb 2020 #40
Yep! 40RatRod Feb 2020 #41
I would vote for a Biden/Harris ticket in 2020 Tacan Feb 2020 #42
I think Biden/Warren would better unite the party. n/t SleeplessinSoCal Feb 2020 #43
Me, too, but on the narrow question asked, I raise my hand. ;) Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2020 #45
I do too nt renate Feb 2020 #47
Winner winner winner. bottomofthehill Feb 2020 #46
Substitute Warren for Harris budkin Feb 2020 #48
Harris was my original choice for prez, but I'd love either for VP. deurbano Feb 2020 #55
ticket pamdb Feb 2020 #49
Kick for new pic in OP. Kingofalldems Feb 2020 #50
I love Harris! Politicub Feb 2020 #51
Dream team C_U_L8R Feb 2020 #52
Yes for Biden - Harris! CatMor Feb 2020 #53
I like it! SilasSouleII Feb 2020 #54
KR NT ProudProgressiveNow Feb 2020 #56
Hah! Don't know how to look at past posts. GulfCoast66 Feb 2020 #57
She certainly is a good fit on paper. Music Man Mar 2020 #60
I've been saying for two years now that this is the ticket. RedSpartan Mar 2020 #62
Oh I'm here for it! Fuck yes! Every day of the week..l SKKY Mar 2020 #63
Another K&R, #Biden/Harris2020 PunkinPi Mar 2020 #64
Heck yeaaa!!! Count me in for that! Vivienne235729 Mar 2020 #65
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